I ventured into a small backyard business of anti-rusting autos and trucks after the IBM down-sizing. Not having lift facilities, I jacked the vehicle up and placed steel stanchions under them to give me access to the underside. I can say it was a very thorough application by removing all lights to removing the floor mats. I have seen a number of these vehicles ten years later and was pleased to find them rust-free.   This is, of course, a warm, dry weather operation. I did about eight cars a season for four years, but, I've given it up due to age and ambition.

Linda probably swayed my thinking by suggesting I study for a Health, Life, and Accident insurance license. Their major office sales consist of Auto, Business, and Home insurance and Their present staff does not have time to prepare quotes for the former three. Auto, Home,and Business insurance is a State mandate. Where as the others become wanta bees that people shop for, but seldom buy.

The ability to present a quote on request sometimes brings in the mandate business.

I could enter the writing work force again, however, I would have to drive to Albany; a distance of sixty miles each way.     That does not appeal to me since I am not desperate.

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