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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADAMS, Flora P. (E. ?)[Alcorn or Yazoo]White100321926
ADAMS, [Stillborn] (S.)YazooNon-White06002 [?]1925
ADAMS, [Stillborn] (S.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White06003 [?]1925
ADKINS, Annie[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White12149 [?]1926
ALBRIDGE, Gates[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White05982 [?]1925
ALDERGAN, [Infant] (W. C.)YazooWhite05973 [?]1927
ALDERGAN, [Infant] (W. C.)YazooWhite05972 [?]1927
ALEXANDER, Adrienne[Alcorn or Yazoo]White016371925
ALEXANDER, Annie[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White19910 [?]1925
ALEXANDER, Bultra [?] [O. ?] (J.)[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White01576 [?]1926
ALEXANDER, Lige (J.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White217301925
ALLEN, Francis[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White06053 [?]1925
ALLEN, Reason[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White10017 [?]1926
ALLEN, T. [D. ?][Alcorn or Yazoo]White036031925
ALLEN, [Stillborn] (L.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White14299 [?]1926
ALLEN, [Stillborn] (T. ?)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White24993 [?]1925
ALLEN, [Unnamed] (S.)YazooNon-White036091925
ALLEY, Carrie[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White100461926
ALMO [?], John Jr. (J.)[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White242711925
ANDERSON, Dean (Z.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White01667 [?]1925
ANDERSON, J. W. (W.)YazooNon-White119111925
ANDERSON, Quitman[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White234171926
ANDERSON, Sallie[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White14292 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Will M. (H.)YazooNon-White121601926
ANDERSON, [Stillborn] (D.)[Noxubee or Yazoo]Non-White217471925
ANDREWS, Iola[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White06277 [?]1926
ASHER, Rosalie[Alcorn or Yazoo]White06820 [?]1926
AUSTIN, Anna [B. ?] (D.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White21220 [?]1926
BAILEY, J. E.[Yazoo ?]White24334 [?]1925
BAKER, Fred D. (E. ?)[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White08035 [?]1925
BALDWIN, O. W. Sr.[Alcorn or Yazoo]White19923 [?]1925
BALL, Julia[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White147161925
BASKIN, Elizabeth F.[Alcorn or Yazoo]White203161925
BASS, A. H. (J.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White24340 [?]1925
BASSEY, Lou[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White11910 [?]1925
BATTLE, [Unnamed] (S.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White06026 [?]1925
BEALE, R. M.[Alcorn or Yazoo]White08016 [?]1925
BELL, John[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White01624 [?]1925
BELL, Richard[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White10073 [?]1925
BELL, Senna[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White11930 [?]1925
BENN, Willis[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White24286 [?]1925
BLACKMAN, J. L.[Scott or Yazoo]White064171925
BLACKMAN, Jesse Jr. (J.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White119031925
BLACKWELL, Will[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White03590 [?]1925
BLEVENS, Emily[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White24281 [?]1925
BOONE, Street [?][Scott or Yazoo]White11549 [?]1925
BOSTIC, Carrie[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White13960 [?]1925
BOSTIC, [Stillborn] (G.)YazooNon-White139791925
BOYD, Aratta[Yazoo ?]Non-White13985 [?]1925
BRATMAN, CharlesYazooNon-White099341927
BROHN [?], Rena (W.)YazooNon-White102771927
BROOKINS, Carter (P.)YazooNon-White22861 [?]1927
BROOKS, Johnann (S.)YazooNon-White208141927
BROOKS, Lit (L.)YazooNon-White056921927
BROUSSARD, CurtisYazooNon-White099141927
BROWN, Amanda (A.)YazooNon-White255601927
BROWN, Austin (E.)YazooNon-White208321927
BROWN, ClayYazooNon-White056701927
BROWN, Edd (D.)YazooNon-White035771927
BROWN, Eliza (J.)YazooNon-White208351927
BROWN, Green (T.)YazooNon-White255671927
BROWN, William J.YazooNon-White017351927
BROWN, [Infant] (H.)YazooUNKNOWN120691927
BUCHANNAN, Silas[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White080731925
BUCKNER, Alf[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White13950 [?]1925
BUFFORD, Dobe[Jefferson or Yazoo]Non-White038661927
BULLOCK, JohnYazooNon-White208071927
BULLOCK, Leonard S.YazooWhite119221925
BULLOCK, Minera (A. G.)YazooNon-White208301927
BUNCH, John H. (D.)YazooWhite208391927
BURGERS, J. P. (J.)YazooNon-White099031927
BURNS, Clayton (C.)YazooUNKNOWN144261927
BURNS, M. L.YazooWhite144171927
BURROUGH, A. G. (T.)YazooWhite208241927
BURROUGH, Percy L. (D.)YazooWhite208221927
BURTON, Edd (C.)YazooNon-White164781927
BYAS, Mamie H.YazooNon-White016641925
BYRD, Benjamin HolmesYazooWhite030391922
BYRD, CatherineYazooColored168731924
BYRD, FlossieYazooColored194971918
CAMERON, Ida Yazoo Non-White X 1940
CARTER, William B. (J.)[Yazoo ?]Non-White191771929
CARTRO, JuliaYazooNon-White280171929
CARTS, [Stillborn] (F.)YazooNon-White127951929
COLEMAN, AlexYazooColored193051915
COLEMAN, AnnYazooColored018501913
COLEMAN, BellYazooWhiteX1918
COLEMAN, BettieYazooColoredX1913
COLEMAN, C. C.YazooColoredX1919
COLEMAN, CatherineYazooColoredX1912
COLEMAN, CharleyYazooColoredX1917
COLEMAN, Charley L.YazooColoredX1924
COLEMAN, DouglassYazooColoredX1923
COLEMAN, ElizaYazooColoredX1924
COLEMAN, GeorgiaYazooColoredX1914
COLEMAN, Harry[Yazoo ?]Non-White03560 [?]1926
COLEMAN, HenryYazooColoredX1921
COLEMAN, Hyram Jr.YazooColoredX1914
COLEMAN, James H.YazooColoredX1918
COLEMAN, Jimmie (J.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White23787 [?]1926