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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADAMS, JakeDe SotoNon-White022201925
ALBRIDGE, Frank[De Soto ?]Non-White20622 [?]1925
ALEXANDER, Cluster (D.)De SotoNon-White10986 [?]1926
ALEXANDER, Hartley (J.)De SotoNon-White003211925
ALEXANDER, JackDe SotoNon-White20607 [?]1925
ALEXANDER, Lovie S.De SotoNon-White06093 [?]1925
ALEXANDER, Lovie S.De SotoNon-White02229 [?]1925
ALLEN, HenryDe SotoNon-White153641926
ALLEN, Julian M.De SotoWhite24505 [?]1926
ALLEN, Leroy (T. ?)De SotoNon-White10691 [?]1925
ALLEN, TomDe SotoNon-White00323 [?]1925
ALLEN, [Unnamed] (C.)De SotoNon-White122601926
ANDERSON, Alice O. (R.)De SotoNon-White12995 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Edna S.De SotoWhite02205 [?]1926
ANDERSON, EleneDe SotoNon-White003341925
ANDERSON, HenryDe SotoNon-White177161926
ANDERSON, Margaret G.De SotoWhite214741926
ANDERSON, Rosa L.De SotoNon-White12783 [?]1925
ANTONY, RebeccaDe SotoNon-White045191926
APPLEWHITE, ObeyDe SotoNon-White022171926
AUSTIN, DollDe SotoNon-White22788 [?]1925
AUSTIN, Robert[De Soto or Marshall]Non-White24403 [?]1925
AVENT [?], Mary H. (E.)De SotoNon-White22786 [?]1925
BADGER, FannieDe SotoNon-White16672 [?]1925
BALDWIN, FrancesDe SotoNon-White22782 [?]1925
BATEMAN, [Stillborn] (W.)De SotoNon-White060261925
BEACHAM, AlexDe SotoNon-White107111925
BEECHAM, LizzieDe SotoNon-White22791 [?]1925
BELL, Lee (L.)De SotoNon-White12767 [?]1925
BETTS, Sylvia[De Soto or Lamar]Non-White10708 [?]1925
BISE, Sarah (G.)De SotoNon-White022231925
BLAKENEY, DouglasDe SotoNon-White04401 [?]1925
BOGAN, HubbardDe SotoNon-White044121925
BOLDEN, [Stillborn] (J.)[Clarke or De Soto]Non-White02135 [?]1925
BOLLING, JoeDe SotoNon-White16680 [?]1925
BOLTON, W. H.De SotoWhite21905 [?]1925
BOWEN, Eddie (B. ?)De SotoNon-White22794 [?]1925
BOWEN, May [B. ?]De SotoNon-White01735 [?]1925
BOYCE, James (J.)[De Soto ?]Non-White107041925
BOYCE, NancyDe SotoNon-White18735 [?]1925
BOYD, Henry Jr. (H.)De SotoNon-White16678 [?]1925
BOYKIN, Sarah J. (T.)De SotoNon-White206231925
BOYKIN, Sarah J. (T.)De SotoNon-White14783 [?]1925
BOZEMAN, Maggie D.De SotoWhite107241925
BRAVERS [?], FlorenceDe SotoWhite067491925
BRAWDY, Patrick (E.)De SotoNon-White151171927
BRAXTON, Cutris (J.)De SotoNon-White215051927
BRAXTON, Dolly (J.)De SotoNon-White194031927
BRIDGES, LewisDe SotoNon-White042261927
BROADIE, Jennie (D.)De SotoNon-White145111927
BROADY, Perry (J.)De SotoNon-White215071927
BROWN, Viney De SotoColored140961919
BUFORD, Williw (W.)De SotoNon-White07635 [or 07665]1927
BUFORD, [Unnamed] (L.)De SotoNon-White12768 [?]1925
BUIE, CharlesDe SotoNon-WhiteX1931
BURBRIDGE, TobeDe SotoNon-White129381927
BURL, Anna (K.)De SotoNon-White173031927
BURTON, John S. (R.)De SotoNon-White106841927
BURTON, [Infant] (J.)De SotoNon-White042341927
BUSBY, Valenti (J.)De SotoWhite057741927
CAMERON, Sarah De SotoWhiteX1929
COLEMAN, CarrieDe SotoColoredX1914
COLEMAN, EvelineDe SotoColoredX1921
COLEMAN, JamesDe SotoColoredX1913
COLEMAN, PearlDe SotoColoredX1917
COLEMAN, S. C.De SotoColoredX1923
COLLINS, JonahDe Soto [?]Non-White18331 [?]1926
COLLINS, Mozella (J.)De SotoNon-White04501 [?]1926
COUCH, AdalineDe SotoWhite223441914
COUCH, NoraDe SotoWhite160261921
COUCH, [Stillborn] (B. M.)De SotoWhite071251917
COUCH, [Stillborn] (M. F.)De SotoWhite025471916
CROSBY, JackDe SotoColored115401917
CROSBY, MalindaDe SotoColored062491923
CROSBY, W. H.De SotoColored232641918
CROSS, DavaiaDe SotoColored056101922
CROSS, George A.De SotoColored173721915
DABNEY, Howard (A.)De SotoNon-White147821925
DAVIS, Luther (R.)De SotoNon-White16261 [?]1925
DAVIS, [Stillborn] (W.)De SotoNon-White062271925
DEES, [Stillborn] (W. L.)De SotoWhite004741916
DUKE, EstellaDe SotoNon-White127801925
EASON, Bertha (A.)De SotoNon-White08932 [?]1926
EASON, RosaDe SotoNon-White220701926
ECHOLS, Cresa [?]De SotoNon-White10713 [?]1925
EDWARDS, Conner (R. ?)De SotoNon-White127741925
ELENON [?], HannahDe SotoNon-White16257 [?]1925
FAGEN, BeulahDe SotoNon-White022371925
FAULKNER, [Stillborn] (G.)De SotoNon-White20164 [?]1925
FEATHERSTON, Richard (W.)De SotoNon-White00335 [?]1925
FINDLEY, Thomas B.De SotoNon-White152141933
FITZGERALD, ChanieDe SotoNon-White22195 [?]1925
FITZGERRALD, ChanieDe SotoNon-White20606 [?]1925
FITZPATRICK, PollyDe SotoNon-White01738 [?]1925
FLINN, WashDe SotoNon-White022271925
FLINN, Wesiley [?]De SotoNon-White02228 [?]1925
FLOWERS, Annie (O.)[Clarke or De Soto]Non-White12664 [?]1925
FOGG, VictoriaDe SotoNon-White06746 [?]1925
FOSTER, Mayor (J.)De SotoNon-White14283 [?]1925
GOODWIN, EdwardDe SotoWhiteX1920