Statewide Index to Mississippi Death Records (1912 - 1943)

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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
AINSWORTH, Alno [?] (J.)[Scott ?]White182301927
ALBRIDGE, Gates[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White05982 [?]1925
ALEXANDER, Bultra [?] [O. ?] (J.)[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White01576 [?]1926
ALEXANDER, Williamson [H. ?][Scott]White11542 [?]1925
ALLEN, Josephine D.ScottUNKNOWN20813 [?]1926
ALLEY, Carrie[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White100461926
ALMO [?], John Jr. (J.)[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White242711925
ANDERSON, GloverScottNon-White13633 [?]1925
ARNOLD, Addie[Alcorn or Scott]Non-White16437 [?]1925
ASHLEY, LouScottNon-White23887 [?]1925
ASHLEY, [Unnamed] (G.)[Scott or Sunflower]Non-White223711925
ATKINSON, Miggie [?][Leflore or Scott]Non-White07540 [?]1926
AUSTIN, Richard D.ScottWhite106081926
BAKER, Ciphus J.ScottWhite012401925
BAKER, Fred D. (E. ?)[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White08035 [?]1925
BALL, Julia[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White147161925
BARLOW, George W. (G.)ScottWhite088381931
BLACK, MikeScott [?]Non-White23884 [?]1925
BLACKMAN, HattieScottNon-White24608 [?]1925
BLACKMAN, J. L.[Scott or Yazoo]White064171925
BODERN [?], Archie[Scott or Sunflower]Non-White21418 [?]1925
BOON, Lola[Scott ?]White11548 [?]1925
BOONE, Street [?][Scott or Yazoo]White11549 [?]1925
BOYD, JimScottNon-White09648 [?]1925
BOYKIN, Mildred L. (D.)[Scott ?]White23881 [?]1925
BRIMAGE, HarveyScottNon-White013131927
BRITT, Evander R. (J.)ScottWhite094391927
BROADFOOT, MaryScottNon-White072571927
BUCKLEY, [Infant] (W. ?)ScottNon-White181961927
BUCKNER, Alf[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White13950 [?]1925
BUIE, RobertScottWhiteX1933
BUNGI, Laura (B.)ScottNon-White013121927
BURGERS, Wes (J.)ScottNon-White116221927
BYRD, CorneliaScottColored067231914
BYRD, LuveniaScottColoredX1919
CAMERON, Henrietta Scott WhiteX1933
CAMERON, John Scott WhiteX1928
COLEMAN, AllisScottColored226981919
COLEMAN, FrancisScottColoredX1922
COLEMAN, JuliaScottColoredX1918
COLEMAN, SidneyScottColoredX1913
COLEMAN, VirginiaScottColoredX1919
CROOK, Benjamin F.ScottWhite010961921
CROOK, FannieScottColored090871924
CROOK, LouScottColored027321921
CROPPS, Johnnie K.ScottWhite168501914
CROPPS, Oscar J.ScottWhite168511914
CROSBY, Annie MayScottColored125531917
CROSS, MariahScottColored263701915
DAVIS, AnnieScottWhite233971913
DAVIS, Effie (F.)[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White05528 [?]1925
DAVIS, Ellis[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White217401925
DAVIS, John (J.)[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White24287 [?]1925
DAVIS, LizzieScottNon-White05531 [?]1925
DAVIS, RosaScottNon-White09648 [?]1925
DEES, BenScottColored173231921
DEES, Willie P.ScottColored208421917
DURR, ArthurScottWhiteX1929
DURR, HoraceScottWhiteX1920
DURR, Martha A.ScottWhiteX1920
DURR, Robert H.ScottWhite237901920
EARNEST, Rosevelt (J.)ScottNon-White061411925
EASTERLING, Emma[Scott or Sunflower]White183471925
EASTERLING, Francis[Scott or Sunflower]White17431 [?]1925
EASTERLING, James [R. ?]ScottWhite18009 [?]1925
EASTERLING, Mary[Scott or Yazoo]White19945 [?]1925
EDWARDS, Judy[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White139421925
ELDRIDGE, Luther (G.)[Scott or Yazoo]White100701925
ELLIS, Delina (J.)[Alcorn or Scott]Non-White01855 [?]1925
ELLIS, Henderson[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White119251925
ERNE [?], James L.ScottWhite076711925
FEARS, Phil[Scott ?]Non-White22370 [?]1925
FINLEY, Ruby (B.)[Scott ?]White11357 [?]1925
FISHER, Clyde[Leflore or Scott]Non-White24628 [?]1925
FLANAGAN, William D.ScottNon-White154561928
FOUNTAIN, Sarah A.ScottWhite191211921
FOWLER, Louise (T.)[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White19919 [?]1925
FULLER, [Stillborn] (O.)[Scott ?]Non-White19568 [?]1925
FULLER, [Stillborn] (O.)[Scott ?]Non-White22066 [?]1925
FUTCH [?], Nancy[Leflore or Scott]White23446 [?]1925
GOODWIN, IreneScottColoredX1924
GOODWIN, Pete J.ScottWhiteX1913
HARPER, MarthaScottWhite025601919
HERRING, Lou EleanorScottUNKNOWN107601942
HERRING, Thomas G.ScottUNKNOWN121471931
HUNT, MaryScottWhite [?]013421914
JENNINGS, Sarah L.[Scott or Yazoo]White03607 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Florence[Leflore or Scott]Non-White05529 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Leandra (R. ?)[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White01659 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Martha A.ScottWhite11552 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Mennie[Leflore or Scott]Non-White21899 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Miller[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White01658 [?]1925
JOHNSON, [Stillborn] (W.)[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White119071925
KEETON, Will[Scott or Sunflower]White03186 [?]1925
KELLY, BettieScottWhite19574 [?]1925
KER, Braxton (J.)ScottWhite09649 [?]1925
KERR [?], Francis (G.)[Scott or Yazoo]White05997 [?]1925
LAY [?], Lou [G. ?][Scott ?]White24453 [?]1925
LEE, Deva[Scott or Yazoo]Non-White21736 [?]1925
LEE, LesterScott [?]Non-White13574 [?]1925