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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABSTON [?], MinnieGreeneWhite01468 [?]1926
ADAMS, Dollie I.[Greene ?]White16783 [?]1925
ADHENS [?], James H. (A. B.)GreeneWhite089691927
ANDERSON, Linch T. (C.)GreeneNon-White24364 [?]1926
ATKINS, Lay L. (W.)GreeneWhite162721925
BALL, [Stillborn] (G.)GreeneWhite10167 [?]1925
BECKTON, SaraGreeneWhite12820 [?]1925
BLACKMAN, Alberta (E. ?)[Greene or Humphreys]Non-White047401925
BLACKMAN, LizzieGreeneWhite148231925
BOLDEN, Fannie (D. ?)GreeneNon-White06788 [?]1925
BREWER, Melwin (A.)GreeneWhite230351927
BROOM, Dorothy (A.)GreeneWhite129871927
BROWN, Gaines (J.)GreeneWhite129891927
BROWN, [Infant] (A. L.)GreeneWhite107151927
BUCKLEY, Virgie B. (J. D.)GreeneWhite107211927
BYRD, NickGreeneWhiteX1921
BYRD, PatGreeneWhiteX1919
BYRD, PearlieGreeneWhiteX1917
BYRD, ArvelineGreeneWhite194141914
BYRD, CalvinGreeneWhite235001924
BYRD, Desma (A.)GreeneWhite240151927
BYRD, Hiram T. (I.)GreeneWhite173501927
BYRD, James W. GreeneWhiteX1916
BYRD, John A.GreeneWhiteX1923
BYRD, Katie E.GreeneWhiteX1919
BYRD, Mannie G. (E.)GreeneWhite122251927
BYRD, MareeGreeneWhiteX1919
BYRD, Mary EttaGreeneWhiteX1916
BYRD, W. F.GreeneWhite003731927
BYRD, [Stillborn] (A.)GreeneWhiteX1923
CAMERON, J. Greene WhiteX1937
COLEMAN, William H.GreeneColoredX1918
COWART, R. O. Mrs.GreeneUNKNOWNX1937
DAVIDSON, Roy F. (T.)[Greene or Harrison]White22214 [?]1925
DAVIS, George Sr.[Greene ?]Non-White12959 [?]1925
DEAS, ElehueGreeneWhite048851918
DEES, WillGreeneWhite085541922
EDWARDS, PennyGreeneWhite00387 [?]1925
ESTRIDGE, [Stillborn] (H.)GreeneWhite04564 [?]1926
EUBANKS, Alba O.GreeneWhite189251923
EUBANKS, CecilGreeneWhite003621922
FONTAINE, Mary K.GreeneWhite001961942
FOUNTAIN, Henry P.GreeneWhite063411918
FOUNTAIN, James M.GreeneWhite242771917
FOUNTAIN, Jinnie (R. J.)GreeneWhite053911933
FOUNTAIN, JoanGreeneWhite191461942
FOUNTAIN, Joe T. (J. F.)GreeneWhite044691929
JOHNSON, EveretteGreeneWhite123031913
JOHNSON, Frank[Greene or Tishomingo]Non-White18789 [?]1925
KEYOSUM [?], Horace L. Jr. (H.)GreeneWhite16819 [?]1925
KITRELL, Mary K. (D.)GreeneWhite063031926
KITTRELL, Mary M.GreeneWhite148221925
KITTRELL, [Stillborn] (D.)GreeneWhite06382 [?]1926
KITTRELL, [Stillborn] (D.)GreeneWhite12060 [?]1925
LAFONTAINE, Natal Jr. (N.)GreeneWhite20060 [?]1925
LAVORN, Thomas J.GreeneWhite14824 [?]1925
MARTIN, [Unnamed] (J.)GreeneWhite22842 [?]1925
MASON, E. GreeneWhite023841938
MASON, Ella GreeneColored042691917
MASON, Scott (E.)GreeneWhite143881931
MASSEY, John J.GreeneWhite217131924
MCKINNIS [?], Burnice (E.)GreeneNon-White24730 [?]1925
MEADOWS, William S.GreeneWhite199291926
MERRITT, William W.GreeneWhite24594 [?]1925
PARNELL, Lida (R. ?)GreeneWhite02292 [?]1925
PARNELL, [Stillborn] (E.)[Greene ?]White02291 [?]1925
RAINWATERS, MargaretGreeneWhite166271920
SEAL, Corbit R. (M.)GreeneWhite22206 [?]1925
SOWELL, HardyGreeneWhite067921925
STRICKLAND, LillianGreeneWhite201861922
TURNER, [Stillborn] (G.)GreeneWhite022901925
TURNER, [Unnamed] (H.)GreeneWhite14821 [?]1925
WARD, LethaGreeneNon-White188001925
WARREN, Mose (O. ?)GreeneNon-White08827 [?]1925
WASHAW [?], Harritt [?][Greene ?]Non-White179141925
WEEKLEY [?], AmeliaGreeneWhite22847 [?]1925
WEST, Lee A. Mrs.GreeneWhite02293 [?]1925
WEST, Nola[Greene or Jasper]White06100 [?]1925
WEST, [Stillborn] (L.)GreeneWhite02294 [?]1925
WHITE, Camelee (T. ?)GreeneNon-White08822 [?]1925
WHITE, LouieGreeneNon-White06789 [?]1925
WHITFIELD, Lonnie L. (E.)GreeneWhite00391 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, HarveyGreeneNon-White08823 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, L. N.GreeneWhite12232 [?]1925
WOOD, Sam E. (C. ?)GreeneNon-White24729 [?]1925
YATES, [Stillborn] (W.)GreeneWhite00389 [?]1925
YOUNG, MollieGreeneWhite101631926