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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
FLYNT, Jason H.[Leake or Monroe]White13354 [?]1925
FORBES, Nellie W.LeakeWhite07405 [?]1925
FOULKES, Edna L. (O.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White09466 [?]1925
FOULKES, [Stillborn] (E.)[Leake or Monroe]White16342 [?]1925
FRY, [Stillborn] (B.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White22327 [?]1925
FULTON, James G.LeakeWhite09262 [?]1925
GAMMILL, [M...][Leake ?]White20555 [?]1928
GILL, [Unnamed]LeakeNon-White142281937
HORN, JohnLeakeWhite [?]216991923
JAMERSON, [Stillborn] (A.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White01025 [?]1925
JARREN [?], CalvinLeakeNon-White228121926
JARREN [?], CalvinLeakeNon-White239611926
JOHNSON, Addie L. (E.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White22058 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Estella[Leake or Marion]Non-White17207 [?]1925
JOHNSON, JaneLeakeWhite258011917
JOHNSON, Rachal[Leake or Marion]Non-White22311 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Wesley[Leake ?]Non-White15263 [?]1925
JOHNSON, [Stillborn] (D.)[Leake or Quitman]Non-White174111925
JONES, Therman (A.)[Leake ?]White15271 [?]1925
JONES, Thurma (A.)LeakeWhite15266 [?]1925
JONES, Tom[Leake or Quitman]Non-White03921 [?]1925
JONES, Wyatt[Leake or Monroe]Non-White23617 [?]1925
JONES, [Stillborn] (W.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White24536 [?]1925
KALE, James L.[Leake or Monroe]White074461925
KEENUM [?], J. T.[Leake or Monroe]White07452 [?]1925
KELLY, [Unnamed] (S. ?)LeakeNon-White03830 [?]1926
KENNEDY, [Unnamed] (F.)[Leake or Monroe]White23605 [?]1925
KEY, Dorthy C.LeakeWhite017331926
KIMBROUGH, Vivian (W.)[Leake or Monroe]White010181925
KINARD, N. [?] [M. ?][Leake or Quitman]White03927 [?]1925
KING, Issac (S.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White07454 [?]1925
KING, Willie [R. ?] (R. ?)[Leake or Marion]White09415 [?]1925
KIRKPATRICK, Christine (B. ?)[Leake or Monroe]White03691 [?]1925
KYLE, Charlie[Leake or Monroe]Non-White009751926
LEE, John L.[Leake or Monroe]White07451 [?]1925
LEE, Rachel[Leake or Monroe]Non-White09450 [?]1925
LEE, [Stillborn] (E.)[Leake]White13997 [?]1925
LEWIS, AlmaLeakeColored027041915
LEWIS, Amdrew[Leake or Quitman]Non-White24481 [?]1925
LOVE, Clarence Jr. (C.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White113721925
MARCHANT, [Stillborn] (E.)LeakeNon-White02745 [?]1925
MARTIN, Levi S. (W.)LeakeNon-White05014 [?]1925
MCANALLY, Stanley (C.)LeakeWhite13343 [?]1925
MCCLENDEN, Mack[Leake or Monroe]Non-White11581 [?]1925
MCMILLAN, Alma[Leake or Monroe]Non-White09440 [?]1925
MCMILLAN, [Stillborn] (H.)[Leake ?]Non-White13360 [?]1925
MCNAIRY, [Stillborn] (A.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White14378 [?]1925
MCNEECE, Henry[Leake or Marion]White02950 [?]1925
MICKENS [?], Jessie[Leake ?]Non-White194001925
MINSHEW, Joseph Samuel[Leake ?]WhiteX1929
MOORE, Willia T.[Leake ?]White14353 [?]1925
MOORE, William J.[Leake or Monroe]White23597 [?]1925
MORGAN, Ruby (F.)LeakeNon-White24513 [?]1925
MORGAN, [Stillborn] (W.)LeakeNon-White11210 [?]1925
MORGAN, [Unnamed] (J.)LeakeNon-White11212 [?]1925
MORLAND, A. A.LeakeWhite112111925
MORRIS, Daniel P.LeakeWhite23398 [?]1925
MORRIS, Joseph[Leake or Quitman]Non-White17841 [?]1925
MURFF, Howard L. (H.)[Leake or Monroe]White074441925
MURRELL, [Stillborn] (E. ?)LeakeNon-White11206 [?]1925
MYERS, [Unnamed] (W.)[Leake ?]White22945 [?]1925
NASH, Emley[Leake or Monroe]White11384 [?]1925
NASH, George Jr. (L. ?)LeakeNon-White11947 [?]1925
NASH, George W.LeakeNon-White03842 [?]1925
PARHAM, Ila[Leake or Monroe]White05246 [?]1925
PORTER, Lewis (S.)[Leake or Quitman]Non-White03150 [?]1925
PORTER, Louis (S.)[Leake ?]Non-White03932 [?]1925
PURNELL, Hart[Leake or Monroe]Non-White21239 [?]1925
QUINN, Marry H. (R.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White01013 [?]1925
RAY, Leon (C.)[Leake or Monroe]White23611 [?]1925
TERRELL, N. L. Mrs.LeakeWhite25272 [?]1926
THRASHER, LeckLeakeWhite02745 [?]1925
THREAT, Lewis (W.)LeakeWhite05407 [?]1926
TRAYLOR, Nancy L.[Leake or Monroe]White17254 [?]1925
TREADWELL, Roxie A.LeakeWhite027771926
TURMAN, Mattie[Leake or Monroe]White01004 [?]1925
TURNAGE, Joseph M.LeakeWhite23394 [?]1925
TURNER, I. G. Mrs.[Leake or Monroe]White06334 [?]1925
TURNER, Rastes[Leake or Monroe]White233001926
VIVIAN, Lee [E. ?]LeakeNon-White191951925
WALKER, Ed[Leake or Quitman]Non-White07632 [?]1925
WALKER, Ed[Leake or Monroe]Non-White23581 [?]1925
WALTERS, Tommie B.[Leake or Monroe]White19394 [?]1925
WARD, Amazon[Leake or Monroe]Non-White191041926
WARD, Cas[Leake or Monroe]Non-White010021925
WARD, Charlie[Leake or Monroe]White133641925
WARD, Ella (M.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White009961926
WARD, GreenLeakeNon-White03678 [?]1925
WARD, Joe A. (M.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White07689 [?]1926
WARD, JohnLeakeNon-White05150 [?]1926
WARD, Joseph [D. ?] (J.)LeakeWhite15316 [?]1926
WARD, Viola (A.)LeakeNon-White115911926
WARD, W. [G. ?]LeakeWhite220301926
WARD, William[Leake or Montgomery]Non-White15472 [?]1925
WARE, JosephineLeakeNon-White07278 [?]1925
WARREN, FlorenceLeakeNon-White263071926
WARREN, Hattie[Leake or Monroe]Non-White02984 [?]1926
WARREN, Maggie[Leake or Monroe]Non-White23607 [?]1925
WARREN, [Unnamed] (R.)LeakeNon-White160911926
WARWICK, SusieLeakeWhite25084 [?]1926