32. Abigail Jane3 Donahue (Mary Ann2 Coogan, Terrence Francis1) was born in Pond Eddy, Pike, PA 27 MAR 1877. Abbie died 18 DEC 1961 in Edmonton, AB, CANADA, at 84 years of age. Her body was interred DEC 1961 in Edmonton, AB, CANADA, St. Joachims Cemetery.

She married Patrick Curtin in Tracy, Lyon, MN, 29 JUN 1897. Patrick was born in Elroy, WI 31 MAY 1874. Patrick was the son of Patrick John Curtin and Mary Mahoney. Patrick died 26 FEB 1938 in Edmonton, AB, CANADA, at 63 years of age. His body was interred FEB 1938 in Edmonton, AB, CANADA, St. Joachim's Cemetery.

She was baptized in Hawley, Wayne, PA, 22 APR 1877. Religion: Roman Catholic. *

Her baptism record stated her name as Alba Johanna Donahue.

She resided in Howard, Howard, IA 1885. She appears in the 1885 Iowa State Census.

She resided in Tracy, Lyon, MN 1897-1899. Her marriage record stated her residence.

She resided in Wabasso, Redwood, MN 1900-1904. *

She resided in Craven, SK, CANADA 1906. *

She resided in Govan, SK, CANADA 1913-1916. *

She resided in Raymore, SK, CANADA 1920. *

She resided in Edmonton, AB, CANADA MAY 1930-1961. The obituary of her brother, James, stated her residence.

Abigail Jane Donahue and Patrick Curtin had the following children:

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