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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADAMS, Gealia (G.)[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]Non-White091711925
ADAMS, Mary[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]Non-White213591926
ADAMS, Mary[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]Non-White169301926
ADAMS, NaveKemperWhite08357 [?]1926
ADCOCK, Stella (C.)KemperWhite056971927
ALEXANDER, Annie L.[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]Non-White113361926
ALEXANDER, SanfordKemperNon-White086241929
ALFORD, J. C. (E.)[Kemper or Pearl River]Non-White01101 [?]1926
ALFORD, John H.KemperWhite007271926
ALLEN, Georgy (M.)KemperNon-White172381926
ANDERSON, Walter[Kemper ?]White224961926
ANDON [?], Addin [B. ?]KemperNon-White111231925
ATKINSON, Fannie S.[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]White02670 [?]1926
AYCOCK, Sarah [E. ?] (A.)KemperWhite007301926
BABINGAN [?], Timey [?][Kemper ?]White04912 [?]1925
BEAVAR, Frank[Kemper or Pearl River]White167891925
BELL, Leona (C.)[Kemper ?]Non-White23283 [?]1925
BETHANY, Amanda[Kemper ?]White04914 [?]1925
BIAS, [Unnamed] (W.)[Kemper ?]Non-White22050 [?]1925
BOYKIN, Ella[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]White09160 [?]1925
BOYKIN, Ella[Kemper ?]White10313 [?]1925
BROOKS, MorrisoKemperNon-White231291927
BROOKS, MorrisoKemperNon-White176901927
BROWN, Dora A. (B.)KemperNon-White047191927
BROWN, Hatie (J.)KemperNon-White088651927
BROWN, Venie KemperColored007511914
BRYANT, Robert (R.)KemperNon-White219651927
BUCHEE, GeorgeKemperNon-White232711925
BURCH, Georgi A. (F. H.)KemperWhite088671927
BURRAGE, Everett (B.)KemperWhite198391927
BYRD, GeorgieKemperColored028261912
BYRD, John A.KemperWhiteX1916
BYRD, LonnieKemperColoredX1921
BYRD, WillieKemperWhiteX1924
CLEMMONS, Grace (J.)[Kemper or Oktibbeha]Non-White15797 [?]1926
COKER, Sallie MayKemperWhite182251914
COLEMAN, CharlieKemperColoredX1923
COLEMAN, DaveKemperColoredX1915
COLEMAN, EdKemperColoredX1924
COLEMAN, LulaKemperColoredX1917
COLEMAN, Roxie AnnaKemperColoredX1913
COTTENHEAD, LessieKemperColored116721916
CROOM, ChristyKemperColored216101918
DAVIS, John H.[Kemper ?]Non-White09169 [?]1925
DAVIS, Weling [?]Kemper [?]Non-White049171925
DEES, EttaKemperWhite014541919
DEES, KellisKemperWhite103151925
DEES, Kellis M.[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]White10215 [?]1925
DEES, [Stillborn] (J.)KemperWhite126441913
DEES, [Stillborn] (W.)KemperColored069461921
EAKS [?], John M. (A.)KemperWhite146121926
EAZELL, [Stillborn] (G.)Kemper [?]White006751926
ECKFORD, VelmaKemperNon-White249301926
EDINGS, Jake[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]Non-White15175 [?]1925
EDMONDS, J. N.[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]White111201925
ELLEY [or ELREY], SolKemperNon-White20982 [?]1925
ENTHEKIN [?], Henry J.[Kemper or Pearl River]White194921925
EVANS, [Stillborn] (J.)[Hinds or Kemper]Non-White24600 [?]1926
FALENER [?], Harley[Kemper ?]Non-White15168 [?]1925
FENDRIX, Robert[Kemper ?]Non-White13122 [?]1925
FOSTER, John Jr.[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]Non-White026421925
GORDON, CorneliusKemperWhite047311939
JARNELL [?], S. O.[Kemper or Pearl River]White011421925
JENKINS, Stacy G. (J.)[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]Non-White170001925
JENNINGS, Bettie[Kemper or Oktibbeha]Non-White03834 [?]1925
JOHNSON, George[Kemper ?]Non-White00737 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Walter[Hinds or Kemper]Non-White04661 [?]1925
JOHNSON, [Stillborn] (A)[Kemper or Oktibbeha]Non-White111221925
KEETON, Lewis C.[Kemper ?]White15184 [?]1925
KELLEY, William[Kemper or Pearl River]White011111926
KELLY, LucyKemperNon-White026031926
KENDRICK, [Unnamed] (A.)[Kemper or Oktibbeha]White09540 [?]1925
KERN, Caroline[Kemper ?]Non-White09163 [?]1925
KEY, Lou J.KemperWhite263671926
KILL, [Stillborn] (B.)[Kemper or Pearl River]Non-White21882 [?]1925
KIMBROUGH, R. P.[Kemper or Oktibbeha]White14359 [?]1925
KIMBROUGH, S. J.[Kemper or Oktibbeha]White15174 [?]1925
KNIGHT, Ben Jr. (B.)[Kemper ?]White24748 [?]1925
KNIGHT, Willie[Kemper or Oktibbeha]White247461925
KOGER, JohnKemper [?]Non-White131271925
LEWIS, MiltonKemperColored221091924
LIPSCOMB, Henry[Kemper ?]Non-White04983 [?]1925
MASON, Evie O. KemperWhite085771922
MASON, Willie (E.)KemperNon-White042401934
MCCALLUM, [Stillborn] (M.)[Kemper ?]Non-White16298 [?]1925
MCLENDON, Jack (D.)[Kemper ?]Non-White02645 [?]1925
MCNEIL, DanielKemperWhite083691920
MEACHAM [?], Daniel O.[Kemper ?]White08529 [?]1925
MOORE, Tom[Kemper ?]White15180 [?]1925
MOORE, Tom[Kemper ?]White16796 [?]1925
MYERS, A. P. (M.)[Jeff_Davis or Kemper]Non-White04865 [?]1925
NAVE, Alec[Kemper ?]Non-White14358 [?]1925
PALMER, Stephen PierceKemperUNKNOWN055321932
PERRIN, Susan[Kemper ?]Non-White04902 [?]1925
PERRIN, Tom Jr.[Kemper ?]Non-White00736 [?]1925
PIERCE, Mary J.[Kemper ?]WhiteX1917
POLLOCK, Mary L.KemperNon-White137931941
PRINCE, Robert[Kemper ?]White23270 [?]1925
RAINY, TommieKemperWhite179271913
SHELBY, Tom T.KemperWhite007681923