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A Coogan Family of County Monaghan

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c.MAR 1921 (Montreal, QC, Canada)
Hosted by: Clerk family (wedding of Louise Agnes Mary Clerk)
Attended by: Descendants of Owen "Trader"

Annie Dempsey, James J. Coogan, Mary Dempsey, [UNKNOWN]
c.FEB 1939 (Bronx, NY)
Hosted by: Coogan (Charles Owen) family
Attended by: Descendants of Owen "Trader" and Patrick "Innkeeper"
28-31 DEC 1996 (Hobbs, NM)
Hosted by: Moran family (100th Birthday of Charles Eugene Coogan)
Attended by: Descendants of Owen "Trader"

Comments made by well-wishers during Toasts at Charlie's Party:
  • Kathy Moran: "I respect the value that Charlie has always placed on hard work - he's had a job since he was 15! ... I think that the people with whom you surround yourself make a statement about you. Charlie has made a friend of everyone! ... I admire the way he is reluctant to dwell on the past, still, at age 100, looking to the future...
  • Kevin Moran: "This celebration is not just of Charlie's years, but of all the goodness that is in him..."
  • James J. Coogan IV: "It's really the way that Charlie has lived his years - not the number - that is important. His life would be significant even if he had only lived half of the 100 years..."
  • Trish Jones: "Charlie has a remarkable mind... During his last trip East (at age 95!), he was experiencing chest pains. Even though he had just arrived in Boston that day - and was presumeably having a heart attack - he kept telling the cab driver what streets to take to make sure they took the shortest route to the hospital! He still knew all the street names! ..."
  • Ellen Moran: "Grampy always took me to riding lessons. Now every time I see a horse, I think of him... Thank you for helping me to become Me!..."
  • Mary Killian: "Each of [Charlie's grandchildren] has taken a very different path in life... Grampy taught our parents that even though they may not approve of their kids' choices, they should support and love them nevertheless... All of us appreciate him for that!..."
  • Joy Geltmacher: "My grandparents have always supported my love of shopping - their visits always resulted in new clothes!..."
  • Charlene Geltmacher: "We were walking around in New Orleans that day [NOV 1993], in this lovely park... When I looked up at the tall, old trees, I kept thinking that even though he was in a wheelchair that day, to me he was still as strong as any of those oaks...
  • Chuck Moran: "Charlie has the heart, mind and soul of a young man... Thank you for all of the wonderful insight you have given all of us!..."

  • 11-12 JUL 2003 (New Hampton, IA)
    Hosted by: Coogan (John Michael) family
    Attended by: Descendants of Terrence "Farmer"

    Patrick Henry Coogan

    Katherine Coogan Donahue

    Mary Coogan Shanley

    Peter James Coogan

    Michael James Coogan

    Terrence Eugene Coogan

    24-25 JUN 2006 (Athens, GA)
    Hosted by: Chappelle family
    Attended by: Descendants of Terrence "Farmer"

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