Coogan Research Group:
Web Site Hosting

The Coogan Research Group is dedicated to the exchange of ANY information about the COOGAN surname. To this end, we want to help COOGAN surname researchers who have had problems finding a home for their web site.

Have you always wanted to share the research that you worked so hard on for so may years? Did you have a website once and someone "pulled the plug" (e.g., AOL) on the hosting service? We'd like to extend an offer to you - you can put your information on our server!

There are limitations to this offer:
  • The site must be completely dedicated to the COOGAN Surname

  • Your website will be uploaded by our webmaster and you will have to contact him if you want to make updates (i.e., you don't get password access to the server)

  • Additional limitations may arise in the course of discussions - we reserve the right to refuse unreasonable requests

There are currently 6 sites already being hosted. We even recovered a site that appeared to be lost using the Internet Way Back Machine.

Contact us and we'll get started on preserving your memories!