Statewide Index to Mississippi Death Records (1912 - 1943)

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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADCOCK, William S. (S. N.)[Smith ?]White221861927
AINSWORTH, Ross (U.)[Sharkey or Smith]White239171925
AINSWORTH, TerrySmithWhiteX1930
AINSWORTH, Will Jr. (W.)[Sharkey or Smith]White06562 [?]1926
AINSWORTH, [Stillborn] (J.)[Sharkey or Smith]White214501926
AINSWORTH, [Unnamed] (S.)[Sharkey or Smith]White123741925
ANDERSON, Edna[Sharkey or Smith]White06364 [?]1926
ANDERSON, [Unnamed] (C.)[Sharkey or Smith]White15689 [?]1925
ARENDER, TillmanSmithWhiteX1922
ASHLEY, Francis M.[Sharkey or Smith]White [?]21451 [?]1925
AUSTIN, B. H.SmithWhite057261920
BAILEY, Luther[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White08418 [?]1925
BAILS, J. W.[Sharkey or Smith]White09687 [?]1925
BARLOW, G. W. (F.)SmithNon-White188101929
BISHOP, AudelineSmithUNKNOWN121811931
BISHOP, PennieSmithWhite [?]203361943
BISHOP, R. B.SmithWhite [?]112971913
BISHOP, Robert T.SmithWhite [?]058911941
BOWLING, John[Sharkey or Smith]White23920 [?]1925
BOYKIN, Ethel[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White11573 [?]1925
BOYKIN, Mirtis [?] [C. ?][Sharkey or Smith]White01291 [?]1925
BRINKS, Mellie M. (W. O.)SmithWhite225081927
BRYANT, Adeline (J.)SmithWhite204391927
BRYANT, ColumusSmithWhite182501927
BRYANT, William N. (J. W.)SmithWhite251541927
BURSON, Lewis (C.)SmithWhite032631927
BUTLER, Francis (T.)SmithWhite019301927
BUTLER, J. B.SmithWhite165841923
BYARS, Joe J. (B. ?)SmithWhite251571927
BYERS, Joe J. (B.)SmithWhite257891927
BYRD, Henryette S.SmithWhiteX1917
BYRD, LoueaseSmithWhiteX1923
BYRD, Thomas R.SmithWhite13950 [?]1926
BYRD, [Stillborn] (H.)SmithWhiteX1923
BYUNT, [Infant] (G.)SmithWhite053361927
CANOY, Frank C.SmithWhite218391922
COLEMAN, Amanda B.SmithColored064961918
COLEMAN, ElizaSmithColoredX1918
COLEMAN, Fred (R.)[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White20830 [?]1926
COPELAND, J. W.SmithWhiteX1920
CROSBY, BalfordSmithWhite235461915
CROSBY, Daisy F.SmithWhite220021920
CROSBY, Frank M.SmithWhite200231921
DUKES, Frances A.SmithWhite214531925
DUKES, Robert H.SmithWhite166661940
DUKES, William W.SmithWhite117791924
DUPREE, Steven [?]SmithWhiteX1916
EADY, William T. (S.)[Sharkey or Smith]White08167 [?]1925
EATON, William J.[Sharkey or Smith]White136041925
EDITOR, [Stillborn] (M. ?)[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White23893 [?]1925
EUBANKS, Alma[Monroe or Smith]White112931913
FAIRCHILD, Martha F.SmithWhite [?]147221937
FELTON, [Stillborn] (I.)[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White076791925
FINK, Curtis (M.)[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White09650 [?]1925
FORMAN, M. W.SmithWhite140781920
FULLER, Frances[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White15732 [?]1925
FULLER, John H.[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White20588 [?]1925
FUNCHES, Morris Jr.[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White03201 [?]1925
GREGORY, OpheniaSmithWhite094371919
HANNAH, William L.SmithWhite [?]X1920
HEGWOOD, Wesley S.Smith [?]White144921923
HOPKINS, B. C.SmithWhite [?]094651937
HOWELL, [Infant Daughter]SmithWhite092371913
JENKINGS [?], Walter[Sharkey or Smith]White15686 [?]1925
JENNINGS, Mary[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White09662 [?]1925
JERNIGAN, W. (W. ?)[Sharkey or Smith]White01292 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Acy (J.)[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White15666 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Carolin (J.)SmithWhite217401931
JOHNSON, James A.SmithWhite012871925
JOHNSON, James A.[Sharkey or Smith]White11962 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Sylvester[Sharkey or Smith]White21460 [?]1925
JONES, James M.SmithUNKNOWN055761939
JONES, [Stillborn] (J.)[Sharkey or Smith]White077011925
JORDAN, Eli W.SmithWhiteX1921
JORDAN, Eli W.SmithWhiteX1921
KEYES, ChesterSmithWhite09689 [?]1925
KEYES, Lellan (T.)[Madison or Smith]Non-White08420 [?]1925
KEYES, LydaSmith[White ?]X1914
KEYES, LydaSmith[White ?]X1914
KEYS, Fannie M. (T.)SmithWhite077061925
KEYS, MarySmith [?]Non-White139611926
LAVENDER, Jewel (S.)[Smith ?]White11650 [?]1925
LEE, Johnie (J.)[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White08414 [?]1925
LEE, SarahSmithWhite188541914
LEWIS, Jane[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White19606 [?]1925
LITTLE, Avis J.SmithWhite [?]083091940
LITTLE, LloydSmithWhite [?]204401927
LITTLE, LloydSmithWhite [?]204411927
LITTLE, RebeccaSmithUNKNOWN072311924
LOFTON, Nancy G.[Sharkey or Smith]White05589 [?]1925
LOFTON, [Unnamed] (A.)[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White03239 [?]1925
LOFTON, [Unnamed] (A.)[Smith ?]Non-White03239 [?]1925
LOVE, Benta[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White19580 [?]1925
LOVE, Earnest (E.)[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White15650 [?]1925
LOVE, George O.[Sharkey or Smith]White144121925
MARTIN, Adla[Sharkey or Smith]Non-White01883 [?]1925
MARTIN, Caroline[Sharkey or Smith]White05596 [?]1925
MARTIN, EllaSmithWhite [?]113671930
MARTIN, Jesse G.SmithUNKNOWN166651940
MASON, Albert (T.)SmithNon-White105811931