192. William L.4 McCusker (John Thomas3, Elizabeth2 Coogan, Terrence Francis1) was born in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN 27 JUL 1918. Bill died 11 JUN 2011 in WI, at 92 years of age.

He resided in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN. His obituary stated his residence.

He resided in Superior, WI. His obituary stated his residence.

He was a student in WI. School: Superior State Teachers College. His obituary reported his place of education.

He was a student in Madison, WI, 1946. School: University of Wisconsin. He graduated from Law School. His obituary stated the place of his education.

Bill's occupation: Lawyer. He obituary reported that he worked as a Deputy District Attorney in Dane County and a Special Assistant Attorney General.

Bill's occupation: Lawyer. His obituary stated that he was a founding member of the law firm of McCusker and Robertson.

Bill's nephew, Mike McCusker, remembered his uncle fondly: "I will always remember how important his family ties were. Although he and his family lived in Madison and we lived in Superior, he always came up at Easter time every year and the McCusker clan suddenly became much larger. I always admired the close ties he held with my dad, John McCusker, Jr. He often told me how much admired both my father and my mother, Elaine. That meant very much to me. He was very good to all of us and anytime I came to Madison, he always made it a point to meet for lunch. During those lunches, there was always someone coming up to Bill, shaking his hand and recalling something he had done for them."

William L. McCusker and Phyllis spouse had the following children:

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