Statewide Index to Mississippi Death Records (1912 - 1943)

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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABBOTT, Francis G.WarrenWhite034531925
ABRAHAM, Delia [?] (J.)[Warren ?]White05787 [?]1925
ADAM [?], William [V. ?][Union or Warren]White07881 [?]1925
ADAMS, John S.[Union or Warren]White09894 [?]1925
ADKIN, Sarah (A.)WarrenNon-White014401925
ADLER, Fannie[Union or Warren]White05096 [?]1926
AGDOURNE [?], George[Union or Warren]White16527 [?]1926
ALBRECHT, Adolph[Union or Warren]White034121926
ALEC [?], Washington[Union or Warren]Non-White05823 [?]1925
ALLEN, Bessie B. (M.)[Union or Warren]Non-White15864 [?]1925
ALLEN, Louis (J.)[Warren ?]Non-White034211926
ALLEN, Sarah[Warren ?]Non-White09896 [?]1925
ALLEN, WillWarrenNon-White173961926
ALLERGA, Cora (B.)WarrenNon-White19623 [?]1927
ALLISON, [Unnamed] (J.)[Union or Warren]White117741925
AMLER, [Stillborn] (S.)[Union or Warren]White138091925
ANDERSON, Carline[Union or Warren]Non-White09893 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Emeline[Union or Warren]Non-White014061926
ANDERSON, Henry Jr.[Union or Warren]Non-White11803 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Irene[Union or Warren]Non-White173991926
ANDERSON, Margaret P.[Union or Warren]White240771926
ANDERSON, Richard [E. ?][Union or Warren]Non-White15862 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Tobe P.[Union or Warren]Non-White141271926
ANDREWS, Pete Mrs.[Union or Warren]Non-White09919 [?]1926
ARMS [?], [Stillborn] (J.)[Union or Warren]Non-White18400 [?]1925
ARTZ, May S.[Union or Warren]White09885 [?]1925
AUSTIN, Hesta[Hinds or Warren]Non-White110641926
BAILEY, Edd[Union or Warren]Non-White079131925
BAILEY, W. H.[Union or Warren]White241141925
BAKER, Edmond[Union or Warren]Non-White13828 [?]1925
BAKER, Lottie[Union or Warren]White21591 [?]1925
BAKER, Lula[Union or Warren]Non-White079101925
BALLARD, James[Union or Warren]Non-White15855 [?]1925
BALLWIN, Ruby L. (R.)[Union or Warren]Non-White07849 [?]1925
BANFORD, Stilla[Union or Warren]Non-White17624 [?]1925
BARLOW, DessieWarrenWhite160431935
BARLOW, Ernest I.WarrenWhite202871924
BARLOW, J. W. (W. T.)WarrenWhite079681933
BARLOW, Nona B.WarrenWhite117371936
BARLOW, PrinceWarrenColored037801912
BARLOW, Robert C.WarrenWhite133251936
BASKET, Ben[Union or Warren]Non-White099201925
BATTLE, Savanah[Warren ?]Non-White034261925
BELL, John L.[Union or Warren]White15854 [?]1925
BELL, Melvin[Union or Warren]Non-White09872 [?]1925
BELL, Susie[Union or Warren]Non-White11753 [?]1925
BELL, [Stillborn] (W.)[Union or Warren]Non-White09886 [?]1925
BELLFIELD, Barbara[Union or Warren]Non-White079121925
BELTON, Fred Jr. (F.)[Union or Warren]Non-White22105 [?]1925
BELTON, Tiko [?][Union or Warren]Non-White15894 [?]1925
BEVERLY, John[Union or Warren]Non-White034171925
BIGGS, John[Union or Warren]Non-White117621925
BILES, Jessie (F.)[Union or Warren]Non-White15866 [?]1925
BLACK, Rocket [?][Union or Warren]Non-White13816 [?]1925
BLUNT, Joseph (C.)[Union or Warren]Non-White240961925
BOOKER, Ambrose[Warren ?]Non-White117941925
BOOTH, Ezra[Union or Warren]White034061925
BORDEN, Willie (P.)[Union or Warren]Non-White144331925
BOTTS, [Unnamed] (C.)[Warren or Webster]White06409 [?]1925
BOWAN, William A.[Union or Warren]White13816 [?]1925
BOYD, James[Union or Warren]Non-White07892 [?]1925
BOYT, Mary T.[Union or Warren]White09892 [?]1925
BRANDE, CarolinWarrenWhite055201927
BRANLIS, GlarlaWarren[Non-White ?]211361927
BRAXTON, Blan [?] H. (E.)WarrenNon-White169181927
BREWER, Dan (J.)WarrenNon-White234481927
BREWER, Delsie (W.)WarrenNon-White078781927
BREWER, WilliamWarrenWhite142031927
BRIDGES, RichardWarrenNon-White253941927
BRIGGS, David S.WarrenWhite096621927
BRISTER, Alice (J.)WarrenWhite074871927
BRITTON, [Infant] (S.)WarrenNon-White254261927
BROOKE, MaryWarrenWhite253881927
BROOKS, Boill (D.)WarrenNon-White015451927
BROOKS, Lilly (E.)WarrenNon-White118251927
BROOKS, Meluima (H.)WarrenNon-White125131927
BROWN, AlbertWarrenNon-White102101927
BROWN, Allen (H.)WarrenNon-White015571927
BROWN, Anna (J.)WarrenNon-White096661927
BROWN, Bemes (J.)WarrenNon-White253611927
BROWN, Frances (B.)WarrenNon-White254301927
BROWN, Frank (T.)WarrenNon-White169241927
BROWN, Fufus (F.)WarrenNon-White142081927
BROWN, Gertrud (J.)WarrenNon-White075011927
BROWN, James (F.)WarrenNon-White162801927
BROWN, JohnWarrenNon-White096771927
BROWN, RufusWarrenNon-White147531927
BROWN, TobeWarrenNon-White142451927
BROWN, WelchWarrenNon-White206371927
BROWN, Will (W.)WarrenNon-White118331927
BRUCE, MariahWarrenNon-White097611927
BRUNSON, Josephi (M.)WarrenNon-White078871927
BRUUSTON, William F.WarrenWhite142251927
BRWON, [Infant] (T.)WarrenNon-White055191927
BRYANT, John A. (J.)WarrenWhite118561927
BUCHANAN, William L.WarrenWhite015481927
BUD, [Unnamed][Union or Warren]Non-White13820 [?]1925
BUFORD, Mammie[Union or Warren]Non-White09914 [?]1925
BULDS [?], Henry[Union or Warren]Non-White24128 [?]1925
BULLOCK, Reuoin [?][Union or Warren]Non-White05829 [?]1925