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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
AINSWORTH, Cliff N.[Lafayette or Perry]White21349 [?]1925
ALBRITTON, Milton [C. ?][Lafayette or Perry]White24510 [?]1925
ALEXANDER, Sam [?] (R. ?)[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White23448 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Albert[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White13483 [?]1925
ANDERSON, [Unnamed] (N.)[Lafayette or Perry]White194991925
ANDERSON, [Unnamed] (N.)[Lafayette or Perry]White19500 [?]1925
BARLOW, BryantPerryWhite063471922
BEAVERS, Toby [T. ?] (D.)[Bolivar or Perry]White14616 [?]1925
BENEFIELD, Robert B.[Perry ?]White [?]X1931
BENN, Annie M. (G.)[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White173521925
BOLTON, Cora[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White03098 [?]1925
BOLTON, John A.[Panola or Perry]Non-White21347 [?]1925
BOLTON, Maggie[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White237721925
BOULTON, Dan[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White07589 [?]1925
BRELAND, Mary I.PerryWhite183871915
BROWN, J. H. (A. G.)PerryWhite093461927
BUCKHANAN, James[Perry ?]White [?]X1914
BUCKLER, Alice (S.)PerryNon-White167971927
BURNETTE, Joe E.PerryWhite186671919
BUTLER, Mathew[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White11960 [?]1925
BYRD, PrestonPerryWhiteX1913
BYRD, CarolinePerryWhite023621919
BYRD, Cora MaePerryWhite138731915
BYRD, FrankPerryColored055831920
BYRD, JenniePerryWhiteX1918
BYRD, MaryPerryWhiteX1918
BYRD, Ople D. (J. M.)PerryWhite115231927
COLEMAN, Alice[Perry ?]Non-White [?]X1931
CROOK, DavePerryColored311881918
CROOK, OraPerryColored038891923
CROOK, Willie M.PerryWhite109611924
DAVIS, Esta L.[Lafayette or Perry]White170041925
DUBOSE, Elizabeth[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White19120 [?]1925
EDWARDS, Dave[Lafayette or Perry]White213461925
EDWARDS, David[Lafayette or Perry]White247961925
FARRIS, Catherine[Lafayette or Perry]White14176 [?]1925
FAULKNER, Will[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White20275 [?]1925
FLEMMING, Gennor[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White17012 [?]1925
FONDREN, Jasper (L.)[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White04918 [?]1925
GOODWIN, [Unnamed] (W.)PerryWhiteX1921
HINTON, AgnesPerryWhite214141940
HINTON, B. R. Mrs.PerryWhite227681940
JENKINS, [Stillborn] (J.)[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White20278 [?]1925
JOHNSON, EugenePerryColored116511922
KIMMONS, Martha F.[Lafayette or Perry]White09186 [?]1925
KING, Ela F.[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White20006 [?]1925
KITCHENS, [Unnamed] (C.)[Lafayette or Perry]White24435 [?]1925
LEE, [Stillborn] (T.)[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White141401925
LIVINGSTON, Joe Mrs.[Lafayette or Perry]White17005 [?]1925
LOCKE, Ada[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White20987 [?]1925
LOVELACE, Grace[Lafayette or Perry]White237701925
LOVELADY, [Stillborn] (C. ?)[Lafayette or Perry]White10316 [?]1925
MASON, Arberzene (G.)PerryWhite087721932
MCINNIS, L. C.[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White202771925
MCSWAIN, Clara M. (S.)[Perry ?]Non-White21348 [?]1925
MYERS, Lilly[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White13475 [?]1925
MYRICK, [Unnamed] (Z.)[Lafayette or Perry]White24793 [?]1925
ODOM, Margaret A.PerryWhite116531922
ODOM, MikePerryWhite154771914
PORTER, M. E. Mrs.[Lafayette or Perry]White15152 [?]1925
RALLS, TomiePerryColored129861924
RIVETT, Gemina[Perry ?]White235601930
SAPP, J. A.PerryWhite222311919
SAPP, Jackson P.PerryWhite096811916
SAPP, Jake L.PerryWhite172771920
SAPP, Laura A.PerryWhite026341922
SUMLAN, HattiePerryWhite148091919
VANOR, Samuel C. (W.)[Lafayette or Perry]White20992 [?]1925
WALDRIP, Clara[Lafayette or Perry]White191091925
WASHINGTON, [Stillborn] (D.)[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White12342 [?]1925
WEBB, John H. Jr. (J.)[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White11130 [?]1925
WHITE, [Stillborn] (J.)[Lafayette or Perry]White14741 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, Clyde[Lafayette or Perry]White02658 [?]1925
WOODS, [Stillborn] (L.)[Lafayette or Perry]Non-White13136 [?]1925