Clarabell Willt 1926

Fifth member of Arthur H. and Christina J. (Shaffer) Willt family.

1-3-1-4-7-4-5: Clarabell (Ballard) (Enger) Willt

b. 19 Oct. 1926      d. 10 Sep. 1991. Clarabell was a bus driver for the Catskill School System for many years.
fm. 12 Nov. 1944 to James Ballard      b. 12 Aug. 1920 bp. Schoharie, NY.    Supervisor for a school bus transportation company.
sm. 3 May 1980 to Joseph Enger, Bronx, NYC.


Members in Clarabell (Willt) and James

1-3-1-4-7-4-5-1: Robert James       b. 21 Mar. 1946
1-3-1-4-7-4-5-2: Richard Paul         b. 1 Feb. 1952
1-3-1-4-7-4-5-3: George V.             b. 14 Sep. 1960

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