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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABNEY, Marvin G.ForrestWhite023881923
ABRAMS, Deva [?] (W.)[Covington or Forrest]Non-White147911925
ACHEE, Liduel J.ForrestUNKNOWNX1937
ADAMS, [Stillborn] (O.)[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White07053 [?]1926
ADAYER, Pearl (R. S.)ForrestWhite23135 [?]1927
AINSWORTH, William D.[Choctaw or Forrest]White04430 [?]1925
ALEXANDER, Josephine C.ForrestWhite130451926
ALLEN, James T.ForrestWhite262961929
ALLMAN, Mary F. (J.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White206291925
ALSTON, Eula T.[Covington or Forrest]White02245 [?]1925
AMIDO [?], Willie (W.)[Forrest ?]Non-White136301926
AMOS, Benjamin (C. ?)[Forrest ?]Non-White22837 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Hattie M.[Covington or Forrest]White08292 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Margaret R. (R.)[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White204771925
ANDERSON, W. M.[Covington or Forrest]Non-White07056 [?]1926
ANDERSON, [Stillborn] (E.)ForrestWhite044231925
ANDREWS, Flossie[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White130461926
ANDREWS, Hazel (W. ?)[Clay or Forrest]Non-White24391 [?]1926
APPLEWHITE, Norma [R. ?] (E. ?)[Forrest ?]White16704 [?]1925
ARMSTRONG, Jerry [?][Clay or Forrest]Non-White17849 [?]1925
ARMSTRONG, Tom (W. ?)[Coahoma or Forrest]Non-White22816 [?]1925
ARNOLD, Eletio [?] (A.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White16708 [?]1925
ARNOLD, Jennie[Choctaw or Forrest]White00357 [?]1925
ARNOLD, Leatie (A.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White148131925
ATGOOD [?], Charles W. (W.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White02250 [?]1925
BARLOW, Clyde O.ForrestWhite078561938
BARLOW, CynthaForrestWhite253111918
BARLOW, King P.ForrestNon-White169981943
BARLOW, Thonie (H.)ForrestWhite156831929
BARLOW, Wyatt C.ForrestWhite202081939
BARLOW, [Stillborn] (O. W.)ForrestWhite004611928
BARTEE, Victoria A.ForrestUNKNOWNX1937
BAUGHAN, J. S.ForrestWhite143591931
BAYLISS, Bardie L.ForrestWhite12790 [?]1925
BEECH, [Unnamed] (J.)[Covington or Forrest]White22768 [?]1925
BENSON, FannieForrestWhite023451938
BETHANY, Roosavelt[Clay or Forrest]Non-White167091925
BLACKDORE [?], Doris L. (H.)[Clay or Forrest]White167221925
BLACKWELL, Joshua[Choctaw or Forrest]White02252 [?]1925
BLUIGHER [?], Bertha (P.)[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White12062 [?]1925
BOATWRIGHT, Marshall M.ForrestWhite154231926
BODMAN, Mary E. Mrs.ForrestUNKNOWNX1936
BOOZER, Walter C.ForrestUNKNOWNX1937
BOWEN, Moses (L.)[Covington or Forrest]Non-White04380 [?]1925
BOWEN, Sallie[Choctaw or Forrest]White14788 [?]1925
BOWIE, Burton[Choctaw or Forrest]White204781925
BOYCE, Dan[Choctaw or Forrest]White06760 [?]1925
BOYKIN, Betsy N. (T. ?)[Forrest ?]White166841925
BRELAN, SarahForrestNon-White023301927
BRITTON, L. J. (L. J.)ForrestWhite042571927
BROOM, Mary A.ForrestUNKNOWNX1937
BROOME, A. H. (P.)ForrestWhite042761927
BRUCE, James O. (J. O.)ForrestWhite003481927
BUCHALOO, Lula (D.)[Covington or Forrest]White02242 [?]1925
BUCHANAN, [Stillborn] (J.)ForrestWhite00352 [?]1925
BUFANT, Thomas S. (T. S.)ForrestWhite239661927
BUFKIN, Charles W. (F. L.)ForrestWhite194341927
BUFKIN, David P. Mrs.[Choctaw or Forrest]White18764 [?]1925
BUFKIN, J. M.[Choctaw or Forrest]White044491925
BUIE, ArchieForrestColored091831921
BUIE, MckinleyForrestNon-WhiteX1939
BULLOCK, J. B. (N.)ForrestWhite145161927
BURGHAML, Clarari (W. ?)ForrestNon-White076671927
BURLOCK, Helen W. (B.)ForrestNon-White194211927
BUSH, Bell[Choctaw or Forrest]White10733 [?]1925
BUSH, D. L. (D. L.)ForrestWhite023531927
BYNUM, Bettie S.ForrestUNKNOWNX1937
BYRD, RoyForrestWhiteX1917
BYRD, ThomasForrestColoredX1916
BYRD, Caroline C.ForrestWhite136261917
BYRD, EmmaForrestColored151981919
BYRD, George A.ForrestWhite004421918
BYRD, HenryForrestColoredX1919
BYRD, Roxana Mrs.ForrestUNKNOWNX1936
BYRD, Tom (B. ?)ForrestNon-White215371927
BYRD, WillieForrestColoredX1916
BYRD, [Stillborn] (H. L.)ForrestWhiteX1920
BYRD, [Unnamed] (H. L.)ForrestWhiteX1922
B_EL [?], [Unnamed]ForrestNon-White08009 [?]1927
CAMERON, Bertha ForrestColoredX1914
CAMERON, Bobbie ForrestWhiteX1929
CAMERON, Buck ForrestColoredX1916
CAMERON, Carelton ForrestColoredX1916
CAMERON, Daisy ForrestNon-White16685 [?]1925
CAMERON, Derouch ForrestColoredX1916
CAMERON, Henry ForrestColoredX1917
CAMERON, L. Forrest Non-White X 1933
CAMERON, Lawrence Forrest WhiteX1933
CAMERON, Lillian ForrestNon-WhiteX1932
CAMERON, Lizzie ForrestColoredX1921
CAMERON, Marguerett E. L. ForrestWhiteX1913
CAMERON, Mary [Choctaw or Forrest]White04977 [?]1926
CAMERON, Nettie ForrestNon-WhiteX1933
CAMERON, Nolie ForrestColoredX1923
CAMERON, Rebecca Forrest Non-White X 1941
CAMERON, Robert ForrestWhite14296 [?]1925
CAMERON, Sarah ForrestWhiteX1932
CAMERON, Thomas Forrest WhiteX1933
CAMERON, William Forrest WhiteX1938