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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABERNETRY [?], Irvin[Chickasaw or Tate]White020771925
ADAMS, FlorenceTateNon-White11890 [?]1926
ADAMS, Frankie M.[Chickasaw or Tate]Non-White04203 [?]1925
AIKEN, Winnie B. (J. A.)Tate [?]White23386 [?]1927
AIRINS [?], Allie (S.)TateNon-White054281927
ALEXANDER, Jobe [?][Tate ?]Non-White08011 [?]1926
ALLEN, Mydia [?][Tate ?]Non-White175341925
ANDERSON, Willie (J.)TateNon-White08012 [?]1926
ANTHONY, SamuelTateNon-White15781 [?]1925
ASEGY [?], Ire G. (W.)[Tate ?]Non-White05693 [?]1925
ASHLEY, HenryTate [?]Non-White223721925
ASKEW [?], JohnTateNon-White09778 [?]1925
ATKINS, CleoTateNon-White15783 [?]1925
ATKINS, JasperTateNon-White01388 [?]1925
AVANT, ErnestTateNon-White05768 [?]1926
BALEMAN, Dan Jr. (D.)TateNon-White03961 [?]1925
BASKIN, W. S.Tate [?]Non-White18354 [?]1925
BATTS, Perry (W.)[Tate ?]Non-White13730 [?]1925
BECK, WilliamTateNon-White097791925
BECKMAN, [Stillborn] (R.)[Chickasaw or Tate]White17843 [?]1925
BEDFORD, Tom [R. ?][Chickasaw or Tate]White02085 [?]1925
BELLINGSLY, BerdieTateWhite21513 [?]1925
BIBBS, JoeTateNon-White033291925
BILLINGLSY, Mary[Tate ?]White21517 [?]1925
BILLINGSLEY, Nathaniel[Tate ?]White01388 [?]1925
BILLINGSLY, John W.[Tate ?]White03337 [?]1925
BLAND, A. [B. ?] (H.)TateNon-White15784 [?]1925
BLEDSOE, Ira (J.)TateNon-White10205 [?]1925
BOBO [?], William[Tate ?]Non-White05692 [?]1925
BOBO [?], [Stillborn] (M.)[Tate ?]Non-White05691 [?]1925
BOYD, Evalcha (G. ?)TateNon-White013861925
BRISCO, PymeniaTateNon-White205331927
BROWN, [Infant] (J.)TateNon-White054231927
BROWNLEE, Stone (H.)TateNon-White033381927
BUFORD, Howard A. (A. J.)TateWhite226091927
BUFORD, M. O. (M. A.)TateWhite226141927
BURNETTE, Castina (A.)TateNon-White205271927
BUSBY, Mary R.TateWhite137261925
BUSBY, [Infant] (J. T.)TateWhite054311927
BUTLER, JerryTateNon-White252591927
BUTLER, Nellie (W.)TateNon-White161941927
BYRD, Janie (M.)TateWhite054381927
CASEY, Martha H. (G.)TateWhite188981929
COLEMAN, AustinTateColored108541914
COLEMAN, DorothyTateWhiteX1920
COLEMAN, KittieTateColoredX1923
COLEMAN, LesterTateColoredX1917
COLEMAN, Mary F.TateWhiteX1920
COLEMAN, MildredTateColoredX1914
CROSS, AndyTateColored105701917
CROSS, NickTateColored213831916
CROSS, ThenyTateColored183391924
DAVIS, LucyTateNon-White226131927
DAVIS, Ruby (M. ?)[Montgomery or Tate]Non-White175341925
DAVIS, William D.TateWhite116841925
EASON, Lucy W.TateWhite032961926
EASON, RebeccaTateNon-White033021926
EAVERSON, KateTateWhite236891926
ECHOLS, Van[Quitman or Tate]Non-White05712 [?]1925
ECKLES, [Stillborn] (C. ?)[Tate ?]Non-White08450 [?]1925
EDDINS, Arthur T.TateWhite15785 [?]1925
EDDINS, Arthur T.TateWhite10129 [?]1925
EMBREY, Minnie L.TateWhite131541919
EMBREY, Virgie (J.)TateNon-White013771925
FAEROW, Lizzie[Tate ?]Non-White09782 [?]1925
FLENYELLEN [?], Jane[Tate ?]Non-White10388 [?]1925
FOUST, Major (J.)TateNon-White065851928
FROTHER [?], Susie[Tate ?]Non-White03341 [?]1925
GREENWOOD, Clyde B.[Tate ?]UNKNOWN119261920
GREENWOOD, Elva[Tate ?]UNKNOWN147931917
GREENWOOD, [Infant female]TateUNKNOWN071611916
GREENWOOD, [Infant female]TateUNKNOWN087291918
JAMESON [?], Bertha [S. ?][Tate ?]White19684 [?]1925
JENKINS, Georgia[Tate ?]Non-White03958 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Annie[Tate ?]White09775 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Ben Jr.TateNon-White19688 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Eliza[Tate ?]White03327 [?]1925
JOHNSON, EthelTateColored169881917
JOHNSON, [Stillborn] (A)[Tate ?]Non-White09781 [?]1925
JONES, Thomas C.Tate [?]White05688 [?]1925
KEFA [?], [Stillborn] (E.)TateWhite09436 [?]1926
KEY, John C. Jr.TateNon-White231811926
KIZER, Lawrence M.[Tate ?]UNKNOWN030491914
KIZER, Sam Jr.[Tate ?]UNKNOWN137431919
LEE, Leon[Tate ?]Non-White19692 [?]1925
LOVE, Canelis H.[Tate ?]Non-White224141925
MARABLE, James R.TateWhite038591917
MARSHALL, CarrieTateColoredX1916
MARSHALL, EllenTateColoredX1914
MARSHALL, FannieTateColoredX1913
MARSHALL, SandyTateColoredX1913
MARTIN, Francis (E.)[Tate ?]White16101 [?]1925
MCCLENDON, Willie (P.)[Tate ?]Non-White11679 [?]1925
MCCULLOUGH, Charity[Tate ?]UNKNOWN130461914
MCNEIL, GeorgeTateColored032161915
MICKENS, William Jr. (W.)[Tate ?]Non-White097921925
MOORE, [Stillborn] (R.)[Tate ?]White224161925
MURPHY, Melvin (H.)TateNon-White224121925
PRYOR, Malzenia[Tate ?]Non-White18385 [?]1925
RICHARDSON, J. M.TateWhite095471937