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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABEL, Melisa[Hancock or Hinds]White023711926
ABOM [?], Joseph W.[Hancock or Hinds]White17981 [?]1926
ACKER, James [E. ?] (L.)HancockNon-White261491926
ADAMS, Add [?]HancockNon-White08858 [?]1925
ADAMS, D. [G. ?] (S. ?)HancockNon-White103621925
ADAMS, Earnest[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White223261926
ADAMS, Mary Z.HancockWhite004121926
ADAMS, Roberta (L.)[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White20683 [?]1926
ADIS [?], Edwin W. (E. W.)HancockWhite152081927
ADISON, Mary[Hancock or Jeff_Davis]Non-White116781926
ADKINSON, [Stillborn] (H.)[Hancock or Hinds]White16872 [?]1925
AINSWORTH, Emma[Hancock or Hinds]White02398 [?]1925
AINSWORTH, [Unnamed] (J.)[Hancock or Hinds]White07206 [?]1926
ALBERT, Matt[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White247441926
ALDRICH, O. L.[Hancock or Hinds]White24715 [?]1926
ALDRIDGE, Byron D.[Hancock or Hinds]White110401926
ALEWORTH [?], John C.[Hancock or Hinds]White047031926
ALEXANDER, Amanda[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White222641926
ALEXANDER, Sandois [?] Mrs.[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White23086 [?]1925
ALEXES, Joseph Jr. (J.)HancockNon-White13002 [?]1926
ALFORD, Cecil W.[Hancock or Hinds]White20842 [?]1925
ALFORD, Warren J.[Hancock or Hinds]White00478 [?]1925
ALFRED, Houston[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White129841925
ALLEN, Breckenridge S.[Hancock or Hinds]White05798 [?]1926
ALLEN, Martin[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White222091926
ALLEN, Robert[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White00529 [?]1926
ALLEN, Will[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White004961925
ALLENSWORTH, George[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White111411926
ALSTON, John W.[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White13609 [?]1926
ALT, Maksau [?][Clay or Hancock]UNKNOWN04505 [?]1925
AMIKER, Demone [?] (R.)[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White00287 [?]1926
AMOS, Harrell[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White149131925
ANDERS, Elvonia [?] (L.)[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White06962 [?]1925
ANDERSON, AdalineHancockNon-White243931926
ANDERSON, Alec[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White13248 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Austin H.[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White023741926
ANDERSON, Bertie (W. ?)[Hancock or Issaquena]Non-White20676 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Dera (D.)[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White02363 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Ella[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White130001925
ANDERSON, Hugh[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White19910 [?]1926
ANDERSON, John[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White16823 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Lee[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White02521 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Lucket [?][Hancock or Hinds]Non-White28063 [?]1926
ANDERSON, M. F.[Hancock or Hinds]White047111926
ANGELO, Mary[Hancock or Hinds]White00531 [?]1925
ANGELS, [Stillborn] (J.)HancockNon-White07306 [?]1926
ANTHONY, Gladys[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White071971926
ANTHONY, Mary E.[Hancock or Hinds]White247471926
ARCHER, John G.[Hancock or Hinds]White12973 [?]1925
ASHLY, Jessie W.[Hancock or Hinds]White143901926
BAILEY, FrankHancockNon-White04509 [?]1925
BAILEY, James[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White16844 [?]1925
BAILEY, T. J. (C.)[Hancock or Hinds]White16855 [?]1925
BAKER, Emanuel[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White12960 [?]1925
BAKER, William J.[Hancock or Hinds]White21880 [?]1925
BALES, Joe[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White04629 [?]1925
BALLARD, J. M.[Hancock or Hinds]White14954 [?]1925
BALLARD, Lola[Hancock or Hinds]White06982 [?]1925
BASKIN, Jimmie L.[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White06284 [?]1925
BATTE, Oates (M.)[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White149431925
BATTLES, Emley[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White10855 [?]1925
BEACH, Julius[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White00578 [?]1925
BEACHAMP, Henry R.[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White18902 [?]1925
BEAL, Sarah[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White149071925
BELL, Dora[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White129061925
BELL, Ellen (J.)HancockNon-White04500 [?]1925
BELL, Lillian (R.)[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White20796 [?]1925
BETTIS, Clara[Hancock ?]Non-White10789 [?]1925
BIFTON [?], Hattie[Hancock or Holmes]Non-White190531925
BILLINGSLEY, Dora V.[Hancock or Hinds]White12906 [?]1925
BIRRY [?], Hettie[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White12880 [?]1925
BISHOP, Canless (G.)[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White06974 [?]1925
BISHOP, Will[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White16873 [?]1925
BLACK, F. E.[Hancock or Hinds]White10869 [?]1925
BLACKER, Laura[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White12967 [?]1925
BLACKMAN, Ira L.[Hancock or Hinds]White12886 [?]1925
BLACKMAN, X. [?] O. (J.)[Hancock or Hinds]White22990 [?]1925
BLACKWELL, [Stillborn] (E. ?)[Hancock or Hinds]White02318 [?]1925
BLAND, Lou E.[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White046171925
BLAXTON, William[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White129781925
BLOND [?], [Stillborn] (O.)[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White024111925
BOLLS, Daisy L.[Hancock or Hinds]White00534 [?]1925
BOLTEN, Burt[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White20797 [?]1925
BOLTON, Anna[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White04580 [?]1925
BOONE, Susie[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White06986 [?]1925
BOYD, James[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White20778 [?]1925
BOYD, Pressie [G. ?][Hancock or Hinds]White129071925
BRANTLEY, Iahaia [?] (A.)HancockNon-White023911927
BRELAND, NewtonHancockWhite107511927
BUCHANAN, Melvina[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White20802 [?]1925
BUCKNER, Newt [Sr. ?][Hancock or Hinds]Non-White16903 [?]1925
BUIE, WebsterHancockWhiteX1930
BULLS, Charles[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White20799 [?]1925
BULLY, James Jr. (J.)[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White04584 [?]1925
BURY, Nichola (N. B.)HancockWhite003991927
BUTLER, Emmet A.[Hancock or Hinds]White14970 [?]1925
BUTLER, Henry[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White06842 [?]1925
BUTLER, James (J.)[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White00572 [?]1925
BUTLER, John[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White10783 [?]1925
BUTLER, Pattie[Hancock or Hinds]Non-White230141925