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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABNEY, CharlieCopiahColored137291924
ADAMS, Irvin[Clay or Copiah]Non-White08140 [?]1925
AINSWORTH, Delia S.[Clay or Copiah]White10685 [?]1925
AIRER [?], ArchieCopiah [?]Non-White099951927
ALFORD, William P.[Clay or Copiah]White06705 [?]1925
ALFORD, [Unnamed] (L.)[Clay or Copiah]White08285 [?]1925
ALLEN, Annie (G.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White10861 [?]1926
ALLEN, Lottie[Clay or Copiah]White10279 [?]1925
ALLEN, RachelCopiahWhiteX1922
AMIKER, Eston[Clay or Copiah]Non-White244761926
AMOS, Jim[Clay or Copiah]Non-White176601926
AMOS, Samuel[Lincoln or Copiah]Non-WhiteX1937
AMOS, [Stillborn] (P.)[Clay or Copiah]White18705 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Burnett (W.)[Clay or Copiah]White10315 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Ed[Clay or Copiah]White12755 [?]1925
ANDERSON, John[Clay or Copiah]White06999 [?]1926
ANDING, EarlCopiahWhiteX1939
ANDING, FannieCopiahNon-WhiteX1943
ANDING, JessieCopiahNon-WhiteX1933
ANDING, JosephCopiahNon-WhiteX1931
ANDING, ReaCopiahWhiteX1923
APPLEWHITE, Carback [?] L.[Clay or Copiah]White22756 [?]1925
ARMSTRONG, Matt A. Mrs.[Clay or Copiah]White18481 [?]1925
ARNOLD, Maggie[Clay or Copiah]Non-White02202 [?]1925
ASHLEY, William[Clay or Copiah]White02160 [?]1926
ATES, [Stillborn] (L.)CopiahNon-White08744 [?]1925
AUSTIN, Ben L.CopiahColored019071921
AUSTIN, Booker I. (A.)CopiahNon-White20587 [?]1925
AUSTIN, LucyCopiahNon-White003621936
AYERS, Jeff[Clay or Copiah]Non-White00282 [?]1925
BAGLEY, Susan J.[Clay or Copiah]White146691925
BALL, Jessie W.[Clay or Copiah]White04280 [?]1925
BANKS, BobCopiahColored177901914
BARLOW, Ada (D. C.)CopiahWhite142061934
BARLOW, Alice (W.)CopiahWhite134591933
BARLOW, Ardella H.CopiahWhite218161938
BARLOW, B.CopiahWhite057641915
BARLOW, DariusCopiahWhite200861922
BARLOW, Detta TenobiaCopiahWhite020271924
BARLOW, Elizabeth A. (J. S.)CopiahWhite092141929
BARLOW, Emma (B.)CopiahWhite134341933
BARLOW, Emma (S.)CopiahWhite103001935
BARLOW, George R. (J. W.)CopiahWhite134531933
BARLOW, George W.CopiahWhite101111930
BARLOW, Harmon H.CopiahWhite003721917
BARLOW, Infant (E.)CopiahWhite002871927
BARLOW, Jim D.CopiahWhite140901940
BARLOW, JonasCopiahColored018971922
BARLOW, Lou E. (G. A.)CopiahWhite156391932
BARLOW, LucyCopiahColored23337 [or 24337]1915
BARLOW, Luther (J.)CopiahWhite003231935
BARLOW, Martha (J.)CopiahWhite003201935
BARLOW, Mary M. (F.)CopiahWhite041611931
BARLOW, MollieCopiahNon-White040791938
BARLOW, Nathaniel GreenCopiahWhite122061913
BARLOW, NelsonCopiahWhite026311941
BARLOW, Robert L.CopiahWhite065251937
BARLOW, Sallie L. E.CopiahWhite178411917
BARLOW, ThomasCopiahWhite183821918
BARLOW, TomCopiahUNKNOWN122131913
BARLOW, William AshleyCopiahWhite174551924
BARLOW, Zachariah T.CopiahWhite205081940
BARLOW, [Unnamed] (H.)CopiahWhite044741926
BATICE, Bennetta (J.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White20577 [?]1925
BEACHAM, Malissa[Clay or Copiah]Non-White18706 [?]1925
BEALL, Elisha[Clay or Copiah]White043691925
BEAN, [Stillborn] (T.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White06674 [?]1925
BEAN, [Stillborn] (T.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White06670 [?]1925
BELL, Thomas W.[Clay or Copiah]White12757 [?]1925
BELL, William[Clay or Copiah]White00291 [?]1925
BELL, William [B. ?][Clay or Copiah]White18723 [?]1925
BLAKE, George[Clay or Copiah]White14663 [?]1925
BLOCH [?], Elizabeth[Clay or Copiah]White147421925
BOGAN, [Stillborn] (W.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White147391925
BOGIN, Rosa[Clay or Copiah]Non-White16250 [?]1925
BONNEY, Oronage[Clay or Copiah]Non-White11947 [?]1925
BOSTON, Sam[Clay or Copiah]Non-White14738 [?]1925
BROWN, AlbertCopiahColored133731941
BROWN, Carry (G.)CopiahNon-White062391927
BROWN, Wesley (J.)CopiahNon-White172731927
BRYANT, Mollie (J.)CopiahNon-White214851927
BRYANT, [Infant] (G.)CopiahNon-White230031927
BUCKLEY, Anthony[Clay or Copiah]Non-White10686 [?]1925
BUIE, AdaCopiahColored15990UNK-19(12-24)
BUIE, LouiseCopiahColored251861918
BUIE, MaryCopiahNon-WhiteX1934
BUIE, SallieCopiahWhiteX1940
BUNGTIN, Lela E. (D. L.)CopiahWhite239011927
BURNES, Jess Y. (P.)CopiahWhite083751927
BURNEY, Flora D. (J.)CopiahWhite144991927
BURNS, [Infant] (R. W.)CopiahNon-White145021927
BUSA, John (M.)CopiahNon-White042021927
BUTLER, Sarah[Clay or Copiah]Non-White002771925
BYRD, Parmelia A.CopiahWhiteX1916
BYRD, SamCopiahColoredX1924
BYRD, FisteCopiahColored226271923
BYRD, J. H. (E.)CopiahWhite239201927
BYRD, JamesCopiahColoredX1918
BYRD, Lillie MayCopiahColoredX1914
BYRD, MaggieCopiahWhiteX1920