Henry Wilt 1700s

Henry Wilt (the elder)

Henry Wilt was the ancestor of most of the Wilts in western Maryland. Although his given name is known and it is said he was living in the early to mid 1700s, little information about him is available today. There is well- documented facts about his children. His wife's name remains anonymous.

It is the general belief that the Willts of western Maryland are of German decent. The principle port of entry for the German immigrants during the 1700s was Philadelphia. The list of names arriving at that port included a number of Wilts. The name over a period of time evolved to Willt, (Spelled with two lls).

Most of the ancestral information is taken from Raymond I. McRobie work of Mc Robie genealogy. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 95-78467. The author has used only the files and members who are directly related to Linda and Charles Coogan.


Members in Henry Wilt family:

Micheal Wilt
Eva Wilt
Henry Wilt

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