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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ARARMER [?], W. F. Mrs.[Amite or Benton]White13680 [?]1925
AUTRY, Jacob L.[Amite or Benton]White00075 [?]1926
AYERS, Ethel L. (T.)[Amite or Benton]Non-White041121925
AYERS, Lucy[Amite or Benton]Non-White164631925
BAGARD, Mark[Amite or Benton]Non-White16103 [?]1925
BALFOUR, Kitty[Amite or Benton]Non-White041131925
BOGARD, Lucy[Amite or Benton]Non-White06511 [?]1925
BOGARD [or BOGAND], Mark[Amite or Benton]Non-White12519 [?]1925
BROWNLEE, John W. (D.)[Amite or Benton]White148931927
BUCHANAN, [Unnamed] (A.)[Amite or Benton]White203901925
BUGGS, Earl (E.)BentonNon-White186791927
BUGGS, Effie A.BentonNon-White08542 [?]1925
BUMPUS, [Stillborn] (R. ?)[Amite or Benton]White18514 [?]1925
BYRD, ElizabethBentonWhite118881924
BYRD, Francis (W.)BentonNon-White103951927
BYRD, Mary (B.)[Benton or Bolivar]Non-White236961927
BYRD, Susie (W. ?)[Benton or Bolivar]Non-White149001927
COLEMAN, Lottie C.BentonColoredX1921
COLEMAN, Sallie W.BentonColoredX1913
COLEMAN, ThomasBentonColoredX1913
COUCH, MaggieBentonWhite133071917
DAVIDSON, [Stillborn] (W.)[Amite or Benton]Non-White18506 [?]1925
DURR, Lillie[Benton or Bolivar]ColoredX1919
EDDINGS, James W. (J.)[Amite or Benton]White125201925
EDWARDS, [Stillborn] (W.)Benton [?]White104861925
FARROW, Ann[Amite or Benton]White20394 [?]1925
FELLER, Roy[Amite or Benton]Non-White20359 [?]1925
FLEET, [Stillborn] (T. ?)[Amite or Benton]White17856 [?]1925
GUYTON, BuckBentonColored019411914
GUYTON, SophiaBentonColored238191913
GUYTON, W. S.BentonColored045791917
JAMES, Winnie A.[Amite or Benton]White104791925
JENKINS, Harriet[Amite or Benton]Non-White19954 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Arthur E.[Amite or Benton]White00081 [?]1925
JONES, Willie[Amite or Benton]Non-White19955 [?]1925
JORDAN, Dallas [R. ?] (F. ?)[Amite or Benton]White08539 [?]1925
KIDDY, N. S. Mrs.BentonWhite21802 [?]1926
KING, Allen[Amite or Benton]White18511 [?]1925
LOFTEN, George[Amite or Benton]Non-White00060 [?]1925
MASON, Ben A.BentonNon-White020011925
MASON, Evens (C.)BentonNon-White076091927
MASON, Gladis Benton Colored083-- [?]UNK-19(12-24)
MASON, Ivory L. (L.)BentonNon-White019981925
MASON, Jack BentonNon-White185781943
MASON, James T.Benton White138641922
MASON, L. D. Mrs. BentonWhite041581936
MASON, Lettie Benton Colored03889 1919
MASON, Lorenza D.BentonWhite125231925
MASON, Marie C. (L.)BentonNon-White203871925
MASON, Mark H. (J. T.)BentonWhite132211933
MASON, Mattie BentonNon-White062811937
MASON, Mattie S. (M. M.)BentonWhite139751928
MASON, Melvada BentonNon-White000861939
MASON, Mollie Benton Colored00129 1916
MASON, Mose (B. A.)BentonNon-White115761933
MASON, Nellie Benton Colored03888 1919
MASON, PompBentonNon-White001031931
MASON, Sallie Benton Colored21587 1915
MASON, Susan W.Benton White09545 1918
MASON, Viola BentonColored08954 1921
MASON, Walter Benton Colored22597 1920
MASON, Walter C.BentonWhite196541938
MASON, [Unnamed] (D.)[Amite or Benton]Non-White16214 [?]1925
MCMILLAN, Claude[Amite or Benton]White16446 [?]1925
MIXON, Lucy[Amite or Benton]Non-White00063 [?]1925
OVERTON, [Infant]BentonNon-WhiteX1927
PORTER, Sam[Amite or Benton]Non-White08545 [?]1925
SELPH, Nancy C.[Amite or Benton]White203931925
SHELBY, Eliza Mrs.BentonWhite001181914
TRAYLOR, CharleyBenton [?]Non-White242431926
TURNER, Willie B. (G.)[Amite or Benton]Non-White019611926
TURNER, [Stillborn] (S.)[Amite or Benton]Non-White151171926
TURNER, [Stillborn] (S.)[Amite or Benton]Non-White143521926
VANDERGRIFF, Jennie[Amite or Benton]White22524 [?]1925
VINING, William H.[Amite or Benton]White00052 [?]1925
WAGNOR, Jerry[Amite or Benton]Non-White00058 [?]1925
WALKER, John[Amite or Benton]Non-White14519 [?]1925
WALKER, R. [?] V. (S. ?)[Amite or Benton]Non-White10994 [?]1925
WALKER, [Stillborn] (J.)[Amite or Benton]White12517 [?]1925
WARE, Friarson (H.)[Amite or Benton]Non-White121711925
WASHINGTON, Sarah[Amite or Benton]Non-White10459 [?]1925
WATTS, [Stillborn] (S. ?)[Amite or Benton]Non-White04065 [?]1925
WEBB, Win T.[Amite or Benton]White224941925
WESTBROOK, Nellie G. (J.)[Amite or Benton]White20356 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, Sarah[Amite or Benton]Non-White00082 [?]1925
WILLIAMS, [Stillborn] (E.)[Amite or Benton]Non-White17960 [?]1925
WOODSON, Edward (E.)[Amite or Benton]Non-White18508 [?]1925
WRIGHT, Lougene[Amite or Benton]White23516 [?]1926