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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ALAX, Hendrix (G.)[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White26165 [?]1926
ALEX, George[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White264431926
ALLEN, Johnie D.[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White212531926
ALLGOOD, Ethelyn (A.)[Jackson or Neshoba]White21261 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Mary[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White103471925
ARTHUR, Basil K.NeshobaWhite [?]011911937
BALLENGER, D. A. Mrs.[Jackson or Neshoba]White02980 [?]1925
BARBER, GradyNeshobaWhite [?]080261940
BARNETT, Amanda A.NeshobaUNKNOWNX1920
BASSETT, Zelma J.[Neshoba ?]White [?]107531935
BATES, John[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White23649 [?]1925
BATTS, Virginia[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White15479 [?]1925
BECKHAM, Lena[Jackson or Neshoba]White23640 [?]1925
BECKMAN [or BECKAM], [Unnamed] (E.)[Jackson or Neshoba]White029721925
BELL, Lena M.NeshobaUNKNOWN223061938
BLYTHE, Mary[Jackson or Neshoba]White11387 [?]1925
BOLTON, [Stillborn] (D.)[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White03890 [?]1925
BOZEMAN, Emma[Jackson or Neshoba]White02983 [?]1925
BRADSHAW, Mary E.NeshobaWhite [?]171041941
BRANTLEY, [Infant] (L.)Neshoba [?]Non-White25858 [?]1927
BRASWELL, SamanthaNeshobaWhite [?]108381939
BREEDLOVE, [Infant]NeshobaWhite030411927
BREOSEALE, Marceme (J. A.)NeshobaWhite101121927
BRIDGES, Sarah C. (J. T.)NeshobaWhite050881927
BROWN, B. A. (E. E.)NeshobaWhite222731927
BROWN, W. T.NeshobaWhite158501927
BROWN, W. T. (B.)NeshobaWhite167741927
BURKS, Sedie (E.)NeshobaWhite180071927
BURKS, [Infant] (E.)NeshobaWhite158471927
BURNS, A. M. (W.)NeshobaWhite158441927
BURRAGE, William H. (U.)NeshobaWhite146411927
BURROUGHS, JutsonNeshobaUNKNOWN185451929
BURROUGHS, LucretiaNeshobaUNKNOWN072471915
BURT, [Infant] (E. L.)NeshobaWhite011261927
BURT, [Infant] (E. L.)NeshobaWhite011271927
BURTON, Clinton E. (A.)NeshobaWhite137581927
BURTON, Mary J. (J.)NeshobaWhite232491927
BYRD, J. R.NeshobaWhiteX1936
BYRD, MaryNeshobaColoredX1921
CARTER, RomeoNeshobaNon-White [?]010461943
CHAMPION, Clinton C.NeshobaWhite [?]209961939
CLARK, John T.NeshobaWhite104861926
CLEMENT, Charles E. (O. ?)[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White03146 [?]1926
CLEMONS, Tobe [?][Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White05390 [?]1926
COLEMAN, Dan[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White05056 [?]1926
COLLINS, Sarah A. Mrs.[Newton or Neshoba]UNKNOWNX1937
COMANS, [Infant female]NeshobaWhite [?]087001932
COPELAND, MaryNeshobaWhiteX1923
COTTENHEAD, [Stillborn] (J.)NeshobaColored235021916
COUGHRAM, BathNeshobaWhite322281918
COVINGTON, ElizabethNeshobaWhite183361923
COX, [Infant male]NeshobaWhite [?]211721920
CROSBY, Chester C.NeshobaWhite235841920
CROSSLEY, Ernal J.NeshobaWhite049721919
CUMBERLAND, Albert A.Neshoba[White ?]X1914
CUMBERLAND, Debbie A.Neshoba[White ?]X1935
CUMBERLAND, Mary H.[Hinds or Neshoba][White ?]X1926
CUMBERLAND, Oda A.[Neshoba ?][White ?]X1914
DAVIS, Dora[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White14328 [?]1925
DAVIS, Fanny[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White13054 [?]1925
DAVIS, John[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White11062 [?]1925
DAVIS, Sadie M. (A.)[Jackson or Neshoba]White23642 [?]1925
DEES, Alex[Jackson or Neshoba]White123211925
DEES, AnnaNeshobaWhite169241926
DEES, [Unnamed] (D. A.)NeshobaWhite011501923
DUNN, Docia L.NeshobaUNKNOWN193571929
DUNN, DorothyNeshobaWhite [?]109741913
DUNN, Grace L.NeshobaWhite [?]183371923
EARNEST, Jessie[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White163441925
EARNEST, [Infant male]NeshobaColored [?]084301918
EDWANS [?], William[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White05286 [?]1925
EDWARDS, William[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White05286 [?]1925
FARISH, James H.[Jackson or Neshoba]White12091 [?]1925
FILLMAN, G. [N. ?][Jackson or Neshoba]White07068 [?]1925
FLURRY [?], John M.[Jackson or Neshoba]White04796 [?]1925
FOTER, [Infant] (R.)NeshobaNon-White031521931
FRIPLETT, Nan[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White194141925
FRYE, Thomas J.[Jackson or Neshoba]White12255 [?]1925
FULTON, [Stillborn] (W.)[Jackson or Neshoba]White22337 [?]1925
GOSS, [Infant male]NeshobaWhite [?]030371923
GREEN, Lee N.NeshobaUNKNOWN033181912
GREEN, Vinyard B.NeshobaWhite [?]X1918
GRIFFIN, James J.NeshobaWhite107311941
HARDY, Mary E.NeshobaUNKNOWNX1913
HIETT, W. T.NeshobaWhite [?]195691936
HOLIWAY, [Infant female]NeshobaWhite [?]072481915
INGRAM, Martha A.NeshobaUNKNOWNX1913
JOHNSON, HettieNeshobaNon-WhiteX1941
KELLEY, Zadie (A.)[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White23641 [?]1925
KIDD, Phiney[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White163461925
KING, Purity[Jackson or Neshoba]White16185 [?]1925
KIRKLAND, Hancy [?] D.[Jackson or Neshoba]White16186 [?]1925
KLATT, Mary[Jackson or Neshoba]White00660 [?]1925
KNIGHT, J. K.NeshobaWhite135501919
KNIGHT, Joseph J.NeshobaWhite128581937
KNIGHT, William J.NeshobaWhite149191934