41. Helen Irene4 Coogan (James Joseph3, James Joseph2, Owen [Charles]1) was born Roxbury, Suffolk, MA 06 JAN 1907. Irene died 26 JAN 2002 Hyannis, Barnstable, MA, at 95 years of age. Her body was interred 29 JAN 2002 Mattapan, Suffolk, MA, New Calvary Cemetery.

She married Gerard Leo Golden Boston, Suffolk, MA, 18 NOV 1933. Gerry was born 01 AUG 1904. Gerry was the son of John Golden and Katherine Crowley. Gerry died 10 JAN 1982 West Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA, at 77 years of age. His body was interred JAN 1982 Mattapan, Suffolk, MA, New Calvary Cemetery.

She was born at 18 Ray Street.

She resided Roxbury, Suffolk, MA 1910. She appears in the 1910 US Census.

She was a student Roxbury, Suffolk, MA, 1912-1922. School: Roxbury Public School. *

She resided Dorchester, Suffolk, MA 1914. *

She resided Roxbury, Suffolk, MA 1915, 108 Maywood Street. *

She resided Roxbury, Suffolk, MA 1915-1926, 113 Bower Street. She appears in the 1920 US Census.

Irene said that when her mother died, the Rileys and the Mahoneys wanted to take care of all the children and split up the family. "Grandpa Coogan would have none of that - he paid our rent and looked after us. Our Aunts - Jo, Mamie, Kittie, and Annie - came over to do laundry for us every few days. We would go to Grandpa's house for lunch every day - that was a big meal for us. Also, we used to get together for dinner on Sunday nights. Afterwards, we would always end up singing!"

Irene traveled CANADA, 1921. Irene traveled with her grandfather to Montreal, QC. She said they went on the train to see his sister's family [Dempsey] in Griffintown and then to visit another sister's family [Kelly] in a nicer part of the city.

She was a student Jamaica Plain, Suffolk, MA, 1922-1924. School: Chevrous Business School. Irene explained: "I did my last two years of high school at the business school so that I could learn to type, take shorthand, and do bookkeeping. The school helped me get my first job."

Irene's occupation: Bookkeeper Boston, Suffolk, MA, 1924-1931. She worked at the J. H. Fisk Tire Company. It was located on Huntington Avenue [no longer standing], across from Copley Plaza. Irene said that chaufers would bring their cars in to get new tires. She also said that she really enjoyed working there - the two men who owned the business were nice to her. She finally lost her job when they could not afford to pay her during the Great Depression.

She resided Roxbury, Suffolk, MA 1927-1932, 130 Thornton Street. *

Irene told a humorous story about her teen years: "I used to go to dances where they would vote for a 'queen' (like at a prom). Once, I was voted as 'Miss Dorchester' [1928] and received a cup as an award. From that time onward, my brother Charlie would make fun of me by making a big production any time he handed me a cup!"

Irene's occupation: Bookkeeper Boston, Suffolk, MA, 1932-1933. She worked at Park's Hardware Store. After she got married, she quit her job.

She resided Dorchester, Suffolk, MA 1933-1934, Helene Road. *

She resided Dorchester, Suffolk, MA 1935-1938, 134 Templeton Road. *

She resided Quincy, Norfolk, MA 1938-1976, 307 East Squantum Street. Irene said that this was her favorite home. There was a Navy base located nearby - she said that airplanes were always flying over the house on their way out to patrol the Atlantic.

Irene said that she was trying to get to her Aunt Winny's [Mahoney] Christmas Eve in 1947 when a huge snowstorm hit Boston. "I was pregnant with Gerard and the taxi drive was difficult - that is probably why he was born the next day!"

She resided West Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA 1976-2002, 19 Independence Road. *

Irene's memory was instrumental in the construction of this family tree. She was in contact with all of the family friends and relatives.

Helen Irene Coogan and Gerard Leo Golden had the following child:

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