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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABNEY [?], Nora L.[Madison or Marion]White02852 [?]1925
ABRAM, Acellia [?] (G.)MarionNon-White11334 [?]1926
ABRAM, LolerMarionNon-White07399 [?]1925
ABRAM, LutherMarionNon-White146201926
ABRAM, [Stillborn] (J.)MarionNon-White18291 [?]1925
ABRAN [?], [Stillborn] (J.)MarionNon-White113341925
ADAMS, [Stillborn] (D.)[Leake or Marion]Non-White009631925
AIKINS, LucindaMarionNon-White073971925
ALBRITON, Mary (M.)Marion [?]White009741927
ALEXANDER, FrankMarionNon-White148741926
ALFORD, HenryMarionNon-White261201926
ALLEN, D. H.[Marion ?]White057881926
AMOS, Mitee [?] D. (J.)MarionNon-White01782 [?]1926
ANTHONY, MattieMarionNon-White18290 [?]1925
ARMSTRONG, Lee [?] A.[Marion or Monroe]White09441 [?]1925
BADON, Frances L. (M. ?)MarionWhite177761925
BAKER, Mary W.[Marion ?]White133701925
BALDWIN, Joseph W.[Marion or Monroe]White24440 [?]1925
BARLOW, John W.MarionWhite30840 [or 30240]1918
BARLOW, TimMarionWhite220281916
BASS, SamMarionNon-White133061925
BASS, Tera [?] F.MarionWhite113301925
BATES, Mary[Marion ?]Non-White172111925
BATSON, FreddieMarionWhite11328 [?]1925
BEAUCHAMP, [Unnamed] (I.)MarionWhite063321925
BECKEN [?], Preston (E.)[Leake or Marion]White131981925
BELL, William (A.)[Lowndes or Marion]Non-White14487 [?]1925
BELTON, [Stillborn] (R. ?)[Marion ?]Non-White07407 [?]1925
BERNARD, Mary LucyMarionWhiteX1932
BERRY [?], Peggie[Marion or Monroe]Non-White21824 [?]1925
BLACKWELL, Elma (A.)MarionWhite24781 [?]1925
BLOUSETT, Jessie J. (J.)MarionWhite133161925
BREWER, Roland W. (J.)MarionWhite091411927
BROOME, Hulda E. (M.)MarionWhite050201927
BROOME, [Infant] (N. F.)MarionWhite018981927
BROWN, [Infant] (D. W.)MarionWhite179421927
BRUMFIELD, Mary J.MarionWhite137991938
BUCKLEY, Lula M.MarionWhite05201 [?]1925
BUIE, LucyMarionWhite050071916
BULLOCK, Sam H. (W.)MarionWhite10200 [?]1925
BURDON, Ford (D.)MarionNon-White029681927
BURKETT, James (C. M.)MarionWhite029621927
BUTLER, JasperMarionNon-White02905 [?]1925
BUTLER, Lee (I.)MarionNon-White091281927
BUTLER, PhilisMarionNon-White172101925
BYRD, GeorgeMarionWhite171081920
BYRD, J. P.MarionWhiteX1918
BYRD, [Stillborn] (Laura)MarionColoredX1922
CAMERON, Mary Marion WhiteX1933
CAMERON, Samuel C. Marion WhiteX1923
CLAY, Hellan[Marion ?]White [?]X1930
CLOWER, Selena F.MarionWhite030611937
COLEMAN, EmmaMarionColoredX1917
COLEMAN, MollyMarionColoredX1914
CROOK, AdaMarionColored097631921
DAVIS, L. T. (C.)[Marion or Stone]White21462 [?]1925
DAVISON, Mary J.MarionWhite15411 [?]1925
DEESE, Mary S.MarionWhite136941927
EAST, [Unnamed] (W.)MarionWhite160401926
EASTER, Perry C. (J.)[Marion or Monroe]White113701925
ELEC, [Stillborn] (D.)MarionWhite00948 [?]1925
ELLIOTT, Willie M. (M.)[Marion ?]Non-White200761925
ELZEY, JimMarionNon-White073941925
EVANS, Alexand L.MarionWhite107091928
FOSTER, J. [E. ?]MarionNon-White21174 [?]1925
FOUNTIN, JohnMarionNon-White193311925
FOXWORTH, S. J.MarionWhite23556 [?]1925
FRANKLIN, Lucius F.MarionUNKNOWN068701931
GOODWIN, Luther [N. ?]MarionWhite076471926
HERREN, Lula M.MarionWhite130101918
HERREN, WalterMarionWhite302441918
HERRING, Exa E.MarionWhite095961922
HERRING, WillieMarionWhite211011920
HEUCK, Charlie F.MarionUNKNOWN089941930
HILL, ClaudeMarionUNKNOWNX1936
JENNINGS, Henry [B. ?]MarionWhite05190 [?]1925
JOHNSON, ElizabethMarionWhite176961943
JOHNSON, Estella[Leake or Marion]Non-White17207 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Margrett[Marion ?]Non-White172011925
JOHNSON, Mary A. (A.)MarionWhite05189 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Rachal[Leake or Marion]Non-White22311 [?]1925
JOHNSON, [Stillborn] (G.)[Marion ?]Non-White172021925
JORDEN, Etne [?] [C. ?]MarionNon-White05190 [?]1925
JOURN [?], SarahMarionNon-White05330 [?]1926
KING, Willie [R. ?] (R. ?)[Leake or Marion]White09415 [?]1925
KIRKPATRICK, Janie L.[Marion or Monroe]White21241 [?]1925
KIRKPATRICK, Jennie L.[Marion or Monroe]White22323 [?]1925
KYZAR, William F.MarionWhite227851926
KYZAR, [Stillborn] (O.)MarionWhite00957 [?]1925
LEE, Aletha[Marion ?]White03686 [?]1925
LEE, Mattie (L.)MarionNon-White03879 [?]1925
LEE, Ruby (F.)MarionWhite094121925
LEWIS, AliceMarionColored033621917
LEWIS, Johnie [H. ?]MarionNon-White05196 [?]1925
LOWE, Laura (A.)MarionWhite23552 [?]1925
MARK, HanahMarionNon-White029071925
MARSHALL, CarrieMarionColoredX1919
MARSHALL, RubieMarionColoredX1914
MARTIN, John Jr. (J.)[Marion ?]Non-White21173 [?]1925
MASON, Batte MarionNon-White117321943