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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADAMS, Sallie A.YalobushaWhite20108 [?]1925
ALLEN, John M.[Rankin or Yalobusha]White147501926
ALLEN, West [?][Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White01864 [?]1926
ALLEN, [Stillborn] (J.)[Adams or Yalobusha]White036321926
ALLERY, John M.[Adams or Yalobusha]White142591926
ALLVY, John M.YalobushaWhite142591926
ASKEW, Sarah A. (D.)YalobushaNon-White211941926
AUSTIN, Louisa[Adams or Yalobusha]White03526 [?]1926
AVEN [?], Tennie [?][Adams or Yalobusha]White10964 [?]1926
BAILEY, Earnest E. (T.)YalobushaNon-White03586 [?]1925
BAILEY, LucyYalobushaNon-White22454 [?]1925
BAILEY, Lucy[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White24373 [?]1925
BAKER, A. (A.)[Yalobusha ?]Non-White24671 [?]1925
BAKER, [Stillborn] (W.)[Rankin or Yalobusha]White05522 [?]1925
BARLOW, Jas W.YalobushaWhite224651923
BATES, Thomas C.[Adams or Yalobusha]White20322 [?]1925
BEASLEY, Jim[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White03574 [?]1925
BELL, Eliza[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White04036 [?]1925
BIBBETT [?], Westlake [?] (D. ?)[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White06454 [?]1925
BLAND, Nathaniel (R. ?)[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White217121925
BLANTON, Alfred Jr.[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White20327 [?]1925
BOBBITT, Henry G.[Yalobusha ?]White03582 [?]1925
BOBO [?], Casey (S.)[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White13936 [?]1925
BOONER, Richard (J.)[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White06152 [?]1925
BOX, L. L.[Adams or Yalobusha]White142131925
BRASSELL, LaraYalobushaWhite059671927
BRATTON, Martha C. (W.)YalobushaWhite120651927
BRINKLEY, Laura (M.)YalobushaNon-White190491927
BRITT, DaveYalobushaNon-White079931927
BROWN, LewisYalobushaNon-White01729 [?]1927 [?]
BROWN, Lynwood[Jasper or Yalobusha]White017711935
BROWN, UadiaYalobushaNon-White038641927
BUCKLY, C. Mrs. J. (J. H.)YalobushaWhite207851927
BUFORD, Mary L. (H.)[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White14706 [?]1925
BUTCHART, Mary M.[Adams or Yalobusha]White144461925
BUTLER, Artha (J.)[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White217131925
BUTLER, Scott[Rankin or Yalobusha]Non-White18092 [?]1925
BUTLER, [Stillborn] (J.)[Rankin or Yalobusha]Non-White03584 [?]1925
BUTTERWORTH, J. E.YalobushaWhite207921927
BYFORD [?], William (E.)[Adams or Yalobusha]White177281925
COLEMAN, BenYalobushaWhiteX1916
COLEMAN, FrankYalobushaWhiteX1921
COLEMAN, JessieYalobushaWhiteX1924
COLEMAN, MaryYalobushaWhiteX1920
COLEMAN, Ollie G.YalobushaWhiteX1924
COLEMAN, Queen V.YalobushaWhiteX1915
COLEMAN, TomYalobushaWhiteX1914
COLEMAN, WilsonYalobushaWhiteX1923
COLLINS, Louise[Yalobusha ?]White08512 [?]1926
COPELAND, EllenYalobushaColoredX1924
COPELAND, MollieYalobushaWhiteX1916
COULTER, James K.YalobushaWhite152111919
CRONWELL, CharityYalobushaColored194291921
CROSS, JoeYalobushaColored114691916
CURRY, JoeYalobushaNon-White215051938
DAVIS, G. W.[Yalobusha ?]White200491925
DAVIS, T. P. Mrs.[Rankin or Yalobusha]White016081925
DEES, ElishaYalobushaWhite233421917
DEES, J. D. Mrs.YalobushaWhite094031916
DEES, John P.YalobushaWhite194371921
DUBARD, Harold W. (J.)[Adams or Yalobusha]White03573 [?]1925
DUBARDY, [Stillborn] (F.)[Adams or Yalobusha]White242601925
EGGLESTON, [Stillborn] (O. ?)[Rankin or Yalobusha]Non-White03995 [?]1925
ELLIOTT, Carrie (C.)YalobushaWhite10044 [?]1925
ESKERIDGE [?], Paba [?] L.[Adams or Yalobusha]White217091925
ESKRIDGE, Virginia[Rankin or Yalobusha]Non-White177301925
FLY, [Stillborn] (M.)[Adams or Yalobusha]White13940 [?]1925
FLY, [Stillborn] (M.)[Adams or Yalobusha]White14458 [?]1925
FOSTER, Addison J. Jr. (A.)[Adams or Yalobusha]White01686 [?]1925
FOX, [Stillborn] (I.)YalobushaNon-White17729 [?]1925
FURLER, Albert[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White249001925
GOODWIN, J. M.YalobushaWhite150081926
GOODWIN, JackYalobushaWhite100491925
GOODWIN, JanieYalobushaWhiteX1920
GOODWIN, O.YalobushaWhite10043 [?]1925
GOODWIN, TobeYalobushaWhiteX1916
JENKINS, Press [?][Adams or Yalobusha]White14457 [?]1925
JOHNSON, EtherYalobusha [?]Colored241051916
JONES, Velma[Adams or Yalobusha]White217081925
JONES, Willie (J.)[Yalobusha ?]Non-White016201925
KEITH, MargariteYalobushaWhite203061925
KELLEY, Harriett[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White119001925
KELLY, AndersonYalobushaNon-White177311925
KELLY, CarolineYalobushaNon-White05956 [?]1925
KELLY, David [E. ?]YalobushaWhite08009 [?]1925
KELLY, Mabel K. (J.)Yalobusha [?]White07996 [?]1925
KIMBLE, [Stillborn] (D.)[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White21715 [?]1925
KING, Lee[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White08006 [?]1925
KINGLE [?], Abram (B.)[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White13933 [?]1925
KINGS, Josephine[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White05953 [?]1925
KNOX, Willie L. (R.)[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White08012 [?]1925
KUTRENDALL, [Stillborn] (J.)Yalobusha [?]Non-White08237 [?]1926
KYLE, Carrie R.YalobushaWhite016031925
LANCASTER, Shirley W.YalobushaWhiteX1942
LEE, Marie[Adams or Yalobusha]Non-White13941 [?]1925
LUSE, Ann[Yalobusha ?]Non-White10858 [?]1925
MARKET, John R.[Yalobusha ?]White18036 [?]1925
MARSHALL, HenryYalobushaWhiteX1913
MARTIN, Ida[Adams or Yalobusha]White06414 [?]1925
MARTIN, Lillie[Yalobusha ?]Non-White05958 [?]1925