John Joseph Liggan 1920

First member of James Patrick and Sarah M. (Liggan) Liggan family.

John Joseph Liggan

 bp. Brooklyn, NY      m. to Adah M. (Ewing) daughter of George B. and Marguerite Anna (Haug) Ewing.

Authors Note: Maternal family lines have not been recorded in this genealogy. However, I believe Adah's father is an exception. I have no data on her mother.

· George B. Ewing      b. 12 Jan. 1905       bp. Scotland      d. 12 Oct. 1985      rp. Florida


Members in John J. and Adah M. (Ewing) Liggan family:

Joanne Barbara Liggan    
Judith Diana Liggan          
Eileen Dorothy Liggan        
Mathew John Liggan        
William Bryant Liggan      
Mary Patricia Liggan            
Elizabeth Frances Liggan          
Wendy Ann Liggan          

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