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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADAMS, [Stillborn] (O.)[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White07053 [?]1926
AINSWORTH, William D.[Choctaw or Forrest]White04430 [?]1925
ALLEN, SusieChoctawWhite069001926
ALLMAN, Mary F. (J.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White206291925
ANDERSON, LesterChoctawNon-White22645 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Margaret R. (R.)[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White204771925
ANDERSON, Mary[Choctaw or Covington]White22023 [?]1925
ANDREWS, Flossie[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White130461926
ARMISTEAD [?], [Stillborn] (W.)[Choctaw or Franklin]Non-White24495 [?]1925
ARMSTRONG, Tom[Choctaw or George]Non-White04240 [?]1925
ARNOLD, Eletio [?] (A.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White16708 [?]1925
ARNOLD, Jennie[Choctaw or Forrest]White00357 [?]1925
ARNOLD, Leatie (A.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White148131925
ASHFORD, Dozie (M.)ChoctawNon-White126401925
ASHFORD, FloydChoctawNon-White19151 [?]1926
ASHFORD, FloydChoctawNon-White236711926
ASHFORD, Irelmer [?] (V.)ChoctawNon-White08636 [?]1925
ASHFORD, Robert (J.)ChoctawNon-White19986 [?]1926
ASHFORD, VioletChoctawNon-White126391925
ATERBERY, SamChoctawNon-White243591926
ATGOOD [?], Charles W. (W.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White02250 [?]1925
AUSTIN, O. W. Jr. (O.)[Choctaw or Franklin]Non-White [?]04456 [?]1925
BAINE, Charles P.ChoctawWhite22644 [?]1925
BAXTER, Emmaline [C. ?]ChoctawWhite16526 [?]1925
BEE, Perkins (E. ?)[Choctaw or Franklin]Non-White00383 [?]1925
BELL, R. H.ChoctawWhite06636 [?]1925
BISHOP, [Stillborn] (J.)ChoctawWhite001741925
BLACK, Lorlia [?]ChoctawWhite04237 [?]1925
BLACK, Rufus D.[Choctaw ?]White04233 [?]1925
BLACKWELL, Joshua[Choctaw or Forrest]White02252 [?]1925
BLUIGHER [?], Bertha (P.)[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White12062 [?]1925
BOWEN, LucyChoctaw [?]Non-White18603 [?]1925
BOWEN, Sallie[Choctaw or Forrest]White14788 [?]1925
BOWIE, Burton[Choctaw or Forrest]White204781925
BOYCE, Dan[Choctaw or Forrest]White06760 [?]1925
BRANLETT, W. Mrs. (A. J.)ChoctawWhite121711927
BROOKS, James A. (J.)ChoctawWhite103201927
BROWN, Garlin (M.)ChoctawNon-White171871927
BROWN, [Infant] (M.)ChoctawNon-White171911927
BRUCE, [Infant] (C. B.)ChoctawWhite192731927
BUFKIN, David P. Mrs.[Choctaw or Forrest]White18764 [?]1925
BUFKIN, J. M.[Choctaw or Forrest]White044491925
BUSBY, [Infant] (M.)ChoctawWhite099741927
BUSH, Bell[Choctaw or Forrest]White10733 [?]1925
CAMERON, Mary [Choctaw or Forrest]White04977 [?]1926
CHAMBLEE, Mary C.ChoctawWhite042481929
COLEMAN, AbbieChoctawColored041751923
COLEMAN, AlexChoctawWhite199991913
COLEMAN, Alvin R.ChoctawWhite27368 [or 12736]1921
COLEMAN, ClevelandChoctawNon-White24353 [?]1926
COLEMAN, JoeChoctawWhiteX1913
COLEMAN, JohnChoctawColoredX1915
COLEMAN, Mary L.ChoctawColoredX1921
COLEMAN, Milton[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White00330 [?]1926
COLEMAN, PaulChoctawColoredX1918
COLEMAN, RoxyChoctawColoredX1915
COLEMAN, Ruby (B. ?)[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White21916 [?]1926
COLEMAN, SusieChoctawColoredX1915
COLLINS, Mary[Choctaw or Forrest]White24523 [?]1926
CROSBY, J. E.ChoctawWhite178131916
CROSBY, [Unnamed] (J. E.)ChoctawWhite241971916
DAVES, Cecil R.ChoctawWhite142711918
DAVES, Mary J.ChoctawWhite126071915
DAVIS, Annie D.ChoctawWhite003451913
DAVIS, Ellen[Choctaw or Covington]Non-White08762 [?]1925
DAVIS, John H.[Choctaw or Forrest]White20479 [?]1925
DAVIS, Ottis F. (E.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White08810 [?]1925
EASTERLING, [Stillborn] (J.)ChoctawWhite130401926
EATMAN, [Stillborn] (I.)ChoctawNon-White070301926
EATON, J. M.ChoctawWhite08640 [?]1925
EATON, Millie[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White22827 [?]1925
EDDLEMAN, Velma L. (W.)ChoctawWhite213741926
EVERETT, Daniel (D.)Choctaw [?]White24337 [?]1936
EVERETT, Sally [S. ?]ChoctawWhite177431926
EZELL, Irez I.ChoctawWhite063771926
EZELL, Marvin (I.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White04579 [?]1926
FANT, Lovella (G. W.)ChoctawWhite033051932
FANT, SarahChoctawWhite04634 [?]1925
FINLEY, Henry W.ChoctawWhite20480 [?]1925
FONDREN, [Unnamed] (M.)ChoctawWhite175781926
FOOTS, Alford[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White10730 [?]1925
FOX, TempieChoctawNon-White017131925
FULCHER, Sarah E. Mrs.ChoctawUNKNOWN081881941
JENKINS, Dealia F. (J.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White18763 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Harvey R.ChoctawWhite10587 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Meady[Choctaw or Forrest]White003691925
JORDAN, [Stillborn] (M.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White06769 [?]1925
KELLEY, Ernest M.ChoctawWhite10916 [?]1926
KELLEY, RickChoctawNon-White22084 [?]1926
KELLEY, Susan[Choctaw or Forrest]Non-White08800 [?]1925
KELLEY, William R.[Choctaw or Forrest]White08811 [?]1925
KELLY, Edwin L. (J.)ChoctawWhite22135 [?]1926
KENNEDY, Gilloroy [?]ChoctawNon-White20153 [?]1925
KERR [?], Harriet E.ChoctawWhite04235 [?]1925
KILPATRICK, [Unnamed] (O.)ChoctawWhite120611926
KINGSBERRY, Henry W.[Choctaw or Forrest]White04431 [?]1925
KYLE, Ella L.ChoctawWhite126331925
LEE, Clara J. (H.)[Choctaw or Forrest]White16705 [?]1925
LEE, Leonard[Choctaw or Forrest]White167071925
LEE, Robert E.[Choctaw or Forrest]White04422 [?]1925