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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABERNATHY, Edward V.LeeWhite13913 [?]1926
ABNEY, William H.LeeWhite069711915
ADAMS, A. [G. ?]LeeWhite [?]17078 [?]1925
ADAMS, AnnieLeeWhite016631919
ADAMS, Bertice (P.)[Lee or Rankin]Non-White17425 [?]1925
ADAMS, ElmiraLeeWhite057251915
ADAMS, J. W.LeeWhite219811920
AGNER, William Jr. (W.)LeeNon-White112161925
AGNEW, Lillian R. (C.)LeeNon-White00826 [?]1926
AGNEW, Roger (T.)LeeNon-White008461925
AGNEW, TildiaLeeNon-White02802 [?]1926
AGNEW, ZacariaLeeNon-White05168 [?]1926
AGNEW, [Stillborn] (E. ?)LeeNon-White09292 [?]1925
ALEXANDER, Rush (J.)LeeWhite135261926
ALLBED [?], Sudie [?]LeeWhite063081925
ALLEN, Julia (W.)LeeNon-White00845 [?]1925
ALLEN, OliviaLeeNon-White008431925
ALLEN, [Stillborn] (D. ?)LeeNon-White063101925
ALLSUP, LizzieLeeWhite06418 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Albert [C. ?] (A. ?)LeeWhite19211 [?]1925
ANDERSON, [Stillborn] (B.)LeeWhite226531926
ANDREWS, Ernest (H. ?)LeeNon-White07520 [?]1926
ANDREWS, Lula M. (H.)LeeNon-White00839 [?]1925
ANGLE, AlliceLeeWhite13010 [?]1926
ANGLIN, [Stillborn] (J.)LeeWhite027491925
ANTHONY, Emmaline J.LeeWhite012091928
ARMSTRONG, Alice E.LeeNon-White11220 [?]1925
ASHBURN, Joe O. (I.)[Lee or Rankin]White24806 [?]1925
ATKINS, PearlLeeWhite075341926
BAGGETT, John (H.)LeeWhite210731925
BAKER, ErnestLeeWhite18854 [?]1920
BAUGHMAN, Gladys I. (F.)LeeWhite140441925
BEAN, [Stillborn] (C.)LeeWhite19210 [?]1925
BECK, VickLeeNon-White072921925
BEEDING [?], Raywon [?]LeeWhite11224 [?]1925
BELL, ElizabethLeeWhite119721925
BELL, [Stillborn] (W.)LeeWhite07281 [?]1925
BETTS, EvelineLeeNon-White13206 [?]1925
BICKERSTAFF, EddLeeWhite05038 [?]1925
BIGAM [?], Kathleen (G.)LeeNon-White09281 [?]1925
BOBO [?], Rebecca A.LeeWhite06306 [?]1925
BOOKER, JudgeLeeNon-White19213 [?]1925
BOOTH, Curtis E.LeeWhite19217 [?]1925
BOOTH, [Unnamed] (C. ?)LeeWhite234101925
BREWER, Malinda (E. B.)LeeNon-White246231927
BRODEN, Andrew P. (J. H.)LeeWhite068451927
BROWN, Jimmie L. (R.)LeeNon-White246381927
BROWN, Susie (S. B.)LeeNon-White058431927
BROWN, [Infant]LeeNon-White068291927 [?]
BURDEN, Elzena (F.)LeeNon-White048561927
BURDINE, Lacie F. (F. T.)LeeNon-White077251927
BURGS, Caluin (H.)LeeNon-White048531927
BURTON, Hazel M. (S.)LeeNon-White090101927
BUTLER, CarolineLeeWhite211001930
BUTLER, [Infant] (E. W.)LeeWhite220831927
BYRD, OliveLeeWhiteX1921
CALEMISE, Raichel B.LeeColored028951913
CAMERON, Savavah Lee Non-White X 1929
CASON, Rubel A. (S. B.)LeeWhite162681929
CLEMENTS, Lily C. (L.)LeeWhite15924 [?]1926
COLEMAN, AustinLeeColored026391920
COLEMAN, JohneyLeeWhiteX1916
COLEMAN, Lula BellLeeWhiteX1918
COLEMAN, MaryLeeColoredX1921
COLEMAN, PearceLeeColoredX1923
COPELAND, Julia N.LeeColoredX1917
COPELAND, Rosa A.LeeColoredX1924
CULVER, GuyLeeWhiteX1940
CULVER, Sylar M.LeeWhiteX1919
CURRY, JoelLeeNon-White026061934
CURRY, SavannahLeeColored29514 [?]1914
DAVIS, HenryLeeNon-White210681925
DAVIS, William (D.)LeeWhite05036 [?]1925
DAVIS, Winnie M. (D. ?)[Lee or Lincoln]White234071925
DEESE, MarvinLeeWhite135301926
DIXON, James M.LeeWhite047441919
DUKE, [Unnamed] (L.)LeeWhite21758 [?]1925
EADS, EddieLeeNon-White00813 [?]1926
EARLY, Orville (W.)LeeWhite161311925
EASLEY, LauraLeeNon-White13920 [?]1926
EASLEY, WillLeeNon-White02265 [?]1926
EASTERLING, Mary A. (S.)LeeWhite114411926
EDGE, W. A.LeeWhite039141926
EDWARDS, Callie[Lee or Lowndes]Non-White211491925
ELDEN [?], J. G.LeeNon-White17097 [?]1925
EMMON [?], [Stillborn] (E. ?)LeeWhite072861925
ESTES, JaneLeeNon-White13365 [?]1925
FALKNER, Uscoe (F.)LeeWhite13206 [?]1925
FAY, DutchLeeNon-White192121925
FIELDS, NapoleonLeeNon-White15279 [?]1925
FLANAGIN, ArkansasLeeWhite09289 [?]1925
FONTAINE, Mattie M. (M.)LeeNon-White226391926
FOUNTAIN, ElizabethLeeWhite179381924
FOWLER, [Unnamed] (F.)LeeWhite171061925
FOWLER, [Unnamed] (F.)LeeWhite171051925
FOX, NannieLeeWhite244001925
FURR [?], J. M.LeeWhite09277 [?]1925
GOODWIN, [Unnamed] (R.)LeeWhiteX1920
GOODWIN, [Unnamed] (R.)LeeWhiteX1920