Charles Francis Coogan 1948

First member in Clarence V. and Geraldine E. (Willt) Coogan family

Charles Francis Coogan

sm. to Marsha Yetman (Yetman, Belyea), Daughter of Andrew R. and Harriet R. (DeCoff) Yetman of Conway, SC.

Charles graduated from Rondout Valley High School and joined the Navy toward the end of the Vietnam war. He attended Navy electronic school and spent his hitch between Delaware and New Foundland servicing electronic monitoring equipment. Upon his discharge from service, he worked for Western Electric in West Palm Beach, Florida where he installed new digtal system in the main exchange buildings.  He decided employment prospects were greater in Massachusetts. He then moved to Hamilton, MA.and later to Ipswitch, MA..

The first marriage reached an impass which lead to a divorce.  

While working for Varian Associates in Beverly, MA., he met Marsha who was a secretary at the time.  They eventually married.  Both attended college and earned their degrees. Charles in business administration and was hired as Manager of the Federal Reserve Employees Credit Union in Boston. Marsha became a buyer for the Siemens Medical Systems in Danvers, MA., whose headquarters is in Germany.

Marsha has two fine children, David and Meredith who shared their lives between their father in Florida and Marsha in Massachusetts; (sort of the best of both worlds.)


Members in Charles F. Coogan family:

Mark Francis Coogan
Eric Scharmer (step-son)


Members in Charles F. and Marsha (Yetman) Coogan family:
    NOTE - Step Children and Grandchild

David L. Belyea              
Meredith R. Belyea        
Larissa R. Belyea            

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