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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ALLEN, Lucy[Alcorn or Calhoun]White127371926
ARCHIE, [Unnamed] (C.)[Alcorn or Calhoun]White000421925
ASHBY, DaveCalhounWhite18573 [?]1925
AYCOCK, George W. (J.)CalhounWhite191061926
BACHELOR, MaudCalhounWhite08230 [?]1925
BAUGHMAN, AmosCalhounWhite22155 [?]1925
BEAVERS, Herman G. (S. ?)[Alcorn or Calhoun]White08577 [?]1925
BECKETT, LouisaCalhounWhiteX1935
BECKETT, William WalterCalhounWhiteX1935
BELLER [?], Y. [?] [I. ?]Calhoun [?]White24404 [?]1925
BLOCK [?], Polly[Alcorn or Calhoun]White00043 [?]1925
BLOUNT, Lear[Calhoun or Sunflower]White22153 [?]1925
BOATMAN, [Unnamed] (J.)CalhounWhite08602 [?]1925
BOBO [?], Casey (S.)[Calhoun or Sunflower]Non-White12395 [?]1925
BOK [?], SallieCalhounWhite22591 [?]1925
BROWN, Flora E. (F.)CalhounWhite237341927
BROWN, J. R. (J. R.)CalhounWhite259061927
BROWNLEE, L. B. (L.)CalhounNon-White076281927
BRYANT, Lorine (M.)CalhounWhite127651927
BURNETT, Sarah F. (W.)CalhounWhite258761927
BURSON, Flutwoo J. (M. B.)CalhounWhite001761927
BURT, Martha M. (J.)CalhounWhite258291927
BURT, Mima (F.)CalhounWhite171591927
BYARS, Mattie (J. W.)CalhounWhite237381927
CALDWELL, Frances E.[Calhoun ?]UNKNOWN098271923
CAMERON, Prince CalhounNon-WhiteX1932
CLONINGER, Joseph L.CalhounWhiteX1933
COLEMAN, JohnCalhounColoredX1917
COLEMAN, Mary A.CalhounWhite21081 [?]1926
CROSSLAND, James M.CalhounWhite021141913
DAVIDSON, Lula M.CalhounWhite24526 [?]1925
DAVIS, Delilah F.CalhounWhite16522 [?]1925
DAVIS, Martha J.CalhounWhite22590 [?]1925
DEES, Mary G.CalhounWhite142381918
EASTBURN, [Stillborn] (I. ?)[Adams or Calhoun]White144861925
EDGSTON [?], Ellie [H. ?] (B. ?)[Alcorn or Calhoun]Non-White000491925
ELLSWORTH, Deemedy [?] (W.)[Alcorn or Calhoun]White06481 [?]1925
FEIL, [Stillborn] (W. ?)[Calhoun or Sunflower]Non-White16377 [?]1925
FOX, Ned L. (G. ?)CalhounNon-White10555 [?]1925
FOX, Thomas (T.)CalhounWhite142561925
FRANKLIN, Mary Lou[Calhoun ?]White170881932
GOODMAN [?], T. H.CalhounWhite023571930
GOODWIN, James T.CalhounWhiteX1918
GOODWIN, LillieCalhounWhite213711926
GOODWIN, MarthaCalhounWhiteX1912
GRIFFIN, George W.CalhounUNKNOWNX1932
HARPOLE, HenryCalhounUNKNOWN071901921
HOLLANDSWORTH, Jesse S.CalhounWhite [?]X1928
JENKINS, SimonCalhounWhiteX1916
JOHNSON, Eva D.CalhounColored197631914
JOHNSON, Mose[Calhoun or Yazoo]Non-White03593 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Nettie[Calhoun or Yazoo]Non-White08016 [?]1925
JOHNSON, [Stillborn] (J.)[Alcorn or Calhoun]White06482 [?]1925
JONES, [Stillborn] (L.)[Calhoun or Sunflower]Non-White01313 [?]1925
KENAUM [?], Tildon[Alcorn or Calhoun]White22485 [?]1925
KENDALL, Curtis M. (D.)CalhounWhite20452 [?]1925
KIRKPATRICK, A. E.CalhounWhite06595 [?]1925
KNIGHTON [?], Jennie[Alcorn or Calhoun]Non-White10445 [?]1925
KYLE, [Stillborn] (B.)CalhounNon-White020341926
LANE, Hallie [?] Mrs.CalhounUNKNOWNX1926
LIBERT, [Stillborn] (H.)CalhounWhite22585 [?]1925
LIBERT, [Stillborn] (H.)CalhounWhite22584 [?]1925
MARSHALL, Edward D.[Alcorn or Calhoun]White00039 [?]1925
MARSHALL, KermitCalhounWhiteX1924
MARTIN, N. E. Mrs.CalhounWhite17167 [?]1925
MARTIN, W. E. Mrs.CalhounWhite08606 [?]1925
MASON, Lovdell (J. E.)CalhounWhite237421927
MCCLUNG, Sara F. (R.)CalhounWhite12594 [?]1925
MCNAIR, Drucillar P.[Alcorn or Calhoun]White10152 [?]1925
MOORMAN, George W.CalhounWhite16518 [?]1925
MORRISON, Milton[Alcorn or Calhoun]Non-White01967 [?]1925
MORRISON, SallieCalhounWhite017091925
MURPHREE, JefCalhounWhite08198 [?]1925
MYERS, Claude (R.)[Calhoun or Sunflower]White22080 [?]1925
PRYOR, Joe L.[Calhoun ?]Non-White11966 [?]1925
SCOGGINS, William A.CalhounUNKNOWNX1938
SMITH, Sammie[Calhoun ?]UNKNOWNX1938
STRAIN, BellCalhounNon-White140021925
TURNER, John D.[Calhoun ?]White06598 [?]1925
VANCE, G. H.CalhounWhite12047 [?]1925
VANCE, JohnCalhounWhite08604 [?]1925
VAUGHAN, Milton (S.)CalhounWhite12188 [?]1925
VAUGHN, BenjaminCalhounWhite243091926
VAUGHN, Minnie D. (J.)[Alcorn or Calhoun]White001701926
VOYLES, Elizabeth[Alcorn or Calhoun]White164431925
WALKER, Dave (G.)[Alcorn or Calhoun]Non-White06475 [?]1925
WALKER, Isah[Calhoun or Sunflower]Non-White17469 [?]1925
WANDICK, MargaretteCalhounNon-White14605 [?]1925
WARD, Sarah [E. ?]CalhounWhite001401925
WASHINGTON, [Stillborn] (W. ?)[Calhoun ?]Non-White16034 [?]1925
WEBB, Wilson E.CalhounWhite06595 [?]1925
WEEKS, Charlotty T.CalhounWhite061971925
WHITE, Curtis (W.)CalhounWhite14605 [?]1925
WHITE, Hellen E.CalhounWhite14601 [?]1925
WHITE, HenryCalhounNon-White041771925
WILLIAMS, Charles[Calhoun or Sunflower]Non-White15718 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, Ella[Calhoun or Sunflower]Non-White15731 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, Reldia[Alcorn or Calhoun]Non-White040461925
WILLIAMS, Virgie L. (F.)[Calhoun or Sunflower]Non-White19983 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, [Stillborn] (A.)[Calhoun or Sunflower]Non-White12395 [?]1925