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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABERCROMBIE, H. F.GeorgeWhite090061926
ADAMS, Bertha B. (S.)[George or Jackson]Non-White240341926
ADAMS, George W.GeorgeWhite14133 [?]1925
ADAMS, Lizzie[George or Jackson]White09008 [?]1926
ADAMS, Margrett C. (C.)[George or Holmes]Non-White200731925
ADDISON, [Stillborn] (M.)[George or Issaquena]Non-White201991926
AKENS [?], Walter[George or Issaquena]Non-White19038 [?]1925
ALFORD, John J.[George or Issaquena]White20896 [?]1925
ANDREWS, Sam[George or Holmes]Non-White20865 [?]1925
ARMSTRONG, Lucille [?] W.[George or Issaquena]White [?]12834 [?]1925
ARMSTRONG, Tom[Choctaw or George]Non-White04240 [?]1925
BAKER, Genevieve (G. ?)[George or Issaquena]White [?]16938 [?]1925
BAXTER, W. M.[George ?]White18935 [?]1925
BEBRIO [?], Alford[George or Itawamba]Non-White08816 [?]1925
BERRY, Jim L.GeorgeWhiteX1928
BERRY, Margaret L.GeorgeWhiteX1919
BETHUNE, [Stillborn] (R. ?)[George or Jackson]White141301925
BILBO [?], WestleyGeorgeNon-White03653 [?]1925
BLUE, Dinah[George or Holmes]Non-White08816 [?]1925
BOLDEN, [Stillborn] (E.)[George or Issaquena]Non-White19028 [?]1925
BOOTHE, Irene [?] (J.)[George ?]White08817 [?]1925
BRANNAN, TabithaGeorgeWhite [?]X1928
BRANNON, Sarah (J.)GeorgeWhite194521927
BRONW, Lara (D.)GeorgeWhite151771927
BRYAN, Harry (J. A.)GeorgeWhite063171927
BUSH, HenryGeorgeNon-White042911927
BUSH, Susa A. (J.)GeorgeWhite023631927
BUSH, [Infant] (D.)GeorgeNon-White215731927
BUTTLER, Rich[George or Itawamba]White20903 [?]1925
BYRD, SusieGeorgeWhiteX1921
BYRD, JoeGeorgeWhiteX1915
BYRD, Lydia AnnGeorgeWhiteX1917
BYRD, ReubenGeorgeWhiteX1913
BYRD, [Unnamed] (Ed)GeorgeWhiteX1915
BYRD, [Unnamed] (Ed)GeorgeWhiteX1914
CAMERON, Daniel GeorgeWhiteX1921
COLLINS, Willie V. (J.)[George or Issaquena]Non-White15704 [?]1926
COOPER, Mary E.GeorgeWhiteX1916
COOPER, UnisGeorgeWhiteX1916
COVINGTON, Jesse L.GeorgeWhite044321920
COWART, Charlotte A.GeorgeWhite [?]X1928
CROOM, FlorenceGeorgeWhite122991913
CROOM, James A.GeorgeColored158801919
CROON, [Stillborn] (J. A.)GeorgeWhite122981913
DAVIS, Emmett M. (O. ?)[George or Issaquena]Non-White21753 [?]1925
DAVIS, Ira[George or Issaquena]Non-White16939 [?]1925
DAVIS, Margaret[George or Issaquena]White19036 [?]1925
DEES, NancyGeorgeWhite245591926
DEFLANDER, Sylvester[George ?]Non-White [?]X1934
DEVINE, Charlie (C.)[George or Issaquena]Non-White19034 [?]1925
EADES, W. H.GeorgeWhite137011926
EDWARD, ElizaGeorgeWhite02289 [?]1925
EPHRIAM, AmeliaGeorgeNon-White137061926
ESORAGE [?], Holday[George or Holmes]Non-White02473 [?]1925
EUBANKS, BeckeyGeorgeWhite240251918
EUBANKS, Cal L.GeorgeWhite007981919
EUBANKS, DavidGeorgeWhite171361923
FINCH, JennieGeorgeWhite236841926
FINCH, JinnieGeorgeWhite265451926
FINCH, WilliamGeorgeWhite00365 [?]1925
HANSEN, DoraGeorgeWhite [?]X1937
HERNDON, John W.GeorgeWhite [?]X1921
JARNELL [?], Sally[George ?]White10031 [?]1926
JARRELL [?], [Unnamed] (C.)George [?]White13716 [?]1926
JOHNSON, Ben[George or Holmes]Non-White07040 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Charles[George ?]Non-White21808 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Charles[George or Holmes]Non-White07044 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Delphine (M.)GeorgeNon-White04465 [?]1925
JOHNSON, EthelGeorgeColored18684 [?]1924
JOHNSON, HenryGeorgeNon-White10764 [?]1925
JOHNSON, HenryGeorgeNon-White21835 [?]1925
JOHNSTON, Thomas P.[George or Issaquena]White044611925
JORDAN, J. [O. ?]GeorgeWhite12817 [?]1925
JORDAN, [Unnamed] (J.)GeorgeWhite12816 [?]1925
JOYNER, Zaimey [?] Mrs.[George or Jackson]White067791925
KING, TomGeorgeNon-White08818 [?]1925
KITCHERS, Gertrued[George or Holmes]Non-White136561926
LANE, Jesse W.GeorgeWhite [?]095441923
LOGAN, George C.GeorgeWhite [?]X1935
LOVE, Marie I.George [?]White169091925
MARSHALL, EmmaGeorgeColoredX1913
MARSHALL, Emma D.GeorgeColoredX1923
MARSHALL, JoshGeorgeColoredX1915
MARSHALL, ThedGeorgeColoredX1923
MARSHALL, Thoe G.GeorgeColoredX1917
MARSHALL, WillieGeorgeColoredXUNK-19(12-24)
MARSHALL, [Stillborn] (W.)[George ?]Non-White11039 [?]1925
MASON, Allen George White141271921
MASON, Amos George White024011923
MASON, Bryant (J.)GeorgeWhite119041933
MASON, F. P. (J.)GeorgeWhite240771929
MASON, Harett A. (W.)GeorgeWhite188581930
MASON, Hugh GeorgeWhite109841922
MASON, Lillian M. GeorgeWhite005021940
MASON, Lizzie E. GeorgeWhite170521937
MASON, MenerviaGeorge White04881 1918
MASON, William (J.)GeorgeWhite205421933
MASON, [Infant] (T.)GeorgeWhite061731931
MCKLEROY, Mone [?][George or Issaquena]White19035 [?]1925
MURPHY, Willie M. (W.)GeorgeNon-White10761 [?]1925