Fourth Generation

17. Robert Francis4 Coogan (William Joseph3, Patrick Joseph2, Patrick Joseph1) was born Brooklyn, Kings, NY 19 FEB 1924. Robert died 25 JUL 1996 Garden City, Nassau, NY, at 72 years of age. His body was interred JUL 1996 in Westbury, Nassau, NY, Holy Rood Cemetery.

He resided in Queens, Queens, NY 1925-1935. Dottie Coogan said that Robert and his family moved to live with the Catterson family after Robert's father's death (they were his mother's family).

He was a student Brooklyn, Kings, NY, 1937-1941. School: Brooklyn Preparatory Academy. *

He resided in Forest Hills, Queens, NY 1941, 24 Ascan Avenue. His Social Security Application stated his residence.

He was a student Bronx, Bronx, NY, 1941-1942. School: Fordham University. Robert Coogan JR (his son) said that during the time when Robert was attending college there were no majors. "The course of study was humanities with a heavy emphasis on philosophy. My father studied the Greek and Roman classics in the original languages, which he had learned as part of his high school studies at Brooklyn Prep, another Jesuit school." Robert was unable to complete college before he was called to serve his country during.

Robert served in the military 1942-1945. Robert served in the US Army as a commissioned officer. He was a veteran of World War II (Eighth Air Force). He reached the rank of Captain. His son, Robert Coogan JR, remembers the story about how Robert selected his military specialty: "My dad once told me that when he finished ROTC and was being placed in the Army Air Corps, it was his ability in languages that made him think he would be a good navigator. Apparently, the part of the mind that is good in languages is also good at deciphering the stars for navigation, which is what they did. With a precision watch and a sextant, the navigators guided their craft over blacked out lands to their targets." Robert received the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in the air-war over Europe.

His B-17 was shot up during a raid on Munich, Germany, in early 1944. The 18 AUG 1944 edition of the St. Petersburg Times related the story of the mission: "Lt. Robert McGrath ... and other members of the crew of a crippled Flying Fort owe their lives to Lt. Robert Callahan, Cleveland, Ohio, who acted as bait for a German flak battery in his Mustang fighter to save the shot-up B-17, a U. S. Eighth Air force announcement said today. Lieutenant McGrath ... was quoted ... as saying: "I have never seen such courage in a man. He flew up there like crazy, teasing hell out of those German gunners below, just begging them to fire at him. The Ohio pilot succeeded in drawing the ground fire from the Fortress and safely flew on to Britain... The fortress, piloted by Lt. Johnnie Winslett, Montevallo, Ala., was shot up and the navigator, Lt. Robert Coogan, Forest Hills, N. Y., was wounded on a recent raid on Munich. Faltering on the return trip and rapidly losing altitude, the crippled bomber was spotted by four Mustangs... The fighter planes guided the bomber to a R. A. F. base near a hospital, where the navigator now is recovering."

Robert's daughter, Christine Coogan Bagliani, related that his elbow was seriously injured during World War II. She said that doctors "replaced it with some sort of '1944 device' that allowed him to keep his arm in one position. He chose to have it bent at the elbow (as opposed to a straight arm). He could eventually use his fingers to write and shake hands, but his arm couldn't do [much else]. He frequently commented that the plane was hit by 365 bullets. He was the only Catholic - and the only one hit - he wasn't sure what that meant!"

He was a student Bronx, Bronx, NY, 1945-1947. School: Fordham University. His daughter, Colleen, said that he completed his schooling after he left the Army. His graduation year appears in the Directory of Graduates of Harvard Law School.

He was a student Cambridge, Middlesex, MA, 1947-1950. School: Harvard Law School. His daughter, Colleen, said that during trips to Boston for medical treatments, Robert was encouraged to attend Harvard Law School. His graduation year appears in the Directory of Graduates of Harvard Law School.

He resided in New York, New York, NY 1960, 5th Avenue. Dottie Coogan reported his residence.

Robert's occupation: Lawyer in New York, New York, NY, 1960. His law practice was listed in the Directory of Graduates of Harvard Law School as "Law Offices of Robert F. Coogan, 598 Madison Avenue, New York, NY." Dottie Coogan said that she visited him there.

He resided Garden City, Nassau, NY 1969-1996. The baptism record of his son, Thomas, stated his residence.

His daughter, Collen Collins, said he attended Mass almost every day of his life.

Robert Francis Coogan and Emma Catherine Hangarter had the following children:

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