Statewide Index to Mississippi Death Records (1912 - 1943)

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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADAMS, CourtneyStoneNon-White06916 [?]1925
AINSWORTH, Poly (J.)StoneWhite26158 [?]1927
ALBRITTON, [Unnamed] (R.)StoneWhite12967 [?]1926
ALLEN, Dave[Bolivar or Stone]Non-White10520 [?]1925
ALLEN, John (J.)[Simpson or Stone]White018301926
ANDERSON, Francis[Stone or Tallahatchie]Non-White11581 [?]1925
AUSTIN, J. S.StoneWhite174571925
AVERY, MarthaStoneNon-White05693 [?]1926
AVERY, [Stillborn] (R.)StoneNon-White139701926
BAILEY, Henry[Stone ?]Non-White24647 [?]1925
BARLOW, HelonStoneWhite196671923
BEACH, DorahStoneNon-White239231925
BEASLEY, Jane[Stone ?]Non-White077121925
BOLDEN, Elba[Bolivar or Stone]Non-White14586 [?]1925
BOND, Jarrett B.StoneWhite029611929
BOUCHEE, [Stillborn] (D.)StoneNon-White11580 [?]1925
BRELAND, Burnice (H.)StoneWhite072981927
BRWON, D. J. (G.)StoneWhite053471927
BURTON, John (E.)StoneNon-White013811927
BUTLER, Alf[Quitman or Stone]Non-White22065 [?]1925
BUTLER, Eber L.StoneWhite120651943
BYRD, EmlyStoneColored217101921
BYRD, HughStoneColoredX1918
BYRD, MaryStoneWhiteX1923
DAVIS, Delphia [B. ?][Stone ?]White23926 [?]1925
DAVIS, L. T. (C.)[Marion or Stone]White21462 [?]1925
DEES, [Stillborn] (C.)StoneWhite015391917
ELDER, Burissa[Stone ?]White [?]X1917
EXPOSE, Luciel (G. ?)StoneNon-White09690 [?]1925
FORE, Sallie E.StoneWhite156301924
FOUNTAIN, S. F.StoneColored083171921
GIBSON, MinervaStoneWhite217091921
GIBSON, RosaStoneWhite046721933
JOHNSON, Dan[Stone ?]Non-White13618 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Joseph (A.)[Bolivar or Stone]Non-White16516 [?]1925
JORDY, Edward G.StoneWhite09693 [?]1925
KIRK [?], Wilkie [?][Bolivar or Stone]Non-White15773 [?]1925
KROHN, Agustus [B. ?][Bolivar or Stone]White13613 [?]1925
MARER, William M.[Stone ?]Non-White13616 [?]1925
MARSHALL, ElijahStoneColoredX1921
MARSHALL, Liby M.StoneColoredX1919
MARSHALL, [Stillborn]StoneColoredX1921
MARSHALL, [Stillborn]StoneColoredX1920
MASON, Ida R. StoneWhite075701939
MASON, Willy Stone White20920 1924
PERINE, Patsy[Stone ?]Non-White101141925
RAMSAY, Green B.StoneColored117451918
THURMAN, [Stillborn] (W.)StoneWhite012321926
UNKNOWN, Jessus[Stone ?]White06919 [?]1926
UNKNOWN, [Unknown]StoneNon-White196091925
WALDEN, Aaron M.[Stone ?]White09692 [?]1925
WALTON, Nick[Bolivar or Stone]Non-White08571 [?]1925
WASHINGTON, Henry[Bolivar or Stone]Non-White18556 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, Elios[Stone ?]White19608 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, Gladys (H. ?)[Stone or Winston]Non-White24891 [?]1925
YANCY, [Stillborn] (C.)[Stone or Tallahatchie]White01296 [?]1925