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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABBEY, John Jr. (J.)[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White18131 [?]1926
ADAMS, Beret [?] (W.)[Itawamba or Jackson]White20907 [?]1925
ADAMS, Bertha B. (S.)[George or Jackson]Non-White240341926
ADAMS, Cleveland Jr. (C.)[Jackson or Lafayette]White11055 [?]1925
ADAMS, Lizzie[George or Jackson]White09008 [?]1926
ADAMS, Louise S.JacksonWhite10149 [?]1926
ADAMS, Margret L. (J.)[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White15206 [?]1925
ADAMS, Mary [I. ?][Jackson or Lauderdale]White11169 [?]1925
ADAMS, Vinie M.[Jackson or Lafayette]Non-White083311925
ADAMS, Willie J.[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White18152 [?]1926
ADAMS, [Infant] (C. Hugh)JacksonWhite [?]X1931
ADAMS, [Stillborn] (C.)JacksonWhite070601925
ADCOCK, Robert[Jackson or Lauderdale]White05098 [?]1926
ADKINS, Sarah[Jackson ?]White117171926
AGEE, Nancy[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White15053 [?]1926
AGENT, Milard L. (C. ?)JacksonWhite14499 [?]1926
AGNUS, JohnJacksonNon-White [?]X1930
AGRANDER [?], Albert [B. ?][Jackson or Lauderdale]White05076 [?]1926
AIKENS, Celeste C.JacksonWhite [?]X1919
ALAX, Hendrix (G.)[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White26165 [?]1926
ALBRITTON, Addie L.JacksonWhite049081926
ALBRITTON, Jane[Jackson or Lauderdale]White00780 [?]1925
ALEX, George[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White264431926
ALEXANDER, Judy[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White08604 [?]1926
ALEXANDER, William I.[Jackson or Lauderdale]White02683 [?]1925
ALEXANDREY, Curtis[Jackson ?]White103771926
ALFORD, Mary [C. ?][Jackson or Lauderdale]White23340 [?]1925
ALLBROOK, Lorenza [G. ?][Jackson or Lauderdale]White09220 [?]1925
ALLEN, Caleb[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White20909 [?]1925
ALLEN, Fate[Jackson ?]Non-White11395 [?]1926
ALLEN, John[Jackson ?]White05904 [?]1926
ALLEN, Johnie D.[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White212531926
ALLEN, [Stillborn] (G.)JacksonUNKNOWN122031925
ALLGOOD, Ethelyn (A.)[Jackson or Neshoba]White21261 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Agnes[Jackson or Lauderdale]White05367 [?]1926
ANDERSON, AnnieJacksonWhite [?]X1934
ANDERSON, Henry[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White26393 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Henry P.[Jackson or Lauderdale]White20760 [?]1926
ANDERSON, James R.[Jackson or Lauderdale]White15196 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Mary[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White103471925
ANDERSON, Will[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White00801 [?]1925
ANDREWS, HenryJacksonNon-White18250 [?]1925
ANDREWS, [Stillborn] (F.)[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White170241925
ANGLE, J. [C. ?][Jackson ?]White123401925
ANGLE, Rebecca[Jackson or Lauderdale]White06506 [?]1926
ANTHONY, Carether (M.)[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White027201926
ANTHONY, Lorena[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White11151 [?]1925
ARMAUNT [?], Patrick (R.)JacksonWhite02550 [?]1925
ARMSTRONG, Chester (S.)[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White09234 [?]1925
ASHCRAFT, James W.JacksonWhite09085 [?]1925
ASHFORD, Ed[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White13458 [?]1926
ASHLEY, Edward M.[Jackson or Lauderdale]White22235 [?]1925
ASHLEY, Robert[Jackson or Lauderdale]White02763 [?]1926
AVERY, Margrett[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White030001926
BALLENGER, D. A. Mrs.[Jackson or Neshoba]White02980 [?]1925
BANG, EdwardJacksonColored195601924
BARDEN, Daniel UrielJacksonWhite [?]X1931
BARDWELL, Esther PearlJacksonNon-White [?]17230 [?]1926
BARIA, Brant B.JacksonWhite [?]X1927
BARIA, Charles EdisonJacksonWhite [?]X1914
BARIA, EmalineJacksonWhite00668 [?]1925
BARNES, DavidJacksonWhite [?]X1932
BASKETT, Claudine (G.)[Jackson or Lauderdale]White007971925
BASLEY, Susie M.[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White026721925
BASS, JosephineJacksonNon-White [?]X1930
BATES, Eliza[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White04943 [?]1925
BATES, John[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White23649 [?]1925
BATTS, Virginia[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White15479 [?]1925
BEASON, Josephine R.[Jackson or Lauderdale]White15730 [?]1925
BECHT, Fritz DanielJacksonWhite [?]X1930
BECKHAM, Lena[Jackson or Neshoba]White23640 [?]1925
BECKMAN [or BECKAM], [Unnamed] (E.)[Jackson or Neshoba]White029721925
BELL, C. S.JacksonWhite070691925
BELL, Iverson[Jackson ?]Non-White21421 [?]1925
BELL, Lula[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White02691 [?]1925
BELL, Prince[Jackson or Pontotoc]Non-White21375 [?]1925
BENNETT, CampbellJacksonWhite [?]X1914
BETHUNE, [Stillborn] (R. ?)[George or Jackson]White141301925
BETRAM, William HenryJacksonWhite [?]X1931
BILBO, AlfredJacksonWhite [?]X1918
BILBO, AlfredJacksonWhite [?]X1931
BILBO, HesterJacksonWhite [?]X1924
BILBO [?], Ned [?]JacksonNon-White23189 [?]1925
BLANES [?], Albena[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White22270 [?]1925
BLARKS [?], John H.[Jackson or Lauderdale]White04986 [?]1925
BLISS, Charles H. Jr. (C.)JacksonWhite070611925
BLUDWORTH, Timothy W.[Jackson or Lauderdale]White15205 [?]1925
BLUMER, AdamJacksonWhite [?]X1915
BLYTHE, Mary[Jackson or Neshoba]White11387 [?]1925
BOGDAHN, EdaJacksonWhite [?]X1930
BOLDEN, Ethel[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White170421925
BOLTON, [Stillborn] (D.)[Jackson or Neshoba]Non-White03890 [?]1925
BOOKER, William (L.)[Jackson or Lauderdale]Non-White19128 [?]1925
BOOTH, William P.JacksonWhite06223 [?]1925
BORDEAUX, Lloyd HeywoodJacksonWhite [?]X1919
BORDEN, [Stillborn] (C. ?)[Jackson or Lauderdale]White02710 [?]1925
BORDEN [?], Nellie [M. ?][Jackson or Lauderdale]White027091925
BOSARGE, BenJacksonWhite [?]X1931
BOSARGE, DeloisJacksonWhite [?]X1931
BOSARGE, Myrtle [S. ?] (D.)JacksonWhite04804 [?]1925