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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ADDERSON, Robert (P.)Amite [?]Non-White039411927
ADDISON, Neal[Amite or Sharkey]Non-White26398 [?]1926
ADISON, Flowers[Amite ?]Non-White14682 [?]1926
ADKINS, Floyd[Amite ?]White014411926
ADKINS, W. J.[Alcorn or Amite]White041611926
ALDRIDGE, MattieAmiteWhite140391925
ALLEN, Myrtis L.AmiteNon-White06189 [?]1926
ANDERSON, Charley[Amite ?]Non-White22500 [?]1925
ANDERSON, IsabellaAmiteNon-White20352 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Robert L. (A.)AmiteNon-White13076 [?]1926
ANDERSON, TaylorAmiteNon-White019221926
ANDERSON, TaylorAmiteNon-White061671926
ANDERSON, [Stillborn] (A.)[Amite ?]Non-White121671925
ANDERSON, [Unnamed] (E.)AmiteNon-White037701926
ANDERSON, [Unnamed] (E.)AmiteNon-White037711926
ARARMER [?], W. F. Mrs.[Amite or Benton]White13680 [?]1925
ARD, Beulah (C.)AmiteNon-White16070 [?]1925
ASHLEY, Emma[Amite ?]Non-White124901925
ATKINS, [Unnamed] (A.)AmiteNon-White019741925
AUSTIN, Seviesta [?] (A.)[Amite ?]Non-White06486 [?]1925
AUTRY, Jacob L.[Amite or Benton]White00075 [?]1926
AYERS, Ethel L. (T.)[Amite or Benton]Non-White041121925
AYERS, Lucy[Amite or Benton]Non-White164631925
BAGARD, Mark[Amite or Benton]Non-White16103 [?]1925
BALEY, Claresy [?]AmiteNon-White000611925
BALFOUR, Kitty[Amite or Benton]Non-White041131925
BATES, CarneliaAmiteWhite200161925
BATES, CarrieAmiteWhite14030 [?]1925
BATES, GoldenAmiteNon-White14236 [?]1925
BATES, IdellaAmiteNon-White06484 [?]1925
BATES, James [H. ?]AmiteWhite17900 [?]1925
BATES, Minnie V.AmiteWhite24384 [?]1925
BATES, [Unnamed] (J.)AmiteWhite12489 [?]1925
BEASLEY, Alice[Adams or Amite]Non-White24386 [?]1925
BELL, [Stillborn] (G.)AmiteNon-White13363 [?]1925
BOGAND, MarkAmiteNon-White16153 [?]1925
BOGARD, Lucy[Amite or Benton]Non-White06511 [?]1925
BOGARD [or BOGAND], Mark[Amite or Benton]Non-White12519 [?]1925
BOSS [?], WestAmiteNon-White18481 [?]1925
BOSTICK, Charles (H.)AmiteWhite08530 [?]1925
BROWDER, Fraccis (M.)AmiteNon-White060391927
BROWN, Abraham (D.)AmiteNon-White228771927
BROWN, Alex (D.)AmiteNon-White170521927
BROWN, Elonzo H. (N.)AmiteWhite255941927
BROWN, Fats (E.)AmiteNon-White208571927
BROWN, Fred C. (L.)AmiteWhite212371927
BROWNLEE, John W. (D.)[Amite or Benton]White148931927
BUCHANAN, [Unnamed] (A.)[Amite or Benton]White203901925
BUIE, FreddieAmiteNon-WhiteX1935
BUMPUS, [Stillborn] (R. ?)[Amite or Benton]White18514 [?]1925
BUTLER, Bettie L. (C.)AmiteNon-White040761925
BUTLER, Hattie (J.)AmiteNon-White212391927
BUTLER, Mary R.AmiteWhite12488 [?]1925
BUTLER, William T. (T.)AmiteWhite212421927
BYRD, [Unnamed] (M.)AmiteColoredX1916
BYRD, [Unnamed] (Tally)AmiteWhiteX1918
CALLENDAR, Rubye L. (L.)AmiteWhite26511 [?]1926
CASTON, Nettie (W. C.)AmiteNon-White040651929
CASTON, Nettie (W. C.)AmiteNon-White040741929
CLINES, Louetish (A.)AmiteNon-White14606 [?]1926
COLEMAN, EdwardAmiteColoredX1917
COLEMAN, MoseAmiteColoredX1921
CROSAN, Annie M.AmiteColored118671924
CROSEN, AllenAmiteColored045561917
CROSON, IveAmiteColored052631921
CROSON, Mattie V.AmiteColored155951919
CROSSLEY, Charley D.AmiteColored124401915
CROSSLEY, George D.AmiteColored196151917
DAVIDSON, [Stillborn] (W.)[Amite or Benton]Non-White18506 [?]1925
DAVIS, MandaAmiteNon-White18486 [?]1925
DAVIS, Sarah A.AmiteWhite097211923
DEES, John C.AmiteWhite017641922
EDDINGS, James W. (J.)[Amite or Benton]White125201925
ERION [or ERISCH ?], Emma L.AmiteWhite16151 [?]1925
ESSARY, Orsia A. (J.)[Alcorn or Amite]White10454 [?]1925
EUBANKS, BenAmiteColored022541917
FARROW, Ann[Amite or Benton]White20394 [?]1925
FEIN [?], Lelia M. (H.)AmiteWhite04075 [?]1925
FELLER, Roy[Amite or Benton]Non-White20359 [?]1925
FLEET, [Stillborn] (T. ?)[Amite or Benton]White17856 [?]1925
FOSTER, William H.AmiteWhite039261924
FOUST, Mary (S.)AmiteNon-White280271929
JAMES, Winnie A.[Amite or Benton]White104791925
JENKINS, Harriet[Amite or Benton]Non-White19954 [?]1925
JOHNSON, Arthur E.[Amite or Benton]White00081 [?]1925
JOHNSON, EuniceAmiteColored21716 [?]1917
JONES, Thomas A.[Amite ?]Non-White05942 [?]1925
JONES, Willie[Amite or Benton]Non-White19955 [?]1925
JORDAN, Dallas [R. ?] (F. ?)[Amite or Benton]White08539 [?]1925
KELLY, [Stillborn] (M. ?)[Amite or Sharkey]White05546 [?]1925
KENNEBREW, Nettie E.[Amite ?]White20355 [?]1925
KING, Allen[Amite or Benton]White18511 [?]1925
KNIGHT, Leon (J.)[Amite ?]White08526 [?]1925
KNIGHT, Leon (S.)[Amite ?]White10232 [?]1925
KNIGHT, Martha E.AmiteWhite10457 [?]1925
KYLE, Amanda[Alcorn or Amite]Non-White01980 [?]1925
LOFTEN, George[Amite or Benton]Non-White00060 [?]1925
MARSHALL, Mary A.AmiteWhiteX1913
MARTIN, Bessie[Amite ?]Non-White104601925
MARTIN, Charlie (L.)[Amite ?]Non-White14235 [?]1925