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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADDISON, [Stillborn] (M.)[George or Issaquena]Non-White201991926
AKENS [?], Walter[George or Issaquena]Non-White19038 [?]1925
ALFORD, John J.[George or Issaquena]White20896 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Bertie (W. ?)[Hancock or Issaquena]Non-White20676 [?]1925
ARMSTRONG, Lucille [?] W.[George or Issaquena]White [?]12834 [?]1925
BAKER, Genevieve (G. ?)[George or Issaquena]White [?]16938 [?]1925
BELL, John Jr. (J.)[Hinds or Issaquena]Non-White004921925
BLACKMAN, Willis[Issaquena ?]Non-White19033 [?]1925
BOLDEN, [Stillborn] (E.)[George or Issaquena]Non-White19028 [?]1925
BOLDING, Eliza[Issaquena or Tallahatchie]Non-White19657 [?]1925
BOOKER, Amos [?][Issaquena ?]Non-White12251 [?]1925
BOSTON, Rosa L. (W.)[Issaquena ?]Non-White11038 [?]1925
BROWN, Jessie L. (T.)IssaquenaNon-White175811927
BROWN, Richard T.IssaquenaWhite035401924
BUTLER, JimmieIssaquenaNon-White160471927
BUTLER, William (R.)IssaquenaNon-White133191927
BYRD, [Stillborn] (C.)IssaquenaColoredX1922
COLLINS, Willie V. (J.)[George or Issaquena]Non-White15704 [?]1926
CROOM, OpheliaIssaquenaColored045941917
CROPPER, BeatriceIssaquenaColored239091919
CROPPER, ClaraIssaquenaColored094451921
DAVIS, Emmett M. (O. ?)[George or Issaquena]Non-White21753 [?]1925
DAVIS, Ira[George or Issaquena]Non-White16939 [?]1925
DAVIS, Margaret[George or Issaquena]White19036 [?]1925
DEVINE, Charlie (C.)[George or Issaquena]Non-White19034 [?]1925
DURR, DaisyIssaquenaNon-WhiteX1938
DURR, J. T. (B.)IssaquenaNon-White202051926
ELISON, Robert (W.)IssaquenaWhite110411925
ELRIDGE, Robert (H.)[Issaquena ?]Non-White23157 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Harrett[Holmes or Issaquena]Non-White15075 [?]1925
JOHNSTON, Thomas P.[George or Issaquena]White044611925
JONES, [Stillborn] (W. ?)[Holmes or Issaquena]Non-White12279 [?]1925
JONSON [?], Se [?][Issaquena ?]White23158 [?]1925
LEE, George[Issaquena ?]Non-White00652 [?]1925
LEIST, SamIssaquenaWhite207751920
MARSHALL, AmandaIssaquenaColoredX1915
MARSHALL, BertvilleIssaquenaColoredX1912
MARSHALL, BulahIssaquenaColoredX1919
MASON, Lucian IssaquenaColored232561915
MASON, Mary IssaquenaNon-White128901943
MASON, Wesley IssaquenaColored05847 1922
MCKLEROY, Mone [?][George or Issaquena]White19035 [?]1925
MCKNIGHT, John[Issaquena ?]Non-White220301925
NAVEY, Annie[Holmes or Issaquena]Non-White00625 [?]1925
RALLS, AllenIssaquenaColored108671913
TERRELL, James[Holmes or Issaquena]Non-White24632 [?]1925
TURNER, [Stillborn] (Z.)Issaquena [?]Non-White15076 [?]1925
UZZLE, Willie M. (W.)[Holmes or Issaquena]White11040 [?]1925
VAUGHN, R. E.[Holmes or Issaquena]White15074 [?]1925
VINCENT, James[George or Issaquena]Non-White130471925
WALKER, Virginia (P.)[George or Issaquena]Non-White20899 [?]1925
WARREN, Celia[George or Issaquena]Non-White267081926
WARREN, Chest[George or Issaquena]Non-White15079 [?]1925
WARREN, EffieIssaquenaWhite149641920
WESLEY, Steven[George or Issaquena]Non-White15080 [?]1925
WHITNEY, EdIssaquenaNon-WhiteX1932
WIGLEY, Annie E.[George or Issaquena]White25090 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, Harriet[George or Issaquena]Non-White08318 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, Louis[George or Issaquena]Non-White190291925
WILLIAMS, Raz[Issaquena ?]Non-White13050 [?]1925
WOODS, [Stillborn] (B.)[George or Issaquena]Non-White13051 [?]1925
WRIGHT, Nye[Holmes or Issaquena]Non-White19019 [?]1925
YOUNG, J. M.[Issaquena or Webster]White130441925
YOUNG, Leola (J.)[George or Issaquena]Non-White130431925
YOUNG, Lul[Issaquena ?]Non-White202001926