Marion Agnes Coogan 1900

Second member in Clarence S. and Ellen A. (Shepard) Coogan family.

Marion Agnes (Glickman) Coogan

b. 28 Feb. 1900      d. 8 May, 1989     m. William Glickman of Albany. Both parents were born in Russia.

Baptism  25 Mar. 1900  St. John / St. Ann RC Parish,  Franklin St., Albany, NY  Priest: John Donahue
Sponsors:  Augustus Schade and Elizabeth Schade  Priest, Rev. John Donahue.

William was a chauffeur with a taxi firm in Albany.  He died rather young.  Marion remained a widow. At the time of her death, she was living at the De Witt Clinton senior citizens complex on State Street in Albany, NY. Her death was attributed to heart failure.

1930 Albany census: William, Marion and son renting at 212 Jeanette Street, also a cousin, James A. Schade 22 years old and single, employed as a stockman for a wholesale Co.  

Marion and Clarence (the author) corresponded during her last years. In one letter she referred to her great grandmother who lived in the Rosendale, NY area. The letter mentions a Shepard's Crossing named after her. She lived to 104 and was called the grand old lady. After age 100, her home was declared tax free.   The author believes it is Catskill instead of Rosendale. The author remembers visiting an uncle Joe Shepard in Catskill, NY when the author was about 4 years old. Uncle Joe, a brother of Ellen Agnes (Shepard) Coogan was living alone. His wife is said to have developed a psychiatric problem during her change of life. She died in the mental hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY. Uncle Joe then lived with Ellen and Clarence S. Coogan on the L. R. Mack estate in Loudonville.

Marion always refered to her paternal grandmother as Ann Roberts.  A copy of her fathers Social security application and his marriage certificate states his mothers name as Mary Ann Robbins.  She was only seven when Mary Robbins died.  It is possible the pronouncation of the two names confused her.  All records prove it was Mary Ann Robbins.


Only member in Marion Agnes (Coogan) and William Glickman family

William Francis Glickman      b.  14 Dec. 1920      d.   2 Nov.  1992    died at 23336 Chincoteauge Island,  Accomack, VA


Grandchildren of Marion And William Glickman:

Arlene Glickman      b. 27 Feb. 1944
Dawn Glickman       b. 19 May 1946
Billie Glickman Jr.    b. 17 Dec. 1948
Marion Glickman     b. 20 Jul. 1950
Jackie Glickman      b. 17 Apr. 1956
David Glickman       b. 24 Mar. 1958
Nathan Glickman     b. 25 Dec. 1961

I was unable to locate William or his family at this time. He married before entering service and started a family. He served in the US Navy dirigible division for submarine detection along the atlantic coast during W.W.II.   William's Soc Sec Application states his birth as 1921.  William Glickman and Clarence Coogan were born the same year, 1920.

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