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NameCountyRaceCERT #Year
ABEL, Usly J.AlcornWhite162121925
ABLE, Usley J.AlcornWhite180381925 [?]
ADAMS, Flora P. (E. ?)[Alcorn or Yazoo]White100321926
ADAMS, John H.AlcornWhiteX1939
ADAMS, MattAlcornNon-White041371926
ADAMS, Millie Mrs.AlcornWhiteX1942
ADAMS, Virgini J. (J.)AlcornWhite126141927
ADAMS, [Stillborn] (S.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White06003 [?]1925
ADKINS, Annie[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White12149 [?]1926
ADKINS, Mary A.AlcornWhiteX1943
ADKINS, W. J.[Alcorn or Amite]White041611926
AGNEW, HomerAlcornNon-WhiteX1943
AHRYERS [?], Wilkes (D.)AlcornNon-White021451927
ALDRIDGE, Ella (J. C.)[Alcorn ?]White000611927
ALDRIDGE, William W.AlcornWhiteX1939
ALEXANDER, Adrienne[Alcorn or Yazoo]White016371925
ALEXANDER, Annie[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White19910 [?]1925
ALEXANDER, LeonAlcornNon-WhiteX1941
ALEXANDER, Lige (J.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White217301925
ALEXANDER, UlineAlcornNon-WhiteX1940
ALEXANDER, [Infant female]AlcornNon-WhiteX1939
ALEXANDER, [Unnamed] (H.)AlcornWhite234001926
ALLEN, Ben J.AlcornWhiteX1940
ALLEN, FrancesAlcornNon-WhiteX1939
ALLEN, Francis[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White06053 [?]1925
ALLEN, Gertrude E.AlcornWhiteX1939
ALLEN, Ida M.AlcornNon-WhiteX1941
ALLEN, Lucy[Alcorn or Calhoun]White127371926
ALLEN, Nelda A.AlcornWhiteX1939
ALLEN, Reason[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White10017 [?]1926
ALLEN, Sallie B. Mrs.AlcornWhiteX1941
ALLEN, T. [D. ?][Alcorn or Yazoo]White036031925
ALLEN, [Stillborn] (L.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White14299 [?]1926
ALLEN, [Stillborn] (T. ?)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White24993 [?]1925
ANDERSON, BessieAlcornWhiteX1939
ANDERSON, Dean (Z.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White01667 [?]1925
ANDERSON, Ida L. Mrs.AlcornWhiteX1940
ANDERSON, Lola M.AlcornNon-WhiteX1941
ANDERSON, Margaret Mrs.AlcornWhiteX1942
ANDERSON, Nancy B. Mrs.AlcornWhiteX1942
ANDERSON, Quitman[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White234171926
ANDERSON, Ronald E.AlcornWhiteX1943
ANDERSON, Sallie[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White14292 [?]1926
ANDERSON, [Unnamed] (E.)[Alcorn ?]Non-White21225 [?]1926
ANDREWS, Iola[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White06277 [?]1926
ARCHIE, [Unnamed] (C.)[Alcorn or Calhoun]White000421925
ARNETT, James C.AlcornWhiteX1940
ARNETT, Morton A.AlcornWhiteX1940
ARNOLD, Addie[Alcorn or Scott]Non-White16437 [?]1925
ARNOLD, Clara O.AlcornWhiteX1941
ARNOLD, Helen M.AlcornWhiteX1940
ARNOLD, Rossie C. Mrs.AlcornWhiteX1940
ASBERRY [?], John [?]AlcornNon-White061771925
ASBERRY [?], Louisa N.AlcornNon-White08287 [?]1926
ASHCRAFT, [Infant male]AlcornWhiteX1942
ASHER, Rosalie[Alcorn or Yazoo]White06820 [?]1926
AUSTIN, Adron [?] (O.)AlcornWhite184811925
AUSTIN, Anna [B. ?] (D.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White21220 [?]1926
AUSTIN, Bettie J.AlcornWhiteX1943
AUSTIN, Charles A.AlcornWhiteX1943
AUSTIN, ElmoAlcornWhiteX1939
AUSTIN, Margaret J.AlcornWhiteX1941
AUSTIN, MinnieAlcornNon-White01801 [?]1926
AUSTIN, R. [D. ?] (J.)AlcornWhite19585 [?]1926
AUSTIN, Ruthie (W.)[Alcorn ?]Non-White21896 [?]1925
AUSTIN, Steve A.AlcornWhiteX1940
AYERS, Clovis W.AlcornWhiteX1941
AYERS, HattieAlcornUNKNOWNX1935
AYERS, Lottie L. Mrs.AlcornWhiteX1940
AYERS, [Stillborn female]AlcornWhiteX1939
BABB, Joel G.AlcornWhiteX1942
BAGGETT, Johnnie M.AlcornWhiteX1941
BAIN, CreaseyAlcornWhiteX1939
BALDWIN, O. W. Sr.[Alcorn or Yazoo]White19923 [?]1925
BANKS, MennieAlcornNon-WhiteX1941
BARBER, Emily E. Mrs.AlcornWhiteX1942
BARNES, Benjamin C.AlcornWhiteX1939
BARNES, ElizabethAlcornWhiteX1915
BARNES, GraceAlcornWhiteX1939
BARNES, James H.AlcornWhiteX1942
BARNES, Lou I.AlcornWhiteX1943
BARNES, MarieAlcornWhiteX1940
BARNES, Minnie Mrs.AlcornWhiteX1941
BARNES, Vardie L.AlcornWhiteX1942
BARNETT, Barbara A.AlcornWhiteX1940
BARNETT, [Infant female]AlcornWhiteX1942
BARNHILL, LoniaAlcornNon-WhiteX1939
BARRY, Gertrude Mrs.AlcornWhiteX1941
BASKIN, Elizabeth F.[Alcorn or Yazoo]White203161925
BASS, A. H. (J.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White24340 [?]1925
BASS, AmandaAlcornWhiteX1942
BASS, HennilyAlcornWhiteX1939
BASS, Pitser M.AlcornWhiteX1939
BASSEY, Lou[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White11910 [?]1925
BASSWELL, J. P.[Alcorn ?]White10737 [?]1925
BATTLE, [Unnamed] (S.)[Alcorn or Yazoo]Non-White06026 [?]1925
BEALE, R. M.[Alcorn or Yazoo]White08016 [?]1925
BEALL, Roderic R.AlcornWhite18478 [?]1925
BEATY, Sam P.AlcornWhiteX1942
BEAVERS, Herman G. (S. ?)[Alcorn or Calhoun]White08577 [?]1925