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The Coogan Research Group is dedicated to the exchange of any information about the Coogan surname (and phonetic variants). Membership is FREE!

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If you are conducting Coogan surname research, just follow these steps:

1.  Send us information on your Coogan family. Include locations where they have lived (please include time-frame), names of earliest Coogan ancestors and a description of how you are related to the people you are researching. If you have a genealogy website, send the URL.

2.  We will post your information on the researchers page. The website search engine will catalog your data.

3.  Join our mailing list - you will then be notified when this website is updated.

4.  Share things you find with the rest of the group. Sometimes your visit to the archives or cemetery may not lead to a find for you but it could help someone else.

5.  Follow up! Keep us informed of new finds, address changes, etc. You could soon be one of our connections!

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