226. Beverley Catherine5 Bolton (Beverley Elizabeth4 Coogan, Richard Bland3, Patrick Henry2, Terrence Francis1) was born in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 22 NOV 1938. Beverley died 08 MAY 1995 in Rising Star, TX, at 56 years of age.

She married four times. She married Jack Harnsberger. She married Talmadge Wayne Friday. Talmadge was born in Fannin, TX 04 JUL 1932. Talmadge was the son of John Paul Friday and Eunice Kathryn James. Talmadge died 07 DEC 1988 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, at 56 years of age. She married Wesley Hodges.

Beverley Catherine Bolton and Jack Harnsberger had the following child:

Beverley Catherine Bolton and Talmadge Wayne Friday had the following children:

Beverley Catherine Bolton and Waldo Ray Saffer had the following children:

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