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A Coogan Family of County Monaghan

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"Main Lines"

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James Joseph Coogan
Jim Coogan started researching his family in the early 1990s. He interviewed several relatives, who told him about his Coogan branch back into the first half of the 19th century. When he learned that a cousin, Dottie Coogan, had been researching the family since the 1950s, Jim met with her and collected most of the data she had found. Fortunately for our family, Dottie had learned that some of her cousins had roots in Kingston, NY - and had later 'proved' the family relationships between Jim's branch and the line of Patrick J. Coogan. This website was created by Jim in 1998 - listing the descendants of Owen and Patrick J.

Patrick Joseph Coogan JR
Dottie Coogan often visited this family as a child, and she conducted the first research on their Kingston, NY, background in the 1950s and 1960s. In 2001, Christine Coogan Bagliani responded to a letter from Jim Coogan, confirming the family connection. Christine's siblings, Colleen Coogan Collins, Lorraine Coogan Lodge and Robert Francis Coogan JR have also provided valuable information for this line.

Mary Ann Coogan [Sheeley]
Mark Cygler has been researching his Sheeley family and learned that he had a connection to the Kingston Coogan families. When Mark joined the Coogan Research Group in early 2000 (internet), Jim and Pat realized that he must be a relative of Michael Patrick Coogan. Mark's uncle, Bill Sheeley, later confirmed the connection. Bill's cousin, Frank J. Sheeley, and his wife, Arlene, contributed to this line later that year. Frank Ruse, another descendant of Mary Coogan Sheeley, connected to the tree in 2004 (internet).

Margaret Coogan [McGovern]
Using clues she found in a family bible, Elizabeth McGovern Herskovitz connected her family in 2005 (internet).

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"Brothers Who Went West"

Patrick Henry Coogan
Melissa Quesenberry and her mother, Tamara Friday Quesenberry, linked their California Coogan descendants to this line in 2000 (internet). Candace Coogan Finfrock has also found that she is related to Patrick Henry (internet). James B. Coogan, Candace's first cousin, contributed to this line in 2004 (internet). Additional information was provided by Ralph Friedemann in 2011 (internet)

Katherine Coogan [Donahue]
Daniel J. Dougherty of Illinois connected to this line in 2003 (internet). His son, Brendan Dougherty, has also provided valuable information for this branch of the family (internet). Daniel's cousins, Jackie Dougherty King, Mary Beth Dougherty Rotkovich and Geraldine Lennon Hein contacted us in 2004 (internet) with more information for this branch.

Mary Ann Coogan [Donahue & Shanley]
Iola Johnson Hennebry connected with the family in 1999 (internet). She has contributed some very important photos and obituaries relating to Elizabeth Lynch Coogan and other Iowa and Minnesota Coogans. Kristina Hughes (internet), Goldie Kolar Smith (internet), Chicone Wurscher Fox (internet), Elizabeth Curtin (internet) and Brenda Daub Miska (internet) all connected to this branch between 2000 and 2012 (internet).

Peter James Coogan
Patricia Lake Bowman is the Coogan genealogy researcher for her side of the family. Her branch resided predominantly in Minnesota and she connected to this tree in 2001 (internet).

Michael James Coogan
Pat Connor Coogan began researching her husband's family with her daughter, Aileen Coogan, in the 1970s. She knew that Terrence had one brother named Hugh and that there was a close relationship between the families of Hugh [Elder], Patrick Joseph, Hugh J., Michael Patrick, and Terrence Francis while the families were living in Ulster County. She collected extensive data on the Coogans and left queries at several different websites. In early 1999 Jim Coogan responded to Pat's message board post about her husband's Coogan family from Kingston, NY. Soon after, it became clear that the families were closely related. Pat and Jim continue to refine the family outline. Carrie Coogan Keating (internet) and Michael Thuesen (internet) are also working on this family.

Elizabeth Coogan [McCusker]
James McCusker and his wife Sharron, connected to the tree in 2002 (internet).

Terrence Eugene Coogan
Steve McVicar is researching his family with the help of his mother-in-law, Evelyn Miller. They have collected extensive data on the Iowa and Washington State Coogans and joined their branch to the tree in 1999. Lenora Coogan Fitting and Joan Fitting Scott added details to this line in 2009.

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Unlinked Relatives

[Male02c] COOGAN
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Collaboration between Jim and Pat led to the creation of the Coogan Research Group in May 1999. The CRG has gathered the work of nearly 300 researchers of the Coogan surname.

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