70th Birthday

An affair never to be forgotten. We drove to Holbrook Mass to attend a final dance party with Neville and Dawn, Wilma's daughter and son-in-law. The attire was suits and gowns.

The affair ended around mid-night and we stayed at Dawn's that night. The following morning Dawn woke us and instructed me to dress as I was the night before.

"Why," I asked?

"You'll see," came her answer.

Around ten-thirty a long white limousine parked at the door. Dawn gave us a couple of sandwiches each and sent us on our way.

"Where are we going," I asked?

"Your going for a sightseeing trip of Boston," said Dawn. After a tour of greater Boston the limousine stopped at the Prudential Insurance building.

The chauffeur told us we had reservations at the observation tower. At the tower I asked a waiter about the reservations when someone tapped my shoulder.

It was Ed Scharmer; all the way from Saranac Lake, NY. "What the hell is this? Why are you here," I was confused, surprised and speechless to say in the least.

After a drink I told Ed we were to meet the chauffeur down stairs

Entering the limousine, Ed asked where we were going. "Damned if I know, 'I returned, "This whole thing is strange to me."

Ed laughed.

So far Dawn knew enough to put us in the limo.

Scharmer was told to surprise me at the Prudential tower. The Chauffeur knew where and when to drive us. He drove us to the Charles Theater in Boston where a reception party of many friends and relations greeted us with     "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

There was Linda and family, Nevell and Dawn, Wayne and Anita Woodriff, Charles and Marsha. Of the entire plan only Charlie Coogan knew the master combination.

The play of the day was Nun Sense.

After the play, charles gave everyone the address of an elaborate Japanese restaurant (Weylus). He had reserved a banquet room for the entire party. While drinks were served I was presented with a bouquet of balloons and presents galore. I still have a 2 foot by 3 foot portrait of myself in the living room for self admiration purposes. I don't know what the hell else to do with it.

"Some birthday party, Charlie. Thank you."

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