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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADAIR, [Stillborn] (R.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White077141926
ADAMS, William R.LeakeWhite008311925
ADAMS, [Stillborn] (D.)[Leake or Marion]Non-White009631925
ADAMS, [Stillborn] (E.)LeakeWhite15277 [?]1925
ALFORD, [Stillborn] (J.)LeakeWhite226341926
ALLEN, Andrew J.LeakeWhite159001926
ALLEN, Genea A.LeakeNon-White10881 [?]1925
ALLEN, John H.[Leake or Monroe]Non-White22633 [?]1926
ALLISON, CallieLeakeWhite05365 [?]1926
ALLISON, Margrete[Leake ?]White05365 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Carl D. (C.)LeakeWhite01754 [?]1926
ARNOLD, Lillie (P.)[Leake or Lincoln]Non-White22284 [?]1925
ASHBURN, Jane[Leake or Monroe]White15463 [?]1925
ATKIN, W. J.[Leake or Monroe]White17250 [?]1925
ATKIN, Will[Leake or Monroe]White05330 [?]1926
ATKINS, William Jr. (W.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White228191926
ATKINSON, [Unnamed] (S. ?)LeakeWhite204091926
ATKINSON, [Unnamed] (S.)LeakeWhite15274 [?]1925
AUTHER [?], Odella (J.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White212421925
BAKER, JohnLeakeWhite217621925
BAKER, John T.[Leake or Monroe]White01024 [?]1925
BAKER, [Stillborn] (J.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White01024 [?]1925
BAKER, [Stillborn] (O.)[Leake or Monroe]White15468 [?]1925
BARLOW, Cora PealLeakeWhite117131924
BATTON, Frances [C. ?][Leake or Monroe]White07463 [?]1925
BAUGH, Nancy[Leake or Monroe]White029461925
BAUGH, Richard[Leake or Monroe]White029441925
BAYLOCK [?], Lue [?][Leake or Monroe]Non-White23620 [?]1925
BECKEN [?], Preston (E.)[Leake or Marion]White131981925
BEEVERS, Mattie[Leake or Quitman]White23862 [?]1925
BELCHER, Lettie L.[Leake or Quitman]Non-White15610 [?]1925
BELL, MarthaLeakeNon-White092731925
BESS, Rhodia[Leake or Monroe]White05252 [?]1925
BETTS, James[Leake or Monroe]Non-White172491925
BIGGERS, [Stillborn] (S. ?)[Leake or Monroe]White02963 [?]1925
BISHOP, Charline (O.)LeakeWhite21056 [?]1925
BLAIN [or BLAIR], [Stillborn] (H.)[Leake or Monroe]White220591925
BLAIR, Willie (W.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White113771925
BLAIR [?], Effie (J.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White09475 [?]1925
BLAIR [?], Monroe[Leake or Monroe]White15455 [?]1925
BLAIR [?], Robert[Leake or Monroe]Non-White12309 [?]1925
BLANCHARD, Elie[Leake or Monroe]Non-White16341 [?]1925
BLANCHARD, Graham[Leake or Monroe]Non-White19385 [?]1925
BLANCHARD, Patton[Leake or Monroe]Non-White17247 [?]1925
BLANCHARD, Peyton[Leake or Monroe]Non-White21642 [?]1925
BLAND, Lottie J.LeakeNon-White24537 [?]1925
BLAYLOCK [?], Louella[Leake or Monroe]Non-White23628 [?]1925
BOBO [?], [Stillborn] (P.)[Leake or Monroe]White21825 [?]1925
BODIE [?], Ida (J.)LeakeNon-White07271 [?]1925
BOONE, Essie (E. ?)LeakeNon-White112031925
BOYD, William J.LeakeWhite143161936
BOYD, [Stillborn] (F.)LeakeNon-White05010 [?]1925
BRIDGES, Richard M. (J. R.)LeakeWhite257201927
BROCK, William D.LeakeWhite068141927
BROOK, Julus M. (J.)LeakeWhite077221927
BROOKS, [Infant] (J. A.)LeakeWhite008811927
BROOKS, [Infant] (J. A.)LeakeWhite008821927
BRUNSON, [Infant] (E. B.)LeakeWhite008851927
BUCKINGHAM, Janie R. (I.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White09453 [?]1925
BUCKINGHAM, Marcella[Leake or Monroe]Non-White09452 [?]1925
BULLOCK, Grace (K. ?)[Leake or Monroe]White13362 [?]1925
BURCH, Henry C.LeakeWhite008951927
BURCH, Henry C. (M.)LeakeWhite209851927
BUTLER, Fred Jr. (J.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White09459 [?]1925
BUTLER, Thomas R.[Leake or Monroe]White143731925
BYRAM, J. B. (W.)LeakeWhite178031927
CARPENTER, MaryLeakeWhite056321932
COLEMAN, AlleckLeakeColored007721920
COLEMAN, CallieLeakeColoredX1915
COLEMAN, HannahLeakeColoredX1920
COLEMAN, MollieLeakeWhiteX1916
COLEMAN, RhodaLeakeColoredX1915
COLEMAN, W. L.LeakeWhiteX1920
DAVIS, Eddie [B. ?] (J.)[Leake or Quitman]Non-White09618 [?]1925
DAVIS, Malinda[Leake or Monroe]Non-White09461 [?]1925
DAVIS, Nonon (J.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White09464 [?]1925
DOUGLAS, Eli S.LeakeWhite173341928
DOUGLAS, Saleta J.LeakeWhite019011929
DYESS, Joice (D.)[Leake or Lincoln]White02814 [?]1925
EADY, Jessie[Leake or Monroe]Non-White06337 [?]1925
EALY, [Stillborn] (A.)LeakeNon-White132001925
EASTER, J. J.LeakeWhite216321926
EDENS, Brantley N.[Leake or Monroe]White077021926
EDWARD, [Unnamed] (J.)[Leake or Monroe]White23582 [?]1925
EDWARDS, J. [G. ?] (J.)LeakeWhite15270 [?]1925
EDWARDS, [Stillborn][Leake or Monroe]White23626 [?]1925
EIKNER, James M.LeakeWhite11387 [?]1926
ELEY [?], Myretha [?] (A.)LeakeNon-White072791925
ELKIN, Matilda[Leake or Monroe]Non-White029391925
ELLIOTT, [Stillborn] (A.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White08380 [?]1925
ERVING, Laura L. (W.)[Leake or Monroe]Non-White094741925
EWING, Emla [?] L.LeakeNon-White23401 [?]1925
EWING, Viola[Leake or Monroe]Non-White09474 [?]1925
FAINE [?], Eddie[Leake or Monroe]Non-White19390 [?]1925
FEARS, Ella [?][Leake or Monroe]Non-White12311 [?]1925
FISHER, John [F. ?]LeakeWhite210601925
FLETCHER, [Unnamed] (H.)LeakeWhite05017 [?]1925
FLOYD, Earnest (J.)[Leake or Monroe]White08381 [?]1925
FLOYD, Ernest (J.)[Leake or Monroe]White07453 [?]1925
FLYNT, Caroline[Leake or Monroe]Non-White02942 [?]1925