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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABRIGHT, Phillips H.[Lamar or Pike]White234431926
ADDESON, Emeline R. (J.)[Lamar or Pike]Non-White117111926
ALEXANDER, Alma (J.)[Lamar or Pike]Non-White011321926
ALEXANDER, Ann V.[Lamar or Pike]White11686 [?]1926
ALEXANDER, Arthur L. (G. ?)[Lamar or Pike]White13630 [?]1926
ALFORD, Ellis[Lamar or Pike]Non-White18008 [?]1925
ALFORD, Hattie M. (D. ?)[Lamar or Pike]White05521 [?]1926
ALFORD, Rebecca[Lamar or Pike]Non-White134971925
ALLEN, Elizabeth H.[Lamar or Pike]White149101926
ALLEN, Newton J.[Lamar or Pike]White17368 [?]1925
ALLEN, [Stillborn] (F.)[Lamar or Pike]Non-White08397 [?]1925
ALLEN, [Unnamed] (F.)[Lamar or Pike]Non-White207301926
ANDERSON, Claudia [M. ?][Lamar or Pike]White11481 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Jim[Lamar or Pike]Non-White05429 [?]1925
ANDERSON, John H. (J.)[Lamar or Pike]Non-White173741925
ANDERSON, Patsy[Lamar or Pike]Non-White25469 [?]1926
ANDING, [Stillborn] (Ortis)PikeColoredX1913
ANDREWS, F. C. Mrs.[Lamar or Pike]White11488 [?]1925
ANDREWS, George W.[Lamar or Pike]White03118 [?]1925
ANDREWS, George W. Mrs.[Pike ?]UNKNOWN034221936
ANDREWS, Julius (W.)[Lamar or Pike]Non-White07855 [?]1926
ANDREWS, William P.[Lamar or Pike]White031141926
ANDREWS, [Stillborn] (W.)[Lamar or Pike]Non-White09587 [?]1925
ANDREWS [?], Aminca [?] [O. ?][Lamar or Pike]White09193 [?]1925
ARMSTRONG, Frank (P.)[Lamar or Pike]White11500 [?]1925
ASHLEY, Cora[Lamar or Pike]Non-White114901925
ASHLEY, Lizzie[Pike ?]Non-White09586 [?]1925
ATERBERY, Joe[Lamar or Pike]Non-White21782 [?]1925
AUNOFF [?], John[Lamar or Pike]White213721925
AUSTIN, Ada[Lamar or Pike]Non-White099461926
AUSTIN, Francis[Lamar or Pike]Non-White05433 [?]1925
AUZE [?], Willie [G. ?][Lamar or Pike]White011201926
AVERY, Bin (D.)[Lamar or Pike]White10355 [?]1925
AVORA [?], Birttie [?][Lamar or Pike]White162171926
BABEANA [?], Thomas [M. ?] (T.)[Lamar or Pike]White15561 [?]1925
BAILEY, Vergil[Lamar or Pike]White21354 [?]1925
BAKER, Lula[Lamar or Pike]Non-White213621925
BALDER [?], Mathis J.[Lamar or Pike]White07594 [?]1925
BALL, Nannie[Lamar or Pike]White17359 [?]1925
BALLARD, Charlie (G.)[Lamar or Pike]Non-White21781 [?]1925
BARLIN, [Stillborn] (Wm.)PikeWhite168661922
BARLOW, Louis H. (E. C.)PikeWhite274001929
BARLOW, W. T.PikeWhite108681941
BARLOW, W. T.PikeWhite111891942
BATES, Geneva[Lamar or Pike]Non-White13488 [?]1925
BATES, George (E. ?)[Lamar or Pike]Non-White09591 [?]1925
BATES, Marshall P.[Pike or Sunflower]White01156 [?]1925
BREEWER, WilliamPikeWhite115291927
BREWER, A. A.PikeWhite349911927
BREWER, Willard A. (P.)PikeWhite250141927
BREWER, William J. (J.)PikeWhite223861927
BRIDGES, Robert F. (R. S.)PikeWhite031531927
BROOKS, Maggie (W. ?)PikeNon-White012331927
BROOKS, [Infant] (L.)PikeNon-White181131927
BROWN, Ella (G.)PikeNon-White223751927
BROWN, [Infant] (C.)PikeNon-White093661927
BRUMFIELD, Henry H.PikeWhite216501936
BRUMFIELD, JohnPikeNon-White181341927
BRUMFIELD, Marcus M.Pike White216521936
BRUMFIELD, Milton (M.)PikeNon-White224051927
BRWON, Charles (S.)PikeNon-White052051927
BUCKLEY, GeorgePikeNon-White012471927
BUCKLEY, Lizzie (A.)PikeNon-White232951927
BUIE, JohnPikeWhiteX1930
BUIE, MaryPikeWhiteX1932
BUIE, SamuelPikeNon-WhiteX1930
BUIN, L. G. Mrs. (G. W.)PikeWhite159601927
BULLOCK, Bertha[Lamar or Pike]Non-White011671925
BURCHS, Mary A. (J. G.)PikeWhite138951927
BURNAMAN, Bonnie R. (E. E.)PikeWhite071671927
BURTON, Louise (J. H.)PikeNon-White159621927
BUSTER, Amanda[Lamar or Pike]Non-White01163 [?]1925
BUTLER, Amanda[Lamar or Pike]Non-White19518 [?]1925
BUTLER, Mary[Lamar or Pike]Non-White16180 [?]1925
BUTLER, William D.[Lamar or Pike]White09570 [?]1925
BYRD, EstellPikeColored096391913
BYRD, EvalinePikeColored036301917
BYRD, HenryPikeColoredX1916
BYRD, [Stillborn] (B.)PikeColoredX1914
BYRD, [Stillborn] (G. D.)PikeWhiteX1916
CAGLE, SusanPikeUNKNOWN086211922
CAMERON, Lillie Pike Non-White X 1929
COLEMAN, Augusta L.PikeWhite183941915
COLEMAN, DeliaPikeColoredX1924
COLEMAN, Georgia[Lamar or Pike]Non-White03117 [?]1926
COLEMAN, HollisPikeColoredX1919
COLEMAN, MariahPikeColoredX1919
COLEMAN, RobertPikeColoredX1915
COLEMAN, William A.PikeWhiteX1918
COLLINS, Mittie D.[Lamar or Pike]White16225 [?]1926
COLMAN, Mary[Lamar or Pike]Non-White10112 [?]1926
CONEY, John C.PikeColored037621924
COUMBE, William T.PikeWhite190621921
CROSLEY, ChristeenPikeColored089801916
CROSLEY, WardellPikeColored010501921
CROSSBY, HenryPikeColored130221919
CROSSBY, MargarePikeColored016571922
CROSSLEY, BadgiePikeUNKNOWN111501913