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About Us

Virtual Genealogy (created in 2011) is dedicated to locating websites that provide Birth, Marriage, Death, Census and City Directory transcriptions (including indexes and scanned source documents - basically, digital or digitized records) and posting them on our pages. We hope you will find something truly useful here - and that you'll share our URL with other genealogy researchers.

This site was created by a person who got really tired of visiting sites that claimed to be the "one-stop-shop" for online genealogy research - and then being disappointed by the lack of actual records they had. Sadly, it is very easy to find websites that were created with the sole purpose of forcing you towards a pay-for-genealogy site - they don't even bother to list any free links. But there are plenty of websites on the Internet with free data - you just have to know where to look. That's where we come in!

On our Blog, we discuss how you can efficiently use the Internet to "jump-start" a genealogy project, locate digital collections & online archives and preserve your family history. Other discussions revolve around the dangers of using data on the web as primary source information (incorrect data, copyright infringements, etc.). We hope you'll benefit from the stories about our mistakes, too. Perhaps most importantly, we hope our site will be helpful in your decision about whether to pay money to access an online genealogy database.

We welcome your questions and comments!

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