31. William F.4 Sheeley JR (William F.3, Mary Ann2 Coogan, Michael Patrick1) was born in Rahway, Union, NJ 12 MAR 1923. Bill died 12 NOV 2004 in Clearwater, Pinellas, FL, at 81 years of age. His body was interred Calvary Catholic Cemetery.

He was a student in NJ, 1937-1941. School: High School. *

Bill's occupation: Inspector in Linden, NJ, 1941-1945. He worked the the General Motors Plant as a civilian aircraft inspector on the F4F "Wildcat" production line. He flew as a radio operator for the Navy Command that was stationed in Linden.

He resided in New York, New York, NY 1946-1952. *

Bill's occupation: occupation unknown in New York, New York, NY, 02 APR 1946-1952. He worked for National Airlines.

Bill's occupation: occupation unknown FL, 1952-01 SEP 1980. He was city sales manager for National Airlines for 34 years.

He resided in Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, FL 1952-2004. *

He was a founding member and chairman of the Oldtimers baseball games for the March of Dimes from 1956 through 1980.

Bill's occupation: Tourism Director FL, 02 NOV 1981-31 DEC 1991. He was director of tourism for Pinellas County (Florida) for 10 years.

William F. Sheeley JR and Virginia Mary Neimas had the following child:

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