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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADAMS, Crecy (T.)ClayNon-White069211926
ADAMS, Irvin[Clay or Copiah]Non-White08140 [?]1925
ADAMS, JaneClayNon-White21938 [?]1926
ADAMS, Mary I. (J.)Clay [?]Non-White24516 [?]1925
ADERY [?], [Stillborn] (W.)[Clay ?]White22678 [?]1925
AGNEW, H. B.ClayWhite00216 [?]1926
AINSWORTH, Delia S.[Clay or Copiah]White10685 [?]1925
ALEXANDER, Mary[Clay ?]Non-White02140 [?]1925
ALFORD, William P.[Clay or Copiah]White06705 [?]1925
ALFORD, [Unnamed] (L.)[Clay or Copiah]White08285 [?]1925
ALLEN, Annie (G.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White10861 [?]1926
ALLEN, Lottie[Clay or Copiah]White10279 [?]1925
ALLEN, Olin [?] [O. ?] (J. ?)[Clay or Franklin]White20300 [?]1926
ALRED, Longetia [W. ?]ClayWhite114941926
ALT, Maksau [?][Clay or Hancock]UNKNOWN04505 [?]1925
AMIKER, Eston[Clay or Copiah]Non-White244761926
AMOS, Jim[Clay or Copiah]Non-White176601926
AMOS, [Stillborn] (P.)[Clay or Copiah]White18705 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Antaso [?] (A.)[Clay or Coahoma]Non-White02162 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Burnett (W.)[Clay or Copiah]White10315 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Ed[Clay or Copiah]White12755 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Ethorlyn (M.)[Clay or Franklin]Non-White16718 [?]1925
ANDERSON, John[Clay or Copiah]White06999 [?]1926
ANDREWS, Hazel (W. ?)[Clay or Forrest]Non-White24391 [?]1926
ANDREWS, Leverne (A.)ClayWhite18220 [?]1925
ANDREWS, Margy M.ClayWhite021411925
APPLEWHITE, Carback [?] L.[Clay or Copiah]White22756 [?]1925
APPLEWHITE, John J.ClayWhite21934 [?]1926
ARMSTRONG, Jerry [?][Clay or Forrest]Non-White17849 [?]1925
ARMSTRONG, Matt A. Mrs.[Clay or Copiah]White18481 [?]1925
ARNOLD, Maggie[Clay or Copiah]Non-White02202 [?]1925
ASHLEY, Johnie[Clay ?]White06356 [?]1926
ASHLEY, William[Clay or Copiah]White02160 [?]1926
ASKEW, CathronClayNon-White176151926
AUSTIN, J. S.ClayNon-White002201925
AUSTON [?], [Unnamed] (D.)ClayNon-White20524 [?]1925
AVCOCK [?], [Unnamed] (H.)ClayNon-White22697 [?]1925
AYERS, Jeff[Clay or Copiah]Non-White00282 [?]1925
BAGLEY, Susan J.[Clay or Copiah]White146691925
BALL, Jessie W.[Clay or Copiah]White04280 [?]1925
BALLING, SpencerClayNon-White12675 [?]1925
BATICE, Bennetta (J.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White20577 [?]1925
BEACHAM, Malissa[Clay or Copiah]Non-White18706 [?]1925
BEALL, Elisha[Clay or Copiah]White043691925
BEAN, [Stillborn] (T.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White06674 [?]1925
BEAN, [Stillborn] (T.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White06670 [?]1925
BELL, Thomas W.[Clay or Copiah]White12757 [?]1925
BELL, William[Clay or Copiah]White00291 [?]1925
BELL, William [B. ?][Clay or Copiah]White18723 [?]1925
BETHANY, Roosavelt[Clay or Forrest]Non-White167091925
BLACKDORE [?], Doris L. (H.)[Clay or Forrest]White167221925
BLAKE, George[Clay or Copiah]White14663 [?]1925
BLOCH [?], Elizabeth[Clay or Copiah]White147421925
BOGAN, [Stillborn] (W.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White147391925
BOGIN, Rosa[Clay or Copiah]Non-White16250 [?]1925
BONNEY, Oronage[Clay or Copiah]Non-White11947 [?]1925
BOOZE, MaggieClayNon-White14668 [?]1925
BOSTON, Sam[Clay or Copiah]Non-White14738 [?]1925
BOWE [?], JamesClayWhite021371925
BOWLES, Joseph A.ClayWhite12673 [?]1925
BRANTLEY, Daid (E. J.)Clay [?]Non-White002731927
BROOK, Roy (C.)ClayNon-White061791927
BROOKS, AliceClayNon-White121841927
BROWNE, [Infant] (A. B.)ClayNon-White041431927
BROWNLEE, Fona (D.)ClayNon-White021941927
BROWNLEE, Owens (H.)ClayNon-White128221927
BUCKLEY, Anthony[Clay or Copiah]Non-White10686 [?]1925
BUCKNAM, Elbert D.ClayWhite16562 [?]1925
BURNETT, JoeClayNon-White002331927
BUTLER, Sarah[Clay or Copiah]Non-White002771925
CAMERON, James Clay WhiteX1936
CAMERON, Leo Clay White10625 [?]1925
CLARDY, Mary F.ClayWhite212651941
COLEMAN, Cornelious (I.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White108191926
COLEMAN, EstellaClayColoredX1921
COLEMAN, JeffieClayWhiteX1916
COLEMAN, LiddieClayColoredX1918
COLEMAN, Lila JaneClayWhiteX1918
COLEMAN, Lonie H.ClayWhiteX1918
COLEMAN, Mandy[Clay or Copiah]Non-White15273 [?]1926
COLEMAN, Mary A.ClayColoredX1914
COLEMAN, Minnie LeeClayWhiteX1922
COLEMAN, RobertClayColoredX1921
COLLINS, Mose[Clay or Copiah]Non-White244701926
CRONWELL, Pearl S.ClayWhite080861923
DANIEL, MatClayUNKNOWN047031918
DANIELS, BettyClayUNKNOWN127671920
DAVIS, George W.[Clay or Copiah]White017271925
DAVIS, James [C. ?] (G. ?)[Clay or Copiah]White04374 [?]1925
DAVIS, Olie[Clay or Copiah]Non-White02183 [?]1925
DAVIS, WallaceClayNon-White08678 [?]1925
DEES, George W.[Clay or Copiah]White162481925
EASTERLIN, Oliver[Clay or Copiah]Non-White10676 [?]1925
EASTERLING, Carrie (E. ?)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White14754 [?]1925
EDINGTON, Allice [C. ?]ClayWhite042931925
ELEXANDRIA, L. C. (J.)[Clay or Copiah]Non-White002871925
ELLIS, Hilda F. (S.)ClayWhite226961925
ELLIS, Jemmie[Clay or Copiah]White146771925
ELLIS, Zack T.ClayWhite002211925
ENGLAND, James T.ClayWhite08681 [?]1925