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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADAMS, Bertie (V.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White05464 [?]1925
AGNEW, Della M.LawrenceNon-White09603 [?]1926
AGNEW, Zana [?] E. (B. ?)[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White117361926
AGNEW, Zana [E. ?] (R. ?)LawrenceNon-White117391926
AKINS, Gladis (C.)LawrenceWhite117271926
ALBRIDGE, Carl D.[Lawrence or Prentiss]White076291925
ALLEN, Eliza[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White195301925
ANDERSON, Tom [C. ?]LawrenceWhite23904 [?]1926
ARCHER, Jimmie Mrs.[Lawrence or Prentiss]White031421925
ARMSTRONG, [Stillborn] (J.)[Lawrence ?]Non-White24423 [?]1925
ATKINS, Fannie[Itawamba or Lawrence]Non-White074891926
BAGGETT, Leatha (W.)[Lawrence ?]Non-White027361925
BAKLEY, George W.[Lawrence or Prentiss]White173921925
BARNES, CarrollLawrenceUNKNOWN083841920
BASSETT, Emma C.[Lawrence or Prentiss]White031401925
BETS, Levi[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White11519 [?]1925
BETTS, Cris[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White05472 [?]1925
BETTS, Mady (A.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White14394 [?]1925
BLACKWELL, GenevaLawrenceWhite092541928
BOLTON, Bobbie (C. ?)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White09606 [?]1925
BOONE, Lucile (J.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White01186 [?]1925
BOYD, Mary A.LawrenceWhite05009 [?]1925
BOYD, Mary A.LawrenceWhite063021925
BOYD, WilliamLawrenceWhite07268 [?]1925
BRAXELL, FrankLawrenceNon-White008731927
BREYENT, John D. (I.)LawrenceWhite209771927
BRFSTER [?], Miles L.LawrenceWhite028351927
BRIDGES, Ella M. (R.)LawrenceNon-White199311927
BRIDGES, Isaac (A.)LawrenceNon-White246041927
BRIDGES, Kizzie (O.)LawrenceNon-White177931927
BRIDGES, Rosa (H.)LawrenceNon-White028531927
BRINSON, Thomas H. Jr.LawrenceWhite005551920
BRINSON, W. W.LawrenceWhite043521914
BRYANT, [Infant] (B.)LawrenceNon-White089651927
BRYANT, [Infant] (B.)LawrenceNon-White089661927
BUCKLEY, [Stillborn] (C.)LawrenceWhite08347 [?]1925
BULLOCK, Joe[Lawrence ?]White247611925
BURNETT, Albert J. (A.)LawrenceNon-White112251927
BUTLER, Ange[Itawamba or Lawrence]White04784 [?]1925
BYRD, Samuel BerryLawrenceWhiteX1920
CHOEA, SefroniLawrenceUNKNOWN061451942
COLLINS, Willie [O. ?] (M.)[Lawrence ?]Non-White05143 [?]1926
CROSBY, JohnLawrenceWhite208511916
CROSBY, [Stillborn] (B.)LawrenceWhite225131917
DAVIDSON, Ben H.[Lawrence or Prentiss]White15596 [?]1925
DAVIS, John[Lawrence or Prentiss]White15597 [?]1925
DEAVERS, Benjamin F.LawrenceWhite131921925
DENSON, Jas J.LawrenceWhite044491918
DENSON, Ruth Mrs.LawrenceWhite089871918
EATON, IdaLawrence [?]White213601926
EDWARDS, Otha Jr. (O.)LawrenceNon-White07264 [?]1925
ELLINGTON, Mollie [?][Lawrence or Prentiss]White103601925
FAULKNER, J. [M. ?][Lawrence or Prentiss]White21385 [?]1925
FLANIGAN, Ed[Lawrence or Prentiss]White03145 [?]1925
FLOYD, W. D. (D.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White01845 [?]1925
FOLLY, Sofa[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White17862 [?]1925
FUGETT, Joseph E. (J.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White13517 [?]1925
FUGGET, Sallie[Lawrence or Prentiss]White19528 [?]1925
GOODWIN, Lulu[Lawrence or Prentiss]White130671926
HALL, EarleneLawrenceWhite033981928
HARDY, Charles D.LawrenceWhite [?]168321916 [?]
JARIEL [?], SallyLawrenceWhite036641926
JENKINS, Wilson [D. ?] (C. ?)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White23390 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Octava[Lawrence or Prentiss]White15594 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Rosa C. (E. ?)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White096111925
JOHNSON, Thomas J. (F.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White05465 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Thomas J. (F.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White063771925
JOINER, Otis (L.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White01842 [?]1925
KEETON, Lucile (I.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White031371925
KELLUM, [Unnamed] (E. ?)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White03141 [?]1925
KINCADE, Charlie [W. ?][Lawrence or Prentiss]White03139 [?]1925
KING, [Stillborn] (J.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White19188 [?]1925
KING, [Unnamed] (D. ?)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White13189 [?]1925
KNIGHT, Lark [?] A.[Lawrence or Prentiss]White06105 [?]1925
LEE, Molie[Lawrence or Prentiss]White199071925
LEE, Mollie[Lawrence or Prentiss]White179401925
LEWIS, Lena[Lawrence of Prentiss]Non-White19187 [?]1925
LOFTIN, Sallie[Lawrence of Prentiss]White05144 [?]1925
LOVE, Dorthey M. (H.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White24437 [?]1925
MARTIN, Joe S.[Lamar or Lawrence]White08157 [?]1925
MASON, Alfred J. LawrenceWhite211801936
MASON, George L. Lawrence Colored007581920
MASON, Henry LawrenceColored106171916
MASON, I. D. (O.)LawrenceNon-White212351925
MCELROY, John R.[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White03143 [?]1925
MORRIS, Taylor[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White08400 [?]1925
MORRIS, [Stillborn] (D.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White179191925
PITTMAN, ArchieLawrenceColored200961919
PORTER, [Stillborn][Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White23391 [?]1925
SHELL, Amanda M.[Lawrence or Prentiss]White05470 [?]1925
SMITH, MarionLawrenceUNKNOWN04387 [?]1939
SMITH, SabsyLawrenceUNKNOWN081541928
TERRELL, Augustus (H.)LawrenceNon-White13506 [?]1926
TERRELL, Janie (W.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]Non-White05006 [?]1925
THORN, Evaline[Itawamba or Lawrence]White16285 [?]1925
THORN, [Unnamed] (J.)Lawrence [?]White234901926
THORNHILL [?], J. L.[Lawrence or Prentiss]White01787 [?]1925
TURNAGE, [Stillborn] (A.)[Lawrence or Prentiss]White23392 [?]1925
TURNER, Johnny (C.)LawrenceNon-White18219 [?]1926
TURNER, [Stillborn] (J.)LawrenceWhite13512 [?]1926