Clarence Sidney Coogan 1876

1st. member of Thomas R. and Mary E. Robbins aka (Ann Roberts) (Mary Van Loon) family.

Clarence Sidney Coogan
b. Dec. 3, 1876     bp. Albany, NY      d. 27 Oct. 1963     rp. Calvery Cemetery, Glenmont, NY
      Step brothers (half brothers) Victor, William and, Thomas R. Coogan Jr, George and Charles Van Loon.
m. 17 Aug. 1897 to Ellen Agnes Shepard      bp. Albany      b. 3 Dec. 1880 to John and Mary (Norman) Shepard d. 19 Dec. 1962     bb.  her husband

Clarence worked as a porter at the Ten Eyeck Hotel in Albany. At this same time his son was employed as a Bellhop. Clarence left the hotel and took a position as clerk for the L. R. Mack, Packard auto sales on Central Avenue. His son also took a position as garageman for Mack. In this position he learned the speedometer business, which was an extra accessory to all automobiles at that time.

From the Albany directory of 1919


Clarence S. Clerk at 338 Central Ave.
Clarence V. Auto Mechanic at 338 Central Ave.
Marion A. Cigar maker 338 Central Ave.

From the Albany directory of 1920, page 162:


Clarence V. garageman on 727 Central Ave. boards at 104 Grand St.
Clarence S. clerk, house on 104 Grand St. (father and son)
Victor A. clerk, on 645 Broadway, house on 32 Clinton Ave.
William C. Captain of Police Traffic Division, house on 87 S. Pearl St.
(No mention of Thomas R. or Mary Jane Coogan)

From the Federal Census of 1920, Albany, NY  6th district

Clarence S. household at 104 Grand St.  
Clarence S. Coogan        Head               43 yrs.       Porter / hotel
Ellen A. Coogan              Wife                39yrs.
Harriet Shepard               Sister in law     29yrs         Laborer / hotel.
William Shade                 Nephew           23yrs.        Laborer / foundary
James Shade                   Nephew           12yrs.
Marion Coogan               Daughter          19yrs.        Cigar / factory

Albany directory of 1886  and 1913:

August Schade             Blacksmith           House on 147 Clinton Ave.   1913 on 7 Delawae Ave.

L. R. Mack had a large estate in Loudonville, just north of Albany. The back section of the estate contained several moderate homes built before electricity or plumbing. These homes bordered large dairy farms in quiet country surroundings. Clarence was given the use of one of these homes. I, his grand son, spent summers there through my early teens. Those years contain many pleasant memories.

Eventually Mack sold the Packard sales Building to the State Motor Vehicle Department, but with the stipulation that Clarence had a permanent position as watchman. Clarence retained that position until his retirement.(?)

Charles Crow, who kept watch over all members of the Albany relations, realized Clarence and Ellen had reached an age problem and were no longer physically capable. He made arrangements for them to spend their final years in "Sisters of the Poor" nursing home in Albany. Clarence and Ellen both died in the nursing home.

This story about Clarence S. was told to the author by his father, Clarence V.......

Clarence Sidney was still working as a porter at the Ten Eyeck Hotel. At the time he lived on the first floor of an old Dutch styled, three story house, in Albany. The first floor was below the street with the windows at street level. Though Clarence was not a prejudiced person, he did have an ongoing feud with a black lad named Homer Dixson.

On that particular day Clarence had a confrontation with Homer just short of physical violence. It was summer, the windows were open and the Coogans had just sat down to a roasted chicken dinner. They joined hands, said grace and as they straightened up, a furry object slithered across the table and stopped at the tasty brown chicken surrounded by potatoes and vegetables.             It was a dead cat .        Homer's throw was perfect.

Both Homer and my grand father have long gone to that great Track Meet in the sky. I'm sure Homer is still leading the pack.


Members in Clarence S. and Ellen A. (Shepard) Coogan family:

Clarence Victor Coogan     b. 18 Jun. 1898
Marion Agnes Coogan       b. 28 Feb. 1900

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