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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADCOCK, Sallie J.[Quitman or Winston]White171221926
ADCOCK, Samuel [C. ?][Quitman or Winston]White060121926
ALLEN, [Stillborn] (J.)[Quitman or Winston]Non-White24885 [?]1925
ALLEN, [Stillborn] (N. ?)WinstonWhite233601926
ARCHIE, Lud[Quitman or Winston]Non-White177161925
ARCHIE, Victoria (E. ?)[Quitman or Winston]Non-White19549 [?]1925
AUSTIN, Jennie D.[Quitman or Winston]Non-White10951 [?]1926
BABER [?], Emer [?][Quitman or Winston]Non-White19881 [?]1925
BANE, Bud[Winston ?]White101421925
BARLOW, BillieWinstonNon-White092261932
BARLOW, OllieWinstonNon-White151341936
BLEDSOE, [Stillborn] (J.)[Quitman or Winston]White16395 [?]1925
BROOKS, [Infant] (T.)WinstonWhite255371927
BROWN, [Infant] (R. E.)WinstonWhite075491927
BUCKLEY, Ned (N.)WinstonNon-White147761927
BULLOCK, Telda [?][Carroll or Winston]White146111925
BURKS, [Infant] (J.)WinstonWhite234811927
BURNES, W. L.WinstonWhite186121927
COLEMAN, Annie MaeWinstonColored076451924
COLEMAN, CallieWinstonColoredX1914
COLEMAN, EdWinstonColoredX1920
COLEMAN, GeorgeWinstonColoredX1916
COLEMAN, George A.WinstonColoredX1918
COLEMAN, GlenWinstonColoredX1923
COLEMAN, Harriet E.WinstonColoredX1918
COLEMAN, I. F.WinstonWhiteX1920
COLEMAN, JakeWinstonColoredX1922
COLEMAN, JeffWinstonColoredX1919
COLEMAN, JesseWinstonWhiteX1918
COLEMAN, JuliaWinstonColoredX1924
COLEMAN, Katie M.WinstonColoredX1918
COLEMAN, LauraWinstonColoredX1918
COLEMAN, LauraWinstonColoredX1924
COLEMAN, LethaWinstonColoredX1913
COLEMAN, LizaWinstonColoredX1919
COLEMAN, Maggie E.WinstonColoredX1924
COLEMAN, PartheniaWinstonColoredX1918
COLEMAN, Sadie RuthWinstonColoredX1923
COLEMAN, Sally C.WinstonWhiteX1919
COLEMAN, Velmer R.WinstonWhiteX1919
COLLINS, Ollie (L.)[Winston ?]Non-White06224 [?]1926
CROSBY, HenryWinstonColored177391913
CROSBY, James R.WinstonWhite113491918
CROSBY, Mary E.WinstonColored021461917
CROSBY, OliverWinstonColored194321918
CROSBY, William C.WinstonWhite212891917
CROSBY, WillieWinstonColored041031917
CROSBY, [Stillborn] (L.)WinstonColored056771913
CROSBY, [Stillborn] (M.)WinstonColored014921922
DAVIS, Henry H.Winston [?]White177191925
DAVIS, Nannie M. (W.)[Quitman or Winston]Non-White24240 [?]1925
EARHEART, Sarah[Quitman or Winston]White100381925
EDWARDS, Sarah E.[Quitman or Winston]White07988 [?]1925
EDWARDS, [Unnamed] (M.)[Quitman or Winston]White03560 [?]1925
ELLIS, Moad R.[Quitman or Winston]White11889 [?]1925
ELLIS, [Stillborn] (M.)Winston [?]Non-White035711925
ESCOIDGE [?], [Stillborn] (S.)[Winston ?]White01594 [?]1925
ESTES, Neppie [?] Mrs.[Winston ?]White079911925
EUBANKS, AllenWinstonColored230971924
FANT, LizzieWinstonWhite263911926
FARISH, Mary H.[Winston ?]White10042 [?]1925
FLAKE, William P.[Winston ?]White242411925
FLAYRE [?], Allie (J.)[Quitman or Winston]Non-White03564 [?]1925
FOULER [?], O. D. (J.)[Quitman or Winston]Non-White19887 [?]1925
GIFFIN, John S.WinstonUNKNOWN116681942
JOHNSON, C. [B. ?][Winston ?]White03555 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Frank Sr.[Quitman or Winston]Non-White21695 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Margret[Quitman or Winston]Non-White13929 [?]1925
JOHNSON, [Stillborn] (P.)[Quitman or Winston]Non-White03926 [?]1925
JOHNSON, [Unnamed] (E.)WinstonNon-White13928 [?]1925
KATES, Edwin (J.)[Quitman or Winston]White216911925
KATES, Irvin (J.)[Quitman or Winston]White216931925
KENEDY, Mamie (I. ?)[Winston ?]Non-White21258 [?]1925
KILPATRICK, B. [?] F.[Quitman or Winston]White01540 [?]1926
KOOHN [?], J. C. Mrs.[Winston ?]White079901925
KOONCE, J. C. Mrs.[Quitman or Winston]White07978 [?]1925
LEE, Harry[Quitman or Winston]White24239 [?]1925
LOVINS, EarnestWinstonNon-White01597 [?]1925
MARSHALL, EuniceWinstonWhiteX1921
MCCULLY, Roxie L.WinstonUNKNOWN096471930
MCMILLIN, DaveWinstonWhite08219 [?]1925
MCMILLIN, Jim[Winston ?]White13926 [?]1925
MCNEAL, Virginia (H.)[Winston ?]Non-White17963 [?]1925
MORRIS, Lillie M. (R.)[Winston ?]Non-White17718 [?]1925
OVERTON, TheodoreWinstonWhiteX1928
OVERTON, WilliamWinstonWhiteX1929
QUEEN, Dock (M.)[Quitman or Winston]White03563 [?]1925
QUIN, Howel [?][Winston ?]White11890 [?]1925
RAY, N. G.[Quitman or Winston]White03560 [?]1925
STEWART, VirginiaWinston [?]White203041925
SULLIVAN, [Stillborn] (J.)[Quitman or Winston]White203021925
THORNTON, A. J. Mrs.[Quitman or Winston]White03160 [?]1925
THRASHER, [Unnamed] (L.)[Winston ?]White16810 [?]1926
TIMS, Francis E.WinstonWhite226581917
TURNER, Bessie B.Winston [?]White23313 [?]1926
TURNER, D. W. Mrs.[Quitman or Winston]White126391926
TURNER, [Stillborn] (D.)WinstonWhite121361926
TURNER, [Stillborn] (D.)WinstonWhite235121926
UNKNOWN, [Stillborn][Winston ?]White063531925
VANDAVENDAN [?], [Unnamed] (E. ?)[Winston ?]White21796 [?]1925